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PMG 2 Chapter 70: Getting Ready to Go Back

PMG 2 Chapter 70: Getting Ready to Go Back

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“Lin Feng, remember, no matter what happens in the future, there are some people you can listen to or not. Trust your own self, not other people,” said Demon King Ox, before he disappeared, going back into Lin Feng’s world.

When Lin Feng heard that, he glanced at Song Zhuang. What Demon King Ox meant was that Song Zhuang wasn’t an enemy.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and went back to Hu Mo and Song Zhuang. Hu Mo cupped his fist and said, “Lin Feng, I’m off, too. See you.”

Hu Mo disappeared. He was so strong he could make one small movement and travel across hundreds of li.

When Hu Mo’s Qi disappeared, Lin Feng turned around and looked at Song Zhuang. He asked, “Song Zhuang, I don’t want to stay with someone I don’t know. You understand?”

“Hehe, I know. No problem. I won’t harm you. Let’s go,” said Song Zhuang, smiling graciously. Song Zhuang reminded Lin Feng of Yan Di. Such people were always mysterious and indifferent.

“Lin Feng, you didn’t steal any corpses, remember? That’s why you came here in the first place,” said Song Zhuang, reminding Lin Feng. Lin Feng had already obtained so much, and Demon Corpses Hill was now his. The demon corpses were all his servants. He felt delighted.

Lin Feng couldn’t wait for the twelve bestial Saints of the Godly Grave to break through. Then, he’d have even more servants. He would be able to create another Tiantai in the Continent of the Gods!

Maybe it would even be a good solution for his dozen other fellow disciples to find him. If they heard about Tiantai, maybe that they would take the initiative to come and look for him!

Of course, he hadn’t even fully explored the Gods Sect, how could he create another Tiantai?

Lin Feng followed Song Zhuang. They went to the central part of Demon Corpses Hill to find corpses.

Lin Feng was now the leader of Demon Corpses Hill, therefore, demon corpses didn’t approach them. Song Zhuang smiled when he saw that, this young man was lucky.

“There are ten perfect bodies there. Let’s go,” said Song Zhuang, pointing at a wrecked palace a hundred meters away from them.

It was the first wrecked palace Lin Feng had seen. The walls had collapsed. He could also see some Saint’s Weapons, but he didn’t need them.

He entered the ruins and saw ten corpses in different places. They were Half-Holy Emperors’ bodies, so they hadn’t decomposed.

“Come,” said Lin Feng, and instantly, the ten corpses moved into his ring.

“Mission accomplished. Let’s go back!” Song Zhuang smiled.

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “Those are only Half-Holy Emperors’ bodies. They are useless. It’s a palace here, maybe there are more palaces. I’ll go and look for some more,” said Lin Feng. He left the palace quickly. Song Zhuang shouted, but Lin Feng flew away.

Song Zhuang smiled and nodded to himself, then followed after Lin Feng.

It was gradually becoming bright outside. There were some rosy clouds in the sky. The sun was rising, it was bright red. It also felt warmer now.

Lin Feng found a few Low-Level Holy Emperors’ bodies in the meantime, but he wanted to find a High-Level Holy Emperor’s body.

“Oh right, I can ask them.”

Lin Feng thought of the seven generals at that moment. They were very familiar with the place. They probably knew where to find High-Level Holy Emperors.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng stopped and released demon corpse Qi, before shouting, “General Ba, come here quickly!!”

Lin Feng guessed that General Ba was the leader of the other generals, so his intellect was probably higher, too.

A tornado appeared, the cadaverous Qi was terrifying.

“Hello, Father,” said General Ba, kneeling down, and holding his sword. There was blood on it. He was probably fighting just now.

“Why is there blood on your sword?” asked Lin Feng.

General Ba raised his head. His skin was dry and half torn, he looked scary. But Lin Feng and Song Zhuang were both used to seeing demon corpses.

“Father, a person of dubious background has shown up in my area. They want to steal corpses,” said General Ba. Even though he was a demon corpse, Lin Feng could sense he was furious.

“What kind of person?” asked Lin Feng.

“He calls himself Holy Fourth,” replied General Ba. Lin Feng burst into laughter.

“They also took up the mission,” Song Zhuang sighed. Lin Feng nodded.

“General Ba, convoke the other generals, go and fight them. Remember, don’t kill anyone, just make them retreat. Then, take the corpses they stole and give them to me.” Lin Feng ordered General Ba. General Ba nodded obediently and turned into a black tornado again.

Lin Feng smiled. Song Zhuang smiled jokingly, “Lin Feng, if Holy Fourth Mo Da knew that, what would he think?”

“Hehe, he would be very angry.” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

“If Mo Da knew that the demon corpse generals called me ‘Father’ and that I told them to make them retreat after stealing their corpses, he would fly into a flaming rage. Definitely!”

Very quickly, the seven generals appeared in front of Lin Feng with more corpses. Lin Feng immediately noticed that those corpses were High-Level Holy Emperors’ corpses.

“They are already gone, Master. Here are the corpses,” said General Ba. Lin Feng nodded and waved, collecting the seven corpses.

“Ba, come here.” said Lin Feng to General Ba. He walked up to Lin Feng. Lin Feng stretched out his hand, demon corpse Qi appeared and penetrated into Ba’s body.

General Ba’s face blackened and then became normal again. His demon corpse Qi looked purer.

Lin Feng took back his hands and shouted, “That’s your reward.”

“Thank you very much, Father,” said General Ba cupping his fist.

“You six, keep up the good work. If you continue working well, I will reward you too, you understand?” Lin Feng said to the six other demon corpse generals.

The six other generals cupped their fists and looked at Lin Feng respectfully.

“You can leave now.”

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