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PMG 2 Chapter 56: Who’s Song Zhuang?

PMG 2 Chapter 56: Who’s Song Zhuang?

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Lin Feng was terrifyingly strong. All the disciples wanted to learn from him, but they didn’t dare ask him anything anymore, and walked away. Lin Feng smiled wryly, he initially wanted to get to know some people in the Gods Sect, he hadn’t thought he’d scare them away.

Lin Feng sighed and got ready to leave the kwoon.

At that moment, a man in black clothes stood in front of Lin Feng. He was as tall as Lin Feng, but had short hair.

“You’re Lin Feng?” asked the man straightforwardly.

Lin Feng was startled, but nodded, “Indeed, I am Lin Feng, you?”

“Ah, right, brother Lin Feng, I am Song Zhuang, I am most honored to meet you after hearing so much about you. You don’t have an undeserved reputation,” said Song Zhuang, smiling happily. Lin Feng didn’t understand why.

He didn’t know Song Zhuang, but he had the impression he had known him for a long time, why?

When Song Zhuang saw Lin Feng’s expression, he laughed wholeheartedly and tapped Lin Feng’s shoulder, “Brother Lin Feng, I am honest, you don’t need to have doubts. I am really happy to meet you.”

“Uhhh, alright. Which group do you belong to?” Lin Feng asked him. He had even more doubts, but he didn’t show it.

When Song Zhuang heard Lin Feng, he burst into laughter, “Which group? Hehe, nobody is qualified enough to recruit me as a disciple,” said Song Zhuang proudly. Lin Feng was startled. Song Zhuang was mysterious, but he seemed friendly.

“You’re from the Gods Sect?” asked Lin Feng.

“Me? No. I am not from the Gods Sect. But I come here to take a walk sometimes,” said Song Zhuang, still smiling. Once again, no way to know anything about him?!

“Come on, brother Lin Feng, no need to think too much. I saw how you reacted, so I want to be friends with you!” said Song Zhuang, smiling wholeheartedly and putting his arm around Lin Feng’s shoulders.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Since he had left the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he had the impression he kept attracting weirdos. Han Xianzi, Song Zhuang, …

“Brother Lin Feng, let’s go to the exchange center,” said Song Zhuang cheerfully. Lin Feng didn’t understand.

“Don’t tell me… you’re Bodhidharma’s chief disciple and you don’t know about the exchange center?” Song Zhuang asked when he saw Lin Feng’s expression. He couldn’t believe it.

Lin Feng shrugged. It was the truth though, he didn’t know the exchange center. Apart from that kwoon, the ice palace, and Bodhidharma’s palace, he hadn’t been to many places in the Gods Sect.

“Alright, alright, I’ll show you that place, here is not such a good kwoon, there are only Holy Kings,” said Song Zhuang. He acted natural and unrestrained. Lin Feng couldn’t see how strong Song Zhuang was, however.

He had a particular ability thanks to his forbidden body, in that he could see how most strong most people were. He could even see how strong someone like Bodhidharma was, but he couldn’t see how strong Song Zhuang was. It was like everything about Song Zhuang was foggy. How mysterious!

“Let’s go to the exchange center,” said Song Zhuang. He raised his left hand and a celestial shuttle appeared.

Song Zhuang brought Lin Feng into the shuttle and they flew towards the exchange center.

“The Gods Sect is a very big territory, hundreds of li wide. You’ve only seen the main territory. There are only eight palaces and four pavilions there, but the Gods Sect also has the Exchange Center, the library, the Life and Death Battle Stage, the Life and Death Stone Stage, the Strange Magic World, the Celestial Women Stage, etc.

“You don’t know about all these things. The Strange Magic World is a place managed by your teacher. People who can go there are all geniuses, your teacher must have told you about it, right?” asked Song Zhuang.

Lin Feng hadn’t heard about any of those places. Song Zhuang was stupefied.

“You country bumpkin, haha!!” said Song Zhuang, sighing and shaking his head. The shuttle continued flying along.

“Lin Feng, the Exchange Center is a fair place. It’s also a place where new disciples of the Gods Sect have the opportunity to be noticed. For you, it’s a great place.

“The Exchange Center is a place where you can trade things. To exchange things, you must fight. Each time you win a battle, you win ten thousand godly stones,” explained Song Zhuang. Lin Feng listened carefully. He didn’t know why Song Zhuang was telling him these things.

“Goldly stones? What’s that?” asked Lin Feng.

Song Zhuang was used to Lin Feng not knowing anything. He had to be patient.

“Godly stones are stones you’ll need at a higher level to break through. You can absorb their strength to break through. You can’t only study to break through,” Song Zhuang told him. He raised his hand and the shuttle descended from the sky.

Song Zhuang put the shuttle away. Lin Feng glanced around and noticed he was on the top of a bluestone tower, with several stages in the distance.

“That’s the Exchange Center?” he asked Song Zhuang.

Song Zhuang nodded and replied, “Indeed it is. When we go in, don’t say anything, there are some of the strongest cultivators of the Gods Sect inside. Most of them are at least as strong as you.”

“I see,” Lin Feng nodded. He initially thought he was quite strong and had a high social status because he was Bodhidharma’s chief disciple, but actually he was just an ordinary person there.

What if Tian Qiong knew that?


The sun was high up in the sky, keeping some pale clouds company. Lin Feng was behind Song Zhuang, following him to the central part of the Exchange Center.

There were indeed many strong cultivators there. Lin Feng walked only a few hundred meters and saw a dozen Half-Holy Emperors, the weakest people around were Supreme Holy Kings, half-Gods.

It was a real nest for strong cultivators here.

Song Zhuang took Lin Feng over to where some strong cultivators were already fighting. There were three stages in front of Lin Feng. On two of them, the winner was already obvious.

Lin Feng looked at the other one, and was astonished, he knew one of the fighters.

Prince Unicorn!!!

Holy Fourth’s younger brother! He was here?!

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