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PMG 2 Chapter 64: How Difficult

PMG 2 Chapter 64: How Difficult

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When Lin Feng heard Fan Sheng Jun, he was astonished. Demon Corpses Hill? Stealing corpses from there? What kind of mission was that? And why would they need to steal a corpse?

When Song Zhuang heard Fan Sheng Jun, he smiled. He looked at Lin Feng meaningfully. Song Zhuang knew the details of that mission, otherwise, he couldn’t have remained that calm.

“Lin Feng, accept the mission and then I’ll tell you the details when we go out,” Song Zhuang said to Lin Feng telepathically.

Lin Feng nodded slightly and said to Fan Sheng Jun, “Brother Fan, I accept the mission. What is the deadline, and what is the reward?”

“Half a month. If you manage to steal ten corpses from there, you will become an elder in the Gods Sect. The reward is three hundred thousand Godly Stones. What do you think?”

“Three hundred thousand Godly Stones and elder status? That’s profitable!” said Song Zhuang, laughing softly and glancing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded. He knew it was a great reward. But a great reward definitely meant great risks. Nothing was easy in life!

Bodhidharma had managed to accomplish that mission and had obtained a social status which was as high as the supreme patriarch or supreme elder. The mission was definitely incredibly dangerous.

Lin Feng guessed that Bodhidharma had probably come back with more than ten corpses, since Lin Feng would become an elder if he came back with ten corpses, whereas Bodhidharma had become the equivalent of a supreme elder.

“I will do my best to accomplish that mission,” said Lin Feng to Fan Sheng Jun. He cupped his fist and bowed before slowly walking away.

Fan Sheng Jun watched Lin Feng leave, then looked at Song Zhuang and frowned.

“Brother, who are you? Why did the supreme patriarch tell me that you could do whatever you want in the Gods Sect?” Fan Sheng Jun asked Song Zhuang.

Song Zhuang laughed drily and shook his head, “You will know in time.” He followed Lin Feng and left the pavilion.

Fan Sheng Jun walked out to the gate and watched them disappear in the horizon. He couldn’t help but frown.

“Those two are not ordinary.” Then he took a deep breath and went back to his own small world. Even though he was a patriarch, he still needed to practice cultivation. Xuan Yuan Mu and a few elders usually took care of administrative tasks in the Gods Sect.

Lin Feng and Song Zhuang left the patriarch’s pavilion and jumped into the shuttle. They quickly left the Gods Sect.

“Song Zhuang, can you tell me more about Demon Corpses Hill and the mission?” Lin Feng asked while driving the shuttle.

Song Zhuang knew how dangerous the mission was. Nobody had accomplished it in a hundred years, including the disciples of the Gods Sect, the Sword Sect, and the Holy Shrine.

“Lin Feng, the mission is extremely complicated. If you don’t want to do it, you can withdraw,” Song Zhuang said firmly.

Lin Feng frowned and said unhappily, “I accepted the mission, how could I withdraw?”

“I just hope you can withdraw, but if you withdraw, you’ll lose even more than what you could get,” said Song Zhuang. Lin Feng frowned and dismissed his words.

“Lin Feng, Demon Corpses Hill is in the southwestern part of the Supranatural Region. It’s close to the Desiccation and Desolation Sea. It used to be a battlefield in the ancient times. You don’t know much about the battle of the ancient times, right?” said Song Zhuang.

“I’ll tell you about the battlefield of the ancient times,” Song Zhuang told him. It was important to learn about it to understand the Demon Corpses Hill’s situation.

But Lin Feng already knew about the battle of the ancient times, Broken Soul Di had told him about it.

“No need, I know about it. Tell me about Demon Corpses Hill,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head.

Since Lin Feng told him he knew about the battle, it meant he did. So Song Zhuang told him about the battle of the ancient times directly.

“Demon Corpses Hill is one of the battlefields of the ancient times, and there are many corpses there: High-Level Holy Kings, Peerless Holy Kings, Supreme Holy Kings, there are even many Half-Holy Emperors and Low-Level Holy Emperors’ corpses. You can also find a few High-Level Holy Emperors’ bodies there.

“Demon Corpses Hill is a black treasure house for the Supranatural Region. Why a black treasure house? There are many valuable things there, but it’s also extremely dangerous because there are many demon corpses.”

“Those demon corpses are at least Saint Emperors, they just lack mental abilities. The strongest demon corpses are as strong as your teacher,” said Song Zhuang. Lin Feng could instantly imagine how dangerous that place was when he heard that.

The strongest demon corpses were as strong as Master Bodhidharma, so they were High-Level Holy Emperors!

“Why are there demon corpses there?” he asked.

“That reason why the Gods Sect and other sects try to steal corpses from there is because there are also souls there. The corpses have lost between thirty and seventy percent of their souls, and as time passes, they go insane and turn into demon corpses.”

“I see. So they’re zombies?” asked Lin Feng. He remembered watching zombie movies on Earth. Zombies were also corpses who lacked mental abilities.

So, weren’t demon corpses like zombies? Lin Feng was curious.

“Lin Feng, don’t listen to Fan Sheng Jun. If you can steal at least one corpse, you will already have succeeded, stealing ten corpses is too difficult,” warned Song Zhuang.

Lin Feng nodded slowly.

“Some of the corpses are the ancestors of some clans. You can bring the corpses which haven’t turned into demon corpses to their clans, so that their descendants can study them. It’s also good for the Gods Sect. It’s the reason why the sects steal corpses from there,” said Song Zhuang. The explanation was quite simple.

Lin Feng understood immediately. But stealing corpses was probably extremely difficult, because there were probably many demon corpses…


The shuttle traveled extremely quickly. In a few hours, they were already thousands of li away from the Supranatural Region. A few hundreds of li more and they’d arrive in the mountain range where Demon Corpses Hill was. After arriving, they wouldn’t be able to use the shuttle anymore, they’d need to walk, and progress step by step.

Half an hour passed, Lin Feng and Song Zhuang arrived near Demon Corpses Hill. Lin Feng put the shuttle away, and they started walking in the direction of the hill.

It was already dark outside, and the full moon was bright. It illuminated the whole valley and the mountains. Lin Feng’s demon Qi started boiling after he arrived. The demon Qi at Demon Corpses Hill was thick and dense.

“Be careful. I can sense some demon corpses’ Qi,” said Song Zhuang, putting his hand out in front of Lin Feng. He looked nervous.

It was the first time Lin Feng saw Song Zhuang like that. Even when he had fought against Holy Fourth, he had looked amused. It proved how terrifying Demon Corpses Hill was. No wonder nobody had managed to accomplish this mission for a hundred years!

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