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PMG 2 Chapter 62: Tian Qiong Dies, Luo Chen Laughs

PMG 2 Chapter 62: Tian Qiong Dies, Luo Chen Laughs

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At that moment, a disciple went up to Tian Qiong and gave him a box.

Tian Qiong opened the box, and his face paled. He looked alarmed.

There was Holy Fourth’s talisman in the box. There was a note inside too.

Tian Qiong, you brought about your own destruction. Lin Feng

“Fuck!” Tian Qiong destroyed the box and put the talisman into his ring.

A few minutes later, the holy cultivators arrived with Xuan Yuan Mu.

“Welcome Holy First, Sheng Hui.”

“Welcome Holy Second, Dong Sheng.”

“Welcome Holy Third, Yi Yun.”

“Welcome Holy Fourth, Mo Da.”

Xuan Yuan Mu introduced the four holy cultivators. Countless disciples cupped their fists as a sign of respect.

It was also the first time Lin Feng had seen the other holy cultivators. He knew Mo Da, and they weren’t friends; he didn’t know the other ones, however.

Lin Feng looked at them. Holy First was probably a High-Level Holy Emperor, he might be stronger than Bodhidharma.

Holy Second Dong Sheng was probably a Low-Level Holy Emperor, but one who could already compete with High-Level Holy Emperors.

Holy Third Yi Yun and Holy Fourth Mo Da were Low-Level Holy Emperors. They were probably equally strong.

“Holy Fourth, everybody is here, can you sense where the talisman is?” asked Xuan Yuan Mu, bowing before Holy Fourth.

Holy Fourth frowned. His talisman had been stolen and it was a serious issue, even a humiliation for him. Other people would make fun of him if he wasn’t capable of taking care of it.

“Hehe, Mo Da, you lost your talisman, how humiliating!” chortled Holy Third Yi Yun, smiling broadly.

Mo Da glanced at Yi Yun and shouted, “Yi Yun, be careful, your talisman could disappear someday, too!”

“Haha, I’m not that careless, I always have it with me. How could I let a buffoon steal my talisman like you did?” replied Yi Yun mockingly.

Xuan Yuan Mu smiled wryly. Holy Fourth and Holy Third did not like one another.

Lin Feng also noticed the tensions between them.

Mo Da ignored Yi Yun and rose up into the air. He closed his eyes and holy golden lights flashed and surrounded all the disciples.

Tian Qiong was also surrounded by golden lights. His ring suddenly started shaking violently.

“Eh? Take it out!”

Tian Qiong wanted to control the talisman, but Mo Da shouted at that moment. Tian Qiong was suddenly drawn towards Holy Fourth.

He fell down on the ground as his ring left his finger and moved towards Mo Da’s hand. Mo Da broke it, and the amber talisman appeared.

Mo Da looked relieved. He had finally found it. If he hadn’t, he would have lost his holy cultivator status. At the same time, he was also furious, a mere disciple had dared steal his talisman?

Xuan Yuan Mu’s eyes were wide. Tian Qiong was his disciple, and he had dared steal someone’s talisman? Many people looked at him, his face paled. How humiliating!

“Why did you steal my talisman?!” shouted Holy Fourth furiously. Tian Qiong was surrounded by holy lights, if he didn’t talk, Holy Fourth could kill him.

Tian Qiong’s heart was pounding. His face was as white as a sheet of paper. He regretted everything. As Lin Feng had said, he had acted recklessly and had brought about his own destruction.

“No, I didn’t steal it. Someone called Luo Chen stole it!” said Tian Qiong. He knew that everything boded ill. But it was actually the truth, Luo Chen had stolen the talisman and told him he wanted to help him destroy Lin Feng.

Everybody suddenly looked at Luo Chen.

Mo Da looked at Luo Chen and said, “Did you steal that talisman?”

“Holy Fourth, I’d like to tell you one thing.” said Luo Chen fearlessly. He was even smiling.

When Mo Da heard Luo Chen, he frowned but nodded. He raised his left hand and drew Luo Chen towards him.

Luo Chen to a few steps towards Mo Da and whispered a few things in his ear. Then he went back to the ground.

Mo Da looked thoughtful.

“Xuan Yuan Mu, Tian Qiong is your disciple, what should we do with him?” Mo Da asked Xuan Yuan Mu.

Tian Qiong’s face paled. He looked at Luo Chen furiously, but Luo Chen was smiling indifferently. He didn’t even glance at Tian Qiong.

Tian Qiong had failed, which meant he was a piece of trash. When Luo Chen learned that Lin Feng also controlled level two time Dao, he understood why.

When Xuan Yuan Mu heard Mo Da, he stated, “Kill him!”

“Alright, I’m going back then.” When Mo Da heard Xuan Yuan Mu, he nodded in satisfaction. He glanced at Luo Chen and then left the kwoon. The talisman had been found. He had no reason to be there anymore.

When Mo Da left, Sheng Hui and Dong Sheng also left.

