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PMG 2 Chapter 58: Fighting Against Holy Fourth

PMG 2 Chapter 58: Fighting Against Holy Fourth

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“You thought you’d definitely win because you used a dark weapon?” said Lin Feng, smiling mockingly. He then pinched the silver needle, and it turned to ashes.

“Why did the needle pierce through my demon energy?” asked Lin Feng to Unicorn. He looked amused.

Unicorn was holding his arm in pain. He fell down on the ground, looking furious. Lin Feng looked at him coldly, “Don’t look at me like that. You’re humiliating yourself. And I don’t give a shit.”

“Hmph, Lin Feng, we’ll solve the issue!” shouted Unicorn furiously. He jumped up and made ready to leave.

“Slow down. You lost and now you want to escape?” shouted Lin Feng. He jumped over to Unicorn and looked at him mockingly.

When Unicorn heard Lin Feng, he shouted, “You really thought the bet was serious?”

“What? You thought we were joking?” asked Lin Feng, frowning.

Unicorn pulled a long face and shouted, “I am Holy Fourth’s younger brother!”

“So what? I won!” answered Lin Feng, shaking his head. He didn’t care about the holy cultivators.

“I will kneel down, but if I call you grandpa, I am afraid Holy Fourth will not let you off!” threatened Unicorn.

“I don’t care. He’s more than welcome to come to me. But today, you lost and you have to do what you promised,” stated Lin Feng. He didn’t care about Holy Fourth. He had won against Unicorn, not Holy Fourth!

Unicorn looked furious. If he didn’t do what he had promised, Lin Feng might kill him some other day.

“Alright, I’ll kneel down,” said Unicorn, grinding his teeth. He felt ashamed as he knelt down. Everybody laughed mockingly.

Unicorn turned red. How humiliating! How would he be able to show up in the Gods Sect in the future?

“Lin Feng, from now on, you and me are sworn enemies!” shouted Unicorn. He shouted so loud everybody in the Exchange Center shuddered.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, lowering his head and smiling at Unicorn. “Now call me Grandpa.”

“You, you’re going too far!” shouted Unicorn. furiously. His expression was hideous.

“What? You still want to play?” Lin Feng asked coldly.

“That little boy thinks he can do whatever he wishes because his brother is Holy Fourth?”

“Right, I know. If he had won, he wouldn’t have let his opponent off.”

“Pfff! He’s so amusing. He thinks he’s powerful only because he’s got a good background.”

Many people laughed mockingly. Lin Feng understood that people in the Exchange Center only cared about strength. They even dared make fun of someone like Unicorn, who was Holy Fourth’s younger brother. They didn’t care about people’s social background, all they cared about was people’s strength.

“Call me grandpa,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

Unicorn ground his teeth, he felt so ashamed, and was about to call Lin Feng “grandpa.”

“Lin Feng, you want to die!” shouted someone furiously at that moment. The crowd saw white lights move towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked surprised, the person was moving towards him extremely quickly. But Lin Feng kept calm and quickly threw his fist at the attacker who was wearing white clothes.

That person also threw their fist at Lin Feng. Lin Feng grunted coldly and stepped back. He also coughed blood.

“Holy Fourth?” When the crowd saw the person in white clothes, they were stupefied.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at his attacker, it was indeed Holy Fourth. Holy Fourth looked furious, and his eyes were filled with murder.

“Lin Feng, if you don’t die today, I am ready to admit I am a loser!” said Holy Fourth. He jumped forwards and threw himself at Lin Feng. He really wanted to kill him.

“Hmph! As if I am afraid of you!” said Lin Feng. He was fearless. Even though Holy Fourth was a Low-Level Holy Emperor, he didn’t pose a threat to him yet.

Lin Feng raised his fists and threw them at Holy Fourth. Lightnings flashed, rumbling sounds spread in the air. Everybody was curious, where did Lin Feng come from? He was audacious and brave. He even dared fight against Holy Fourth!

Song Zhuang smiled eagerly. Lin Feng didn’t disappoint him. He had heard about him, and what he had heard was true.

“You want to die!” Lin Feng and Holy Fourth’s fists collided a few times, but Holy Fourth was annoyed because nothing seemed to happen.

“Holy Skill!” shouted Holy Fourth furiously. Finally, he used one of his most terrifying attacks. He had to kill Lin Feng with this one.

Lin Feng noticed that Holy Fourth was using one of his special attacks, it was the difference between a Half-Holy Emperor and a Low-Level Holy Emperor.

Lin Feng knew that that attack could kill him, but he didn’t intend to flinch.

“Nine Skies Holy Demon Skill!” shouted Lin Feng. He turned into a Demon King, and his demon Qi forced many people to run away. His absorbing strength was dangerous.

“You want to die!” shouted Holy Fourth furiously. He raised his fists and his Holy Skill punches shot towards Lin Feng quickly.

“Who will die!?” challenged Lin Feng. He also threw his fists. His terrifying demon Qi dashed to the skies and then rolled in waves. The sky became dark and filled with lightnings.

When both fighters’ fists collided, Lin Feng sensed strength oppress him and push him backwards. The demon energy started dispersing and gave space to the golden Holy Skill.

“Kneel down and beg me to spare your life!” shouted Holy Fourth. His expression was hideous as he stared at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng ground his teeth, his face was ghastly pale, but he didn’t intend to flinch.

“Keep dreaming!”

“Alright, I’ll kill you then!” shouted Holy Fourth. Golden lights flashed, and Lin Feng’s demon energy dispersed. Lin Feng’s arms felt sore. He had the impression his bones were going to be crushed.

Everybody sighed. Lin Feng had reached his limits.

“Lin Feng, move back, I’ll come!” said Song Zhuang when he saw Lin Feng couldn’t do much more. He rose up in the air extremely quickly, like a gigantic black eagle.

Lin Feng didn’t feel like retreating, but he had already used so much energy. He had to retreat, otherwise, he would end up critically injured.

“Thank you very much!” shouted Lin Feng, flashing back.

“Where are you going?” shouted Holy Fourth furiously. He threw his fists at Lin Feng’s back. His dazzling golden strength looked terrifying.

“Mo Da!! Anyone can make mistakes, forgive them when possible! You’re going too far!” shouted Song Zhuang, furiously throwing out his fists. Dazzling blue lights flashed, and a new sky had appeared. His energy looked pure and holy, and even Holy Fourth looked scared.

“Who are you!? What makes you think you’re qualified to talk to me that way? Piss off!” screamed Holy Fourth Mo Da. He raised his fists and punched out at Song Zhuang.

Song Zhuang raised one fist. Neither of them was willing to surrender.

Lin Feng touched his chest and released life strength to heal himself.

“I’ll give you Godly Stones.”

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