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PMG 2 Chapter 71: Mocking

PMG 2 Chapter 71: Mocking

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Lin Feng smiled happily. That kind of solution was the best for demon corpses who had sentience even if they weren’t very smart.

The seven generals disappeared from Lin Feng’s field of vision, leaving the seven corpses behind.

Lin Feng and Song Zhuang walked over to the corpses and inspected them. They happily realized that among the seven corpses, five of them were High-Level Holy Emperors’ corpses, the two others were Low-Level Holy Emperors. The journey had been very rewarding.

As Lin Feng and Song Zhuan were about to go back to the Gods Sect, Lin Feng’s ring shook, and a man’s voice came from it. “Brother Lin Feng, can you give me one corpse?”

Lin Feng looked startled. He waved his left hand and Broken Soul Di appeared.

“Brother Lin Feng, can you give me one corpse?”

Broken Soul Di was begging Lin Feng. Lin Feng frowned and looked at him.

Broken Soul Di used to be as strong as Bodhidharma, Demon King Ox, and Hu Mo when he was still alive. Right now his condition was miserable.

If Lin Feng could help him regain his original strength, it would be incredible and maybe Lin Feng could benefit from it, like with Yan Di. Lin Feng could afford to gamble though, because even if Broken Soul Di came back to life, he wouldn’t pose a threat to Lin Feng.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng nodded and said, “Alright, Di, I’ll give you a High-Level Holy Emperor’s body. When your soul recovers, I will help you regain your original strength and take your revenge.”

“Really? Haha, thank you very much Brother Lin Feng! If you help me recover, I will do all I can to help you my entire life, even if I have to risk my life!” said Broken Soul Di. He looked enthusiastic and touched.

Lin Feng didn’t take that seriously, though, he would wait to see if he really meant it.

“Lin Feng, who is that?” asked Song Zhuang, looking at the broken soul floating in the air.

“He’s Di. He’s a strong cultivator who died during the battle of the ancient times. Now, he’s only a broken soul,” explained Lin Feng simply. One could hear that he had compassion for Di’s situation though.

Song Zhuang nodded and smiled at Di, “Don’t worry. Lin Feng and I will help you recover. At least, I will help you as long as you are good to Lin Feng,” added Song Zhuang.

That was a strange way to say things. Di was startled, but he didn’t say anything, he was too excited. He cupped his fist as a way to thank Song Zhuang for his kind words.

“Alright, let’s not waste time. Let’s go back,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t feel like wasting time. He wanted to get back to the Gods Sect quickly to announce that he was done with the mission and get his reward. The thought itself was exciting.

Song Zhuang nodded. Broken Soul Di went back into his ring. Lin Feng waved his left hand and a High-Level Holy Emperor’s body followed Broken Soul Di into his ring.

“I’ll put the others in here.” Lin Feng took out another ring and put the remaining corpses inside.

“Let’s go,” he said to Song Zhuang. He took out the shuttle, they jumped in, and left as fast as lightning. This time, Song Zhuang drove the shuttle, so they flew even faster. That way, they arrived in the Gods Sect in less than an hour.


At that moment, the atmosphere in the patriarch’s pavilion was oppressive.

Holy Fourth Mo Da, his little brother Prince Unicorn, and Holy Fourth’s servants were there and looked furious.

Not only had they failed to steal corpses, but they had also been injured. Holy Fourth was furious. The seven demon corpse generals had joined hands to fight against them. Holy Fourth was particularly angry.

But at least, on the way back, he had managed to snatch three Low-Level Holy Emperors’ corpses, which meant he had successfully completed the mission.

Fan Sheng Jun was satisfied. It had been a very long time since a disciple of the Gods Sect had successfully completed that mission and come back with so many corpses.

“Holy cultivators are extremely strong, as expected. Everybody will be talking about you in the sect when they know you successfully completed the mission,” said Fan Sheng Jun, smiling at Holy Fourth Mo Da flatteringly. Even though he was a patriarch, his social status wasn’t as important as Mo Da’s, or at most they were equivalent, so he had to be respectful.

Holy Fourth Mo Da looked glum. He knew Fan Sheng Jun was just trying to cheer him up. Holy Fourth had the impression he had just humiliated himself this time by taking up the mission.

Holy Fourth didn’t say anything. Unicorn ordered some people to take care of the corpses and find their respective sects. The Gods Sect would get Godly Stones and some other precious items in exchange.

“By the way, Patriarch, I’ve heard that Lin Feng took the initiative to come and take up the Demon Corpses Hill mission?” Unicorn smiled mockingly after the servants left.

Fan Sheng Jun knew what Unicorn was trying to do, but he was a patriarch, he was on nobody’s side. Therefore, he just told the truth.

“Indeed. You didn’t bump into him, it seems,” said Fan Sheng Jun.

Holy Fourth Mo Da was frustrated. Lucky for him we didn’t bump into him, otherwise we would have killed Lin Feng!, he thought.

“Haha! Brother Lin Feng will probably come back without a single corpse. He isn’t skilled enough to be Master Bodhidharma’s disciple,” Unicorn proclaimed mockingly. He was making fun of Lin Feng, but actually, one could see that he was angry and hated Lin Feng.

Fan Sheng Jun smiled blandly, but didn’t say anything. Regarding Lin Feng’s success or failure, he would see when Lin Feng came back.

When Unicorn finished talking, one of the patriarch’s servants rushed in. “Patriarch, Uncle Lin Feng is back.”

Holy Fourth Mo Da, Unicorn and Fan Sheng Jun raised their heads. They all had different expressions.

“Have him come,” said Fan Sheng Jun. The disciple ran away again.

“Brother Patriarch, I’m back!” The disciple quickly came back with Lin Feng and Song Zhuang. They both smiled calmly. When Lin Feng saw Holy Fourth and Unicorn, he looked surprised and asked, “Holy Fourth is here, too?”

“Hmph! Let’s go!” Holy Fourth Mo Da didn’t feel like looking at Lin Feng at all, so he got ready to leave, but Unicorn prevented him from leaving.

“Hey, Brother, no rush! I want to see how well Lin Feng did, don’t you?”

“Indeed, don’t you want to see how well Uncle Lin Feng did, Your Holiness?” asked Wu Lin, coming in and smiling.

Fan Sheng Jun frowned and looked at Wu Lin angrily. Wu Lin smiled awkwardly and took a few steps backwards.

When Lin Feng heard those people laugh mockingly, he smiled indifferently, stretched out his left hand and handed a ring to Fan Sheng Jun.

“Here. That’s what I got. I think I can get my few hundreds of thousands of Godly Stones, and I can also become an elder,” said Lin Feng smiling broadly.

“Haha! What a joke! How ridiculous! You think you can act so arrogantly because you stole half a corpse! Master Bodhidharma didn’t teach you how to behave, it seems!” shouted Holy Fourth Mo Da furiously.

“Mind your own business,” sniffed Lin Feng, not giving Holy Fourth face.

“Alright, stop arguing!” shouted Fan Sheng Jun. He released two threads of Qi and forced them to move back.

Holy Fourth looked glum. Lin Feng was startled. Fan Sheng Jun didn’t have an undeserved reputation.

“Holy Fourth came back with three Low-Level Holy Emperors’ corpses. Lin Feng, if you surpassed him, you will get your reward,” said Fan Sheng Jun, getting ready to check the ring.

“Hey, wait!!! I have something to say!!”

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