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PMG 2 Chapter 61: Stolen

PMG 2 Chapter 61: Stolen

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Tian Qiong turned around and left. He looked around at the Godly Stones, which had all turned to ashes. Then, he sounded surprised and shouted, “Lin Feng, what’s that on the ground!?”

Lin Feng frowned and looked at the ground, Tian Qiong raised his left hand and put the talisman in Lin Feng’s drawers.

Lin Feng raised his head, he didn’t say anything. Tian Qiong scratched his nose, looked embarrassed, then he ran away from Lin Feng’s room.

As Tian Qiong left Lin Feng’s room, he smiled happily. He had rarely been that happy in life. He was convinced that he would be even happier soon.

“Hehe, Lin Feng, are you going to die?” whispered Tian Qiong, clenching his fists.

Lin Feng took out Holy Fourth’s talisman from his drawer.

“Hmph! You tried to distract me while putting something in my room? You think I’m stupid, Tian Qiong?”

Lin Feng controlled level two time Dao. The rustle of leaves in the wind couldn’t escape his attention, how could a talisman avoid his field of vision?

Lin Feng looked at the amber talisman.

“This is Holy Fourth’s talisman? How did Tian Qiong steal it?” Lin Feng was surprised. Without that talisman, he wasn’t qualified to be Holy Fourth anymore.

Tian Qiong was really determined to cause trouble for him. If anyone thought Lin Feng had stolen Holy Fourth’s talisman, he’d be in trouble.

There are all kinds of people in this world, he’s so jealous that he’s ready to do anything against me. I’m sick and tired of people like that, thought Lin Feng with a sigh. He had seen many people like that in the Continent of the Nine Clouds too, such as Duan Wu Dao and Ji Chang. Even the Diviner had plotted against him.

Lin Feng was sick of people who were jealous of him and were ready to do anything to him.

Tian Qiong, I will remember what you just did. You will die!, thought Lin Feng, clenching his fists. If he didn’t control time Dao, Tian Qiong’s plan would have definitely worked. Lin Feng knew that stealing a holy cultivator’s talisman was a great offense.

Tian Qiong would regret it.

Dong, dong, dong…

At that moment, Lin Feng heard some loud and quick steps outside, and then someone knocked at the door.

“Lin Feng, open the door,” said Xuan Yuan Mu glumly. A false smile appeared on Lin Feng face, he knew who it was before he spoke.

“Come in. It isn’t locked,” said Lin Feng indifferently. Xuan Yuan Mu came in with some disciples.

Xuan Yuan Mu walked over in front of Lin Feng. These days, they had the same social status, so they were fellow disciples. On top of that, Lin Feng was Bodhidharma’s chief disciple. In terms of social status, Xuan Yuan Mu had a lower status than Lin Feng, because he wasn’t a great elder’s chief disciple.

“Brother Lin Feng, someone said you stole Holy Fourth’s talisman, we need to check,” said Xuan Yuan Mu vigilantly, he didn’t want to infuriate Lin Feng.

When Xuan Yuan Mu said that, Lin Feng looked furious. He frowned and demanded, “Because someone told you that, you think you can do whatever you wish?”

“No, no, don’t misunderstand me. It’s a big problem. We won’t check you with force, we even checked the great elder’s places though, we need to check everybody’s place, it’s just fair that way,” explained Xuan Yuan Mu hastily.

Lin Feng was surprised. Because of Holy Fourth’s talisman, they had even checked the great elders’ places?

“Holy Shrine’s talisman is a symbol. It’s a symbol of the connection which exists between the Holy Shrine and the Gods Sect. This is an extremely important matter. Please cooperate, brother Lin Feng,” said Xuan Yuan Mu.

Lin Feng couldn’t say much. Even the great elders’ places had been checked, so he couldn’t refuse.

“I don’t mind, go ahead,” said Lin Feng smiling indifferently. Xuan Yuan Mu nodded. The few disciples who had come with Xuan Yuan Mu started checking the room, including the walls.

After a few seconds, the disciples shook their heads.

“Brother Lin Feng, can we check your ring?” said Xuan Yuan Mu. He looked embarrassed.

Lin Feng frowned, he wasn’t happy, but he took out his ring.

Xuan Yuan Mu nodded and checked it. He didn’t see the talisman, but he did find five thousand Godly Stones.

“You have Godly Stones? You went to the Exchange Center?” Xuan Yuan Mu asked.

“I just came back from the Exchange Center. Everybody can confirm. How could I have time to steal something?”

Lin Feng looked glum. Xuan Yuan Mu looked more and more embarrassed. He didn’t know Lin Feng had gone to the Exchange Center.

“Teacher, Uncle Lin Feng is right. We were there too, besides, besides…” said a disciple to Xuan Yuan Mu before gulping down.

Xuan Yuan Mu shouted, “Besides what, tell me!”

“Besides, Uncle Lin Feng was fighting against Holy Fourth, so he couldn’t have stolen his talisman!”

“Oh? I didn’t know about that?” said Xuan Yuan Mu when he heard that. Lin Feng had fought against Holy Fourth?

“Brother Lin Feng, I’m sorry for having disturbed you. We’re off!” said Xuan Yuan Mu. He was now sure that Lin Feng couldn’t possibly have stolen Holy Fourth’s talisman, so he left.

“Slowly, Brother Xuan Yuan. You won’t find anything like that. Make Holy Fourth and all the members of the Gods Sect come to a kwoon. Holy Fourth probably has a very deep connection to his talisman, he will definitely know who the last person who touched his talisman was,” said Lin Feng, smiling calmly.

Xuan Yuan Mu looked happy, he applauded and sighed, “Eh! How did I not think of that? You’re smart, Brother Lin Feng.”

“No, Brother Xuan Yuan, you just acted hastily because you were worried,” said Lin Feng, smiling humbly.

Xuan Yuan Mu smiled happily, turned around and said to the disciples, “Go to all the palaces, restaurants and so on, make everybody come to the big kwoon. I will go and talk to Holy Fourth myself!” said Xuan Yuan Mu. He quickly left Lin Feng’s room, as did the disciples.

After Xuan Yuan Mu left, Lin Feng hurried to the kwoon.

Very quickly, all the members of the Gods Sect were at the big kwoon. Tian Qiong was there, too. He looked very angry. They hadn’t found Holy Fourth’s talisman in Lin Feng’s room? How was that possible?

“How could I fail?” whispered Tian Qiong.

“Brother Tian Qiong, someone wanted me to give you this.”

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