Holy Third Yi Yun smiled indifferently and looked at Lin Feng, before walking over to him.

When Lin Feng saw that Holy Third Yi Yun was coming over to him, he was surprised. “Holy Third, what do you want?” he asked, cupping his fist in greeting.

Yi Yun shook his head and smiled broadly. “You’re Lin Feng? Brother Bodhidharma’s disciple?”

“Indeed, it’s me,” Lin Feng nodded.

“Alright, keep up the good work. I hope you’ll be selected during the holy cultivators’ exam and become Holy Fifth!” Holy Third Yi Yun said jokingly. But Lin Feng knew he wasn’t joking.

“I will do my best!” replied Lin Feng with a nod.

“Actually, you don’t need to wait, either. If you’re strong enough, you can also try and replace Holy Fourth!” Yi Yun said with a smile, as he left the kwoon. Lin Feng raised his head and looked after Yi Yun. Yi Yun’s last words were what he had really meant.

Yi Yun meant that if Lin Feng was strong enough, he could maybe replace Holy Fourth.

Holy Third wanted to use Lin Feng to get rid of Mo Da.

Lin Feng looked at Tian Qiong, who looked deathly pale. Maybe he wouldn’t need to kill Tian Qiong himself this time. It seemed that Tian Qiong was doomed.

Lin Feng left the kwoon. How Xuan Yuan Mu intended to deal with Tian Qiong didn’t concern him anymore.

Ma Nan also left the kwoon silently. Tian Qiong had brought about his own destruction. Ma Nan had told him to be careful, but he hadn’t listened. Xuan Yuan Mu had just said that Tian Qiong had to die, so could he still survive? Unlikely.

Luo Chen smiled at Tian Qiong. Tian Qiong glanced at him, too. What was happening was Luo Chen’s fault!

Tian Qiong was furious, but Luo Chen didn’t care. He smiled and left the kwoon.

Nobody knew what Luo Chen had told Mo Da, but the latter believed that Tian Qiong had stolen the talisman.

Lin Feng didn’t know that Luo Chen had stolen the talisman, either. He didn’t know Luo Chen had plotted against him, either.

If Lin Feng knew, he would have prevented Xuan Yuan Mu from killing Tian Qiong, but now Tian Qiong was doomed.

“Die!” shouted someone furiously. Deadly energies streaked across the sky above the kwoon. Xuan Yuan Mu raised his left hand and made a cutting motion. Blood sprayed as Xuan Yuan Mu looked completely indifferent.

“Alright, everybody can disperse,” shouted Xuan Yuan Mu. All the disciples quickly left. Only Tian Qiong’s corpse remained behind.

After a few minutes, the members of the Tian Clan, including Tian Han, rushed over. He grabbed Tian Qiong’s body, his face filled with bitter hatred.

“Lin Feng, the Tian Clan will never forgive you! ARGHHHH!” shouted Tian Han furiously, blaming only Lin Feng.

What could he do, anyway? Blame the Gods Sect? Blame Xuan Yuan Mu? That would be a joke, right?

“Let’s go back…” Tian Han said to the disciples of the Tian Clan, carrying Tian Qiong’s body as he left.

Maybe the Tian Clan could still find a way make Tian Qiong’s soul come back to life using the body capture technique.

They needed to go back to talk about it…

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  1. John January 19, 2019 at 8:53 pm - Reply

    HAHAHA. That was hilarious! Way too go Tian!!

  2. LAZ January 28, 2019 at 9:22 pm - Reply

    This is some bad writing. How did Ling Feng not find out that that Luo Chen set him up when Tian Qiong screamed it out in front of everyone??

    ***“No, I didn’t steal it. Someone called Luo Chen stole it!”***

    YET, a paragraph later it says that Ling Feng doesn’t know:

    ***Lin Feng didn’t know that Luo Chen had stolen the talisman, either. He didn’t know Luo Chen had plotted against him, either.

    If Lin Feng knew, he would have prevented Xuan Yuan Mu from killing Tian Qiong, but now Tian Qiong was doomed.***

    • helmiOG February 5, 2019 at 2:08 am - Reply

      Indeed. Lin feng should at least suspected luo chen. And tian clan want to blame lin feng instead of luo chen? Sure, they have enmity towards each other but the one who kill tian qiong indirectly is luo chen. Dafuq author?!

    • Gray May 30, 2019 at 9:20 pm - Reply

      Yeah i can see it, not to mention LIN FENG has gone through Hundreds years of Hardship experience with this kind of schemes.

      In PMG 1, the Author mentioned that as long as the “cultivator” climbing next level or their realm, they will got Wisdom and Intelligent.

      So how could Lin Feng didn’t notice this? Yep.. Because the Author started to become Lazy.

      • SHINIGAMI September 10, 2019 at 5:46 pm - Reply

        well in PMG2 character of LIN FENG is completely changed he is now allowing his enemies to live after they have humiliated him what the heck is wrong with the author.

  3. DeM0NxL0RD August 10, 2019 at 7:08 am - Reply


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