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PMG 2 Chapter 69: Making the Seven Generals Submit

PMG 2 Chapter 69: Making the Seven Generals Submit

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Kui looked at Lin Feng respectfully and shouted at the other generals.

The three great generals looked at Lin Feng glumly.

“He’s not the Supreme Demon Corpse, he must die!” said the three great demon corpse generals, raising their weapons and running atLin Feng.

Hu Mo stepped back again to give Lin Feng space.

Lin Feng stepped forwards, and his demon corpse Qi swept out. The three great generals were surprised, and wanted to retreat.

“You want to retreat?! You attacked me, that’s an offense!” shouted Lin Feng angrily, throwing his fist while releasing forbidden strength. His Qi slapped General Ba.

General Ba howled as his axe flew away, and he was blown away as well. The demon corpse Qi around him weakened greatly.

“Please spare my life, Master!” shouted General Ba. The other generals, including General Kui, knelt down and shuddered with fear.

“Hmph! If you dare attack me again, I’ll kill you!” said Lin Feng angrily. He didn’t release just demon corpse Qi, he also released his other kinds of demon Qi. He looked incredibly intimidating.

Even though he wasn’t as scary as Hu Mo, who was a High-Level Holy Emperor, he had the advantage.

General Ba stood up and then knelt down again, lowering his head. He didn’t dare attack Lin Feng again. In their eyes, Lin Feng was the Supreme Demon Corpse.

“Where are the other demon corpse generals?” shouted Lin Feng. His voice spread far away.

“General Tie, General Han, General Di.”

The three generals were wearing armor, and standing at the top of a hill. They landed next to General Kui, wearing blood-red broadswords.

“He’s not the Supreme Demon Corpse, he must die!” Since Lin Feng didn’t have Hu Mo’s Qi, they didn’t recognize him. Even though they were sentient, they mostly relied on instinct, and they didn’t want to go against their original leader.

The generals attacked. Lin Feng used another attack and struck a demon corpse general. Quickly they all considered him the Supreme Demon Corpse.

“From now on, I am your Father!” shouted Lin Feng.

The seven generals all knelt down and said they would remember.

“Step back now. Protect all the areas of Demon Corpses Hill. Unless I give you the order, you’re not allowed to leave Demon Corpses Hill,” said Lin Feng. His demon Qi was dense and thick. The generals didn’t dare go against Lin Feng’s orders, so they all retreated.

Lin Feng watched them disappear from his field of vision and took a deep breath. He turned around and looked at Hu Mo, who was smiling. Lin Feng wanted to punch him, but knew he wasn’t strong enough.

“Master Hu Mo, are you going to leave Demon Corpses Hill?” asked Lin Feng to Hu Mo.

Hu Mo nodded and smiled, “Indeed. You cleansed the demon corpse Qi off my body. I can finally leave and go back to my master.”

“Master? You’re really going back?” asked Demon King Ox when he heard that. He hadn’t seen his master’s real body for millions of years, he didn’t even know where he was. Of course, he had spent much time in the star world in the Godly Grave. In the star world, time passed differently, he had only spent a few tens of thousands of years in there according to the time in the outside world.

“Yes, I want to go and stay with our Master,” replied Hu Mo. Demon King Ox looked disappointed.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, but he was even more determined to become Holy Fifth and join the Holy Shrine. That way, the old ox would be able to go back to his master.

Lin Feng also wanted to know who that god was.

“Who’s there, come out!” shouted Demon King Ox, as Lin Feng was thinking. He then threw out his fist.

His strength rose in a torrent. Hu Mo also readied his fist. They were both terrifyingly strong.

“Lin Feng, it’s me!”

Lin Feng heard Song Zhuang’s voice. His expression changed drastically, He released space and time strength and helped Song Zhuang block the old ox’s attack.

Song Zhuang used his fist. Lin Feng released demon and forbidden strengths.

Together, they managed to block Demon King Ox’ attack, but were injured. Lin Feng was blown away and coughed up blood.

Song Zhuang was blown away as well, his face was pale, but he was otherwise fine.

When Demon King Ox saw that, he was stupefied, and Hu Mo also looked startled. They glanced at each other and decided to attack.

Demon King Ox moved to the front, Hu Mo stayed behind, and they attacked Song Zhuang at the same time.

Lin Feng wiped the blood off his mouth. When he saw the two High-Level Holy Emperors attack Song Zhuang, his expression changed drastically.

At that moment, Song Zhuang attacked too, he throwing out a punch. A terrifying strength moved towards Demon King Ox. Demon King Ox jumped back.

Hu Mo threw himself at Song Zhuang. Song Zhuang dove into the ground and disappeared.

He reappeared next to Lin Feng and took a deep breath.

“Lin Feng, how come all the people you know are so aggressive?” said Song Zhuang. His face was deathly pale.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Demon King Ox and Hu Mo were smart. If they attacked, it meant they had reasons. Song Zhuang had shown he was on Lin Feng’s side, so he wasn’t an enemy. Maybe that the two cultivators had attacked Song Zhuang because of his mysterious social status.

Demon King Ox and Hu Mo recalled their strength. They shouted, “Who are you? Why do you stay with Lin Feng?” Demon King Ox looked grim.

Song Zhuang smiled indifferently.

Demon King Ox got ready to attack again. Song Zhuang didn’t intend to attack though. He raised his left hand. Blue lights appeared in Demon King Ox’s hand.

Demon King Ox looked at the blue light in astonishment.

Hu Mo walked over to Demon King Ox and looked at the blue lights. He was startled, too.

“So? Do you still doubt about me?” said Song Zhuang smiling jokingly.

“Not anymore,” said Demon King Ox and Hu Mo shaking their heads hastily. Demon King Ox looked at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, come here, I have to talk to you.”

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