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PMG 2 Chapter 54: Lin Feng’s Influence

PMG 2 Chapter 54: Lin Feng’s Influence

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“Master Ox, open the Godly Grave, let Meng Qing and You You practice cultivation in there,” Lin Feng said. He was in his own small world with Master Ox. Meng Qing and You You were at his side, calmly looking at them.

“No. I don’t agree. The Godly Grave was created by my master. I can’t open it as I wish.” Lin Feng was startled. He looked at the old ox sharply, his eyes ice-cold.

It was the first time the old ox saw Lin Feng look at him like that. Even though Lin Feng couldn’t do anything to him, he was still disconcerted.

“Master Ox, I respect you, I call you Master because I respect you, but actually I am already the god’s heir. I am your new master. The Godly Grave is now mine. You think I can’t use it whenever I wish?” said Lin Feng coldly. The old ox was disconcerted, he didn’t know what to say.

Indeed. Lin Feng was already the god’s heir. He was the old ox’ new master. But because Lin Feng wasn’t as strong as him, he called him Master but wasn’t willing to treat him as a real master.

It kind of made the old ox come back to his senses. Lin Feng was his master and Lin Feng had the right to do what he wished with the Godly Grave.

“Eh, as you wish, Master,” the old ox sighed. What could he do?

Lin Feng was much happier. He smiled at Meng Qing and Tang You You. “Did you hear? Master Ox accepts. Hurry up and thank him.”

Meng Qing and Tang You You cupped their fists, bowed and smiled, “Thank you very much, Master Ox.”

“Alright, alright, that’s what my Master asked, so I can’t refuse. Go in,” the old ox sighed. He looked at the two women, then at Lin Feng, and then walked to his courtyard.

“Master, I hope you don’t feel offended by what I said. Please don’t take it to heart,” said Lin Feng when he saw the old ox walk away.

“I am not that petty,” replied the old ox. He didn’t sound very happy as he walked into a small house.

Lin Feng smiled. He knew that the old ox wasn’t angry. On the contrary, the stronger Lin Feng was, the better it was.

“Meng Qing, You You, I’ll take you to the Godly Grave. There are nine high-level Saints there, and three peerless bestial Saints, they won’t cause trouble to you if I am there,” said Lin Feng, dragging them along. Stars appeared in front of them and they jumped inside, reappearing in the Star World’s Godly Grave.

“It’s the starry passage. Back in the days, I, Ju Shen Yan, and some others had to pass a series of exams here. It was very difficult. Now, everything has changed here, it’s not a forbidden territory anymore, and you don’t need to pass the exams anymore.”

Lin Feng sighed when he arrived, recalling the fierce battles back then. He remembered it clearly, as if it all had happened on the day before.

“That’s the palace. Inside, there are the bestial Saints. Be careful inside,” said Lin Feng at the end of the corridor. Meng Qing and Tang You You sensed how powerful the Qi there was.

“Who are you?”

As Ling was about to leave, someone shouted out. Meng Qing and You You felt powerless and released strength to stop the energy carried by the voice.

“It’s me, Lin Feng.” said Lin Feng. He didn’t release any strength. Meng Qing and You You saw the palace shake. Then, three beasts appeared, and turned into their human shapes of three old men.

“Welcome, Master,” said the beasts respectfully. Lin Feng was already a Half-Holy Emperor, a god and spiritual being, so they respected him.

“These two are my wives. They will stay in the Godly Grave to practice for a while. If you want to help them train, you’re welcome to do so. Be merciless, but don’t hurt them either,” said Lin Feng pointing at his two wives.

The beasts looked at Meng Qing and Tang You You. When they saw Meng Qing, they looked astonished and blurted out, “Xue Ling Long?”

“Yes, indeed, Masters,” replied Meng Qing, smiling at the three old men.

The three bestial Saints cupped their fists to her Xue Ling Long was a legendary beast. Even though the three bestial Saints were incredibly strong, their bodies and their blood weren’t as pure as Xue Ling Long’s. Besides, she was their Master’s wife, they had to be respectful.

When Lin Feng saw that, he remembered hundreds of years before when the old ox had to help him talk to them because he was too weak. He sighed, strength was the most important thing in life.

Back in the days, he wasn’t qualified to talk to them, but now he was a god, so he could.

“Go in, go in. With the twelve bestial Saints, you should manage to become Supreme Holy Kings quickly, and then I’ll help you understand level two Dao to become Half-Holy Emperors,” Lin Feng said quietly. Meng Qing and You You nodded and went into the palace.

The beasts didn’t go in. Lin Feng frowned and asked, “What do you want?”

“Master, we… we also want to become Half-Holy Emperors, we want to break through,” said the three beasts at the same time. Lin Feng frowned and burst into laughter.

The three beasts had no enemy at the same cultivation level hundreds of years before, and now they couldn’t be considered as such anymore, so they weren’t satisfied anymore.

“Help my wives, when they become Supreme Holy Kings, I will help you break through,” said Lin Feng. Then he disappeared, leaving the Star World.

The three bestial Saints fell down because of the energy Lin Feng’s voice contained.

“Safe journey, Master!” shouted the beasts at the same time. They went back into the palace only after a very long time.


Lin Feng left the Star World, then he raised his left hand and made the star world disappear from there. Meng Qing and Tang You You were inside and safe.

They were both extremely weak in this place, Lin Feng wanted them to become stronger as quickly as possible.

And where were Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin? How were they doing? Were they in trouble?

Lin Feng touched their jade talismans, but they were as glittering and translucent as before, they were neither dead nor injured.

Lin Feng left his spirit world and appeared in Bodhidharma’s palace. He left his room.

The Gods Sect is so big. I should have a walk around here. I should make some friends. I need friends. If I have only enemies, I can’t do much, he thought as he walked away.

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