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PMG 2 Chapter 66: Supreme Demon Corpse

PMG 2 Chapter 66: Supreme Demon Corpse

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“Lin Feng, run away, quickly! It’s a Supreme Demon Corpse! The most powerful Demon Corpse of Demon Corpses Hill!” shouted Song Zhuang to Lin Feng. He ran sideways to dodge the Supreme Demon Corpse’s attack.

Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed. He looked at the bloodshot eyes in the sky, how frightening!


Lin Feng knew that it wasn’t the right time to be stubborn. Just from the Supreme Demon Corpse’s Qi, it was easy to understand that he had the strength of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer, and had high mental abilities as well.

Lin Feng took out the shuttle again and flew towards the depths of Demon Corpses Hill.

“Haha, stay here, little boy!” said the Supreme Demon Corpse when he saw that Lin Feng was trying to escape, laughing eagerly. He scanned the area Lin Feng was in with his bloodshot eyes. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to faint. He staggered and the shuttle almost collapsed.

“You still want to resist? Come with me!” shouted the Supreme Demon Corpse furiously. His left hand appeared. Lin Feng had the impression the Supreme Demon Corpse could restrain him just with the power of his eyes. Lin Feng blinked and suddenly, he had the impression he had gone blind, his vision was completely blurry.

Half a minute later, Lin Feng’s vision became normal again, but he was stuck in a cave. The cave was dark, but some lights were flashing on the dark blue walls. It looked like hell.

Lin Feng lowered his gaze, seeing hundreds of corpses all around him. In terms of physical strength, the weakest ones were Saint Emperors, there were many High-Level Holy Kings as well. Lin Feng also noticed some Low-Level Holy Emperors, their bodies in perfect condition.

Lin Feng slowly walked between the corpses and inspected them. He realized they hadn’t turned into demon corpses. Stealing these corpses was the best solution.

But it was probably the Supreme Demon Corpse’s cave, Lin Feng didn’t even know how he had ended up in here. He didn’t know how to leave, either.

“Haha, little boy! You’re also here to steal corpses, right?!” said a loud voice as Lin Feng was thinking, laughing loudly. Lin Feng raised his head and saw a silhouette.

That person didn’t look like a normal human. His eyes were bloodshot, his face was ghastly pale. His skin was dry and broken. Some muscles were visible too, but they had become black. He was one meter-ninety and looked terrifying.

“You’re the Supreme Demon Corpse?” asked Lin Feng when he saw that corpse.

As expected, the Supreme Demon Corpse laughed madly and clenched his fists. A putrid and stinky Qi filled the air. All the corpses in the cave started crawling towards him. Initially they were dry, but instantly they didn’t look as dry anymore, and the scariest part was that some of them had already started decomposing, so flesh and muscles barely hung on visible flesh.

Lin Feng blinked once, and when he reopened his eyes, eighty percent of the demon corpses were on their feet. They hadn’t come back to life, though, they had turned into new demon corpses.

“Go outside to protect the cave!” shouted the Supreme Demon Corpse menacingly. The new demon corpses left the cave. Only the Supreme Demon Corpse and Lin Feng were left in the cave.

“Little boy, why doesn’t my demon corpse Qi work on you?” asked the Supreme Demon Corpse, frowning.

“Because of this,” said Lin Feng, smiling calmly. He raised his left hand and demon Qi containing forbidden strength swept out.

No matter how powerful the demon intent was, it couldn’t affect Lin Feng because of his forbidden strength.

“That’s… forbidden strength!!” The Supreme Demon Corpse was stupefied, his eyes wide. He looked very darkly enthusiastic.

“Haha, hahahaha! I’ve been looking for a forbidden body for tens of thousands of years and I’ve finally found one!” said the Supreme Demon Corpse, laughing madly. He raised his hands and the cave became ice-cold. Lin Feng looked stupefied.

Why was the Supreme Demon Corpse so excited?…

“Little boy, it seems that the gods are on my side! You showed up today and you have a forbidden body! I want it! From now on, I’ll be a normal person again, hahaha!” said the Supreme Demon Corpse, laughing madly.

Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. The Supreme Demon Corpse wanted to use the Body Capture technique on him because he had a forbidden body. With a forbidden body, it was easier to control demon Qi, not to mention demon corpse Qi. The Supreme Demon Corpse looked at Lin Feng greedily.

What could he do? He was a Half-Holy Emperor, he couldn’t compete with a High-Level Holy Emperor. He couldn’t escape, either. He couldn’t propose anything better than a forbidden body, either.

“Hmph! No need to think of a solution, I will take your soul and steal your body. From now on, I will become you! I will help you accomplish what you haven’t accomplished, too. Hmph!” declared the Supreme Demon Corpse when he saw that Lin Feng looked thoughtful. He shouted furiously and suddenly raised his hands. A putrid and stinky demon corpse Qi filled the air.

Lin Feng groaned icily as he released forbidden strength. Even if he couldn’t compete with the Supreme Demon Corpse, at least, he had to fight.

Demon corpse Qi couldn’t harm Lin Feng anyway. The Supreme Demon Corpse knew that, too.

“Hmph! We’ll see how long you can resist!!” shouted the Supreme Demon Corpse furiously. A terrifying Qi flew towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was a few dozen meters away from the Supreme Demon Corpse. He could sense how scary his Qi was. It was painful already, and if it really reached him, he would probably die.

“Lin Feng, move aside!” shouted the old ox at that moment, appearing in the cave. He had come out of Lin Feng’s spirit world.

“Empty Space Hand!!” shouted the old ox furiously. He raised his right hand and threw it out. It contained a terrifying empty space strength. Lin Feng could sense how terrifying the energy was. If it struck him, he would die a violent death!

The old ox wasn’t any weaker than the Supreme Demon Corpse.

The Supreme Demon Corpse hadn’t thought that someone could still help Lin Feng. He looked astonished. He raised his left hand and threw it out while releasing Qi. His left hand collided with the old ox’s right hand.

Boom, boom, boom…

Kacha, kacha, kacha…

The whole cave shook violently. Some pieces of the ceiling fell down. The cave was extremely resistant, but those two cultivators were extremely strong.

“Haha! Old ox, what are you doing here? I thought you were in the Godly Grave looking for an heir for our master?!”

When Lin Feng heard that, he was completely astonished, and had the impression he was going to faint in relief.

“Master Ox, that’s…?” Lin Feng was looking at the old ox skeptically.

The old ox smiled calmly. Then he pointed at the Supreme Demon Corpse and shouted, “That’s another of my master’s servants, Hu Mo the Supreme Demon Corpse!”

“That’s one of the star god’s servants too?!” Lin Feng was dumbstruck. So, the old ox’s master was so strong?! All his servants were High-Level Holy Emperors?!

It meant that Master Ox had to be a High-Level Holy Emperor, too! Lin Feng couldn’t help but sigh when he realized that. When he was a Ruler in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he thought he the strongest cultivators of all time, but in the end, he was just a poor little Supreme Holy King, a half-God. He had no idea there was a real god on his side.

“Demon King Ox, could it be that…?” said the Supreme Demon Corpse when he heard Lin Feng and the old ox’s conversation. He looked skeptical.

Demon King Ox nodded and smiled at Supreme Demon Corpse, “Indeed, he’s the one I was waited hundreds of thousands of years for in the Godly Grave, our Master’s heir, Lin Feng!”

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  1. suicai99 January 17, 2019 at 2:22 am - Reply

    Ah, what a plot twist

    anyway, “The cave was dark, but some lights were flashing on the dark blue walls. It looked like hell.” hey, LF already went to Hell before!!! Minister Uptala anyone?

  2. Leylin F February 23, 2019 at 5:37 am - Reply

    yea i already been there and absorb all of their law

    • Gray May 31, 2019 at 11:50 am - Reply

      Dafuq. Wkwkkwkw..
      How Could Leylin come here. You supposed to reincarnated in the “God Domain” in Novel “Reincarnation of The Strongest Sword God”

      Damn dude.. Which Teleportation you use to come here ? ?. Did you use Tier 6 Teleportation Taboo skill? ?

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