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PMG 2 Chapter 65: Imprisoned

PMG 2 Chapter 65: Imprisoned

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As they walked towards Demon Corpses Hill, they smelled something horrible. Even though the full moon was bright, it was dark there. The demon corpses’ Qi smelled so horrible that Lin Feng and Song Zhuang had to put their hands on their noses.

No wonder nobody had managed to accomplish this mission, the smell itself had probably repelled many people as soon as they had arrived.

“If we see a demon corpse, we have to kill it in one strike,” Song Zhuang whispered to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded and continued walking carefully.

At that moment, Lin Feng heard what sounded like a wolf’s howl.

A dark shadow appeared in their field of vision, running quickly. He didn’t look steady, swinging while running. He was surrounded by a powerful demon corpse Qi, his eyes bloodshot.

When that silhouette got closer, Lin Feng realized that the demon corpse looked exactly like he had imagined. He just didn’t have teeth and was wearing a black robe.

The demon corpse ran unsteadily. He opened his mouth and his arms, halfway up in the air, and he reeked.

Very quickly, the staggering corpse arrived in front of Lin Feng and Song Zhuang. He groaned hoarsely and his his chest with his arms like a gorilla.

“Oh no, he saw us. Lin Feng, run, quickly!” said Song Zhuang. His expression had changed drastically. He threw himself at the corpse, raising a blue sword. He stabbed the corpse, which gave a plaintive cry, turned around, and staggered away.

When Song Zhuang saw that, he was astonished, and even looked worried. He was extremely strong, how come he hadn’t managed to kill a demon corpse that only had the strength of the Saint Emperor layer?

Lin Feng jumped and his God’s Sword appeared. He cut his finger, then he jumped again and landed on the demon corpse, then he stabbed him into the heart from above.

The corpse howled three times. He took a few staggering steps and then collapsed. He had no Qi at all.

Lin Feng used his sleeve to wipe the blood off the God’s Sword and put his sword away.

Song Zhuang looked at Lin Feng in a strange way and asked, “Why were you able to kill him?”

“Uhhh, you understand so much about the demon corpses, I thought you had already seen some before,” said Lin Feng, smiling calmly. He had thought Song Zhuang had experience when it came to Demon Corpses Hill, but he was actually just like him, he just knew a little bit more.

When Song Zhuang heard Lin Feng, he smiled awkwardly, “I wanted to come and see this place myself. I’ve never been here. But I’ve already been to the Desiccation and Desolation Sea, one of the other battlefields of the ancient times.”

“No need to tell me so much. If you want to kill the demon corpses, you need to put your own blood on your sword and then stab them through the heart,” Lin Feng explained.

Song Zhuang understood immediately and sighed, “I had forgotten that blood was a yang-type material and demon corpses are yin-type, both types are antagonistic.”

“Indeed, but I’m not sure it works against strong demon corpses,” said Lin Feng. He hoped they wouldn’t bump into extremely strong demon corpses!

“Let’s continue. That demon corpse was probably calling to other demon corpses before dying!” said Song Zhuang, waving and running forwards. If they wanted to steal corpses, they had to go into the depths of Demon Corpses Hill.

Both ran quickly and looked around at the same time.

At that moment, many cries and howls rose around them. Lin Feng and Song Zhuang’s expressions changed drastically. The cries were getting closer and closer, the demon corpse Qi stank even more.

“Oh no, let’s go back!” shouted Song Zhuang. He wanted to withdraw.

Lin Feng turned around.

But there were many demon corpses in all directions. They all howled as they lurched towards the two of them.

“They encircled us!” said Lin Feng. Song Zhuang nodded.

“Space Seal!” shouted Lin Feng, raising his left hand. Blue lights appeared and Song Zhuang sensed that the space around them was changing. The demon corpses couldn’t get in.

“We’re in another space?” asked Song Zhuang.

“Indeed. I sealed the space around them and around us. But it’s not a good solution. We must isolate them.”

Lin Feng looked nervous. If they stayed like this, they wouldn’t be able to finish the mission in half a month.

Lin Feng looked around, noting there were demon corpses everywhere. Their Qi smelled horrible and droned annoyingly.

They kept emitting plaintive cries. Lin Feng also noticed that these demon corpses had almost no mental abilities. Only their basic instincts still worked.

Lin Feng also noticed that those demon corpses all had a mark on their third eyes. Some of them had a black mark, some a blue mark, some a red mark, and some a moonlike white mark.

The demon corpses also had a different Qi. Lin Feng recalled that the demon corpse he had killed had a black mark on his third eye. It was probably one of the weakest kinds of demon corpse, a Saint Emperor. Those with a dark blue mark probably had the strength of the High-Level Holy King layer, those with red and moonlike white marks were probably of the Peerless Holy King and Supreme Holy King layers.

“Song Zhuang, have you noticed that those demon corpses are of different strengths?” Lin Feng asked him.

Song Zhuang nodded and pointed at one of them who had a moonlike white mark. He said, “That’s probably the leader. He must be strong. If we kill him, we might be able to get away from them.”

“Alright, I’ll open the sealed space and you kill him!” Lin Feng nodded.

Song Zhuang nodded and took out his sword. He cut his finger with the tip of his blade.

“Isolate the space, I’ll go and kill him.”

Song Zhuang held his sword firmly. He hoped to kill the demon corpse in one strike. Lin Feng raised his right hand, blue lights appeared, and the space opened. Demon corpse Qi immediately appeared around them again.

Song Zhuang shouted furiously, lunging at the demon corpse before throwing out his sword.

The demon corpse who had the moonlike white mark realized something was wrong, and groaned angrily. He wanted to inform his comrades, but a Supreme Holy King couldn’t do much against Song Zhuang. He had no time to call his demon corpse friends, Song Zhuang’s sword pierced through his body.

“Come back!” shouted Lin Feng quickly. He raised his left hand, blue lights appeared, and he isolated the space again.

Song Zhuang came back next to Lin Feng. He looked at the demon corpse, which howled defiantly, and then collapsed without any Qi.


All the demon corpses went into a frenzy. They moved randomly, having no mental abilities. They kept whimpering unceasingly and releasing demon corpse Qi.

“There’s a controller. Let’s go, quickly!” Song Zhuang said to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded and recalled his energy. They jumped above the demon corpses and continued flying towards Demon Corpses Hill.

“Haha, two humans who want to die!”

Just as Lin Feng and Song Zhuang were starting to feel better, they suddenly heard a hoarse voice. Lin Feng realized that the space around them was starting to change, and was becoming darker. The demon corpses on the ground all collapsed.

Lin Feng wanted to isolate the space around them, but he realized that the enemy was stronger than him, he seemed to control level three space and time strength! Otherwise, he couldn’t have been that strong!

“Bad luck, it’s a Supreme Demon Corpse!” said Song Zhuang when he saw a pair of bloodshot eyes in the sky. The eyes were terrifying and cruel.

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