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PMG 2 Chapter 60: Tian Qiong Doesn’t Stop!

PMG 2 Chapter 60: Tian Qiong Doesn’t Stop!

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“I’ve heard that Lin Feng fought against Holy Fourth Mo Da a few times and lost after a little while,” Tian Qiong said to Ma Nan. They were in a kwoon together. Tian Qiong looked ferocious and angry. Tian Qiong and Ma Nan practiced cultivation at that kwoon as hard and often as they could, but Lin Feng could already go to the Exchange Center and win Godly Stones. That was the difference between the class two and class three disciples of the God’s Sect.

Tian Qiong was furious because Lin Feng had been able to fight against Mo Da. He was the fourth holy cultivator of the Gods Sect and surprisingly, Lin Feng had been able to fight against him. Holy Fourth hadn’t even been able to kill Lin Feng!

Tian Qiong hated Lin Feng more and more. He kept telling Ma Nan how much he wanted to kill him.

Ma Nan knew Tian Qiong was reckless, but he himself wasn’t stupid. He didn’t need to get involved in things which had nothing to do with him.

“Tian Qiong, you should control yourself. Lin Feng is much stronger than you. Focus on cultivation. Don’t rush,” said Ma Nan. He didn’t mind giving a few pieces of advice to Tian Qiong. They were both from Zhongzhuan City, and were both members of the Gods Sect now.

“No, I can’t wait anymore. Lin Feng must die within one day!” said Tian Qiong angrily.

Ma Nan couldn’t stop Tian Qiong. Therefore, he jumped onto his sedan chair and the four women took him away.

Tian Qiong watched Ma Nan leave and clenched his fists, shouting furiously, “Hmph! You don’t have the balls to help me! Never mind, I’ll find someone else!”

“Hehe, you think killing Lin Feng is not easy?! I have many solutions, you’ll see!” shouted Tian Qiong furiously.

Tian Qiong heard someone sneer indifferently. Tian Qiong shouted furiously, “Who the fuck are you now!?”

“Hehe, you have a really bad temper, Brother Tian Qiong,” said a man in blue clothes, slowly walking out and walking towards Tian Qiong.

“It’s you?” When Tian Qiong saw the man in blue clothes, he looked at him strangely. It was the man who had managed to climb up the stairs during the exam, the Half-Holy Emperor.

“Indeed, brother Tian Qiong, you want to fight against Lin Feng?” said the man in blue clothes, smiling broadly.

Tian Qiong looked at him. The man in blue clothes was handsome, with sharp eyes and a heroic air. It was difficult to forget someone like him.

“What’s your name, and why do you want to help me?” asked Tian Qiong. He wasn’t stupid, he knew nobody was willing to help others for free.

The man smiled and replied, “Because I want to help you. You can call me Luo Cheng.”

“Alright, Luo Chen.” said Tian Qiong nodding. The man’s goal didn’t matter; as long as they could kill Lin Feng, that was the main issue.

“Brother Luo Chen, how can we kill Lin Feng then?” asked Tian Qiong.

Luo Chen smiled indifferently. He took out an amber talisman, with something written on it.

“What’s that?” asked Tian Qiong. The amber talisman looked extraordinary, but how could it kill Lin Feng?

Luo Ze shook the talisman and two words appeared.

Holy Fourth!

“That’s Holy Fourth’s talisman?” asked Tian Qiong. He was surprised.

“Indeed, that’s Holy Fourth’s talisman. The Gods Sect has specific rules.

“Nobody is allowed to steal the holy emperors’ talismans, if you put it in Lin Feng’s room and tell the Gods Sect’s elders about it, they will take care of him,” said Luo Chen with a smile.

Tian Qiong looked excited.

“How did you get the talisman, though? It mustn’t be easy to get into Holy Fourth’s palace, right?” said Tian Qiong skeptically.

“I stole it, of course. I stole it, when he left his palace,” said Luo Chen, laughing softly. He put the talisman in Tian Qiong’s hand.

Tian Qiong grabbed the talisman. He was excited. Lin Feng was going to pay for all he had done to him!

Tian Qiong’s eyes gleamed with fury. Luo Chen frowned when he saw Tian Qiong’s expression.

“I hope you can succeed. Otherwise, if Lin Feng knows you did it, he won’t let you off,” said Luo Chen, before he disappeared from there.

Tian Qiong smiled coldly and clenched his fists. Lin Feng was definitely going to die now!

Tian Qiong left and flew towards Lin Feng’s residence. Lin Feng would be sorry!


Lin Feng was back in Bodhidharma’s palace and in his room at that moment. He put the Godly Stones around himself and sat down cross-legged on his bed. He sensed their energy and began absorbing it.

-I’ll absorb the strength of the remaining Godly Stones at once,- thought Lin Feng, looking at the Godly Stones. He raised his left hand and twelve thousand stones started floating around him.

Dazzling five-colored lights flashed around him, strength penetrated into his body. He felt incredibly good. As he absorbed the strength of a Godly Stones, they disappeared.

Time passed. Five thousand stones were left.

Dong, dong, dong!

Someone knocked at the door. Lin Feng heard Tian Qiong’s voice. He put the five thousand Godly Stones away and recalled his Qi.

“Lin Feng, may I come in?” shouted Tian Qiong.

“Come in,” replied Lin Feng, raising his left hand and letting the door open itself. Tian Qiong came in and smiled.

“What do you want?” asked Lin Feng coldly. What was Tian Qiong doing here?

Tian Qiong noticed that Lin Feng looked angry, he cupped his fist and bowed. “Lin Feng, I am sorry for having offended you so many times. Please forgive me. I understood that I cannot compete with you. I will not bother you again.

“I was jealous of you so I wanted you to suffer. You can compete with Holy Fourth, how could I compete with you?

“Therefore, I came to apologize. You don’t need to forgive me if you don’t wish to, though,” said Tian Qiong, bowing deeply. Lin Feng couldn’t see his face as he bowed, but if he could, he would have noticed he had a wickedly ferocious smile on his face.

Tian Qiong raised his head and looked at Lin Feng, waiting for him to react.

Lin Feng wasn’t ready to forgive him, though.

“Are you done talking? Leave if you’re done talking.” said Lin Feng, waving him off. He didn’t feel like talking to Tian Qiong.

Tian Qiong’s expression changed instantly, looking ferocious. But he quickly smiled respectfully and cupped his fist. “Take care, Brother Lin Feng, I’m off.”

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