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PMG 2 Chapter 63: First-Class Mission

PMG 2 Chapter 63: First-Class Mission

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Lin Feng returned to Bodhidharma’s palace, wondering who Luo Chen was. Why had Tian Qiong accused him of stealing the talisman?

Why had Luo Chen whispered a few words in Holy Fourth’s ears? How had he convinced him Tian Qiong had stolen the talisman? What was going on?

“Maybe Tian Qiong didn’t steal the talisman and someone got involved, but he wanted to make people believe someone else had stolen the talisman and deserved to die.”

“I need to become stronger quickly so that I can become Holy Fifth,” whispered Lin Feng. He didn’t want to think about those things too much, he wanted to focus on the most importants things. He sat down on his bed cross-legged and took out the five thousand Godly Stones. He started absorbing their strength.

Lights of five colors appeared, and the stones turned to powder.

I don’t have many Godly Stones left, it looks like I need to go back to the Exchange Center, thought Lin Feng, after absorbing the strength of the remaining Godly Stones. It wasn’t enough, though, he needed more.

In the Gods Sect, there were too many Half-Holy Emperors. Even though Lin Feng was stronger than most of them, he wasn’t a Low-Level Holy Emperor. He couldn’t truly compete with the four holy cultivators.

Those holy cultivators were proud and arrogant because they were at least Low-Level Holy Emperors, genuine Revokers. They were stronger than Rulers.


Lin Feng stood up and left his room, intending to go to the Exchange Center.

“Lin Feng, what are you doing?” asked someone at that moment. Song Zhuang came out of a palace nearby and landed not far away from Lin Feng, smiling in greeting.

“I want to go to the Exchange Center to get more Godly Stones,” said Lin Feng honestly.

Song Zhuang nodded and smiled agreeably. “You can’t get that many Godly Stones when you go to the Exchange Center. You will need a long time to progress that way. Are you brave enough to come with me on a mission?”

“What mission?” asked Lin Feng when he saw Song Zhuang’s big smile. Lin Feng liked going on missions. He always gained lots of experience and items during missions.

“I don’t know yet. Let’s go to the Patriarch to obtain one,” said Song Zhuang. He grabbed Lin Feng’s arm and flew towards a patriarch’s pavilion. He didn’t ask Lin Feng whether he agreed or not, he knew Lin Feng would agree.

Lin Feng followed Song Zhuang to the Patriarch. Lin Feng had not been to the Patriarch’s pavilion since he had joined the Gods Sect. He had not seen the Patriarch, either. That was for someone who had privileges.

Some disciples were outside, guarding the pavilion. When they saw Lin Feng and Song Zhuang, they crossed their swords in front of the two to stop them.

“You can’t come in as you wish,” said the two disciples, firm and proud.

“He’s Bodhidharma’s chief disciple. He’s like an uncle to you. He’s the patriarch’s fellow disciple. He can go in as he wishes, right?” Song Zhuang smiled at the two disciples.

The two disciples looked surprised, they couldn’t believe it. They asked, “Are you really Uncle Lin Feng?”

“Indeed, I am Lin Feng,” confimred Lin Feng, nodding calmly.

“Greetings from Wu Lin, Uncle. Please come in,” called out a man coming out of the pavilion. He smiled at Lin Feng respectfully.

Lin Feng knew that man. That man had disrespected Lin Feng and lost an arm because of it. Wu Lin was also Unicorn’s servant.

So, Wu Lin was an enemy to Lin Feng.

“Alright, let’s go in.” said Lin Feng, nodding at Song Zhuang. Song Zhuang walked ahead. Lin Feng followed him into the pavilion.

Wu Lin watched Lin Feng angrily from behind. He glanced at the two disciples at the gate.

One of them asked, “Is he Lin Feng?”

“Indeed, he is Lin Feng, Bodhidharma’s chief disciple,” said Wu Lin mockingly.

Lin Feng and Song Zhuang didn’t know that Wu Lin and the two disciples were talking that way outside. At that moment, they were already in a vast hall. That place looked splendid and glorious, with pieces of furniture made of red sandalwood. There was also a two-meter plant there, elegant and natural. It made Lin Feng and Song Zhuang feel well.

“Brother Lin Feng, it’s the first time you have come here since you joined the Gods Sect!”

Lin Feng and Song Zhuang didn’t wait for a very long time. The Patriarch of the Gods Sect arrived quickly.

The Patriarch was a clean and elegant man. He looked like a twenty-year old, but he was probably hundreds of years old. He wasn’t incredibly handsome, but he was one meter-seventy.

Lin Feng and Song Zhuang bowed respectfully before the patriarch.

“Brother Lin Feng, what is the purpose of your visit?” asked the patriarch with a smile. He sat down, and Lin Feng and Song Zhuang also sat down.

“Brother Patriarch, we…”

“Don’t call me Brother Patriarch, it sounds too formal. Call me Brother Fan Sheng Jun,” said Fan Sheng Jun, smiling broadly.

Lin Feng nodded and smiled, “Brother Fan Sheng Jun, we want to obtain a mission.”

“Great. Why did you come here though? You could have gone and seen Elder Xuan Yuan Mu,” asked Fan Sheng Jun. He sounded happy to know that Lin Feng wanted to go on a mission, however. Weaklings didn’t dare go on missions.

Lin Feng was brave. Bodhidharma could be proud to have a chief disciple like this!

But assigning missions to members of the Gods Sect was Elder Xuan Yuan Mu’s task. Fan Sheng Jun didn’t understand why they had come to him.

Lin Feng didn’t understand the details either, so he looked at Song Zhuang. Song Zhuang had inspired him to come here.

Song Zhuang smiled at Fan Sheng Jun and said, “Patriarch Fan Sheng Jun, Lin Feng and I want to take up a mission that hasn’t been accomplished for a hundred years!”


When Song Zhuang said that, the cup of tea Fan Sheng Jun was holding exploded into pieces. Fan Sheng Jun looked astonished before he asked, “Are you… sure?”

“Of course we are!” replied Song Zhuang, smiling and nodding firmly.

Lin Feng didn’t know what mission hadn’t been accomplished for a hundred years, but if Song Zhuang was sure, then why not? He had nothing to do in the Gods Sect, anyway.

Fan Sheng Jun took a deep breath. Lin Feng is extremely brave, he thought to himself. Even Holy Fourth Mo Da and Holy Third Yi Yun had joined hands, but hadn’t managed to finish that mission, because it was simply too complicated.

A hundred years before, Bodhidharma had accomplished that mission and after coming back, he had been promoted to the rank of Supreme Demon. His social status was as high as those of the supreme patriarch Han Xianzi and the supreme elder. That mission was extremely difficult!

Lin Feng was Bodhidharma’s chief disciple, did he want to accomplish great things as his teacher had  a hundred years before? Fan Sheng Jun couldn’t wait to see Lin Feng come back from the mission.

“Alright, that mission is one of the three most difficult missions of the sect. If you fail, don’t insist, hurry and come back,” said Fan Sheng Jun. He stood up, walked over to a golden wall and knocked on it. Fan Sheng Jun released level two time Dao from his left hand. A type of scroll appeared.

When Lin Feng sensed Fan Sheng Jun’s level two Time Dao, he could feel that Fan Sheng Jun’s time Dao was much purer than his own, but in terms of control and understanding, Lin Feng was better. Everyone had their own strengths!

“Gods Sect’s first-class mission, stealing corpses from the Demon Corpses Hill!”

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