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PMG 2 Chapter 72: Great Merit

PMG 2 Chapter 72: Great Merit

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Song Zhuang stopped Fan Sheng Jun from opening the ring. He smiled broadly and glanced at everyone. Holy Fourth looked at him angrily, but what could he do? He didn’t dare provoke Song Zhuang again. Only he knew why.

“Hey, listen to me,” said Song Zhuang with a cheerful smile. Lin Feng was speechless. He didn’t understand what kind of wicked trick Song Zhuang wanted to play again.

“Tell me,” said Fan Sheng Jun smiling at Song Zhuang. Song Zhuang had a huge smile, then he said, “If Lin Feng stole more corpses than Bodhidharma back then, how will the Gods Sect reward him?”

Everybody’s expression changed, and they stared at Song Zhuang. Then, they all burst into laughter and made fun of him.

“Haha! So funny! How could Uncle Lin Feng surpass Master Bodhidharma! Nice joke! You’re so funny!” shouted Wu Lin, he couldn’t stop laughing and making fun of Lin Feng. He even pointed at Song Zhuang with his finger while laughing, and kept shaking his head too. Song Zhuang was just too funny.

Unicorn also looked at Song Zhuang mockingly and said, “You’re just insane. If you only had half a corpse, that’d be incredible already. My brother got three corpses, how could you have more?”

“It means your brother is a piece of trash!!” said Lin Feng indifferently.

Holy Fourth Mo Da looked glum and shouted, “Lin Feng, you’re humiliating holy cultivators, that’s a great offense!!”

“You keep humiliating me, and that’s okay?” retorted Lin Feng icily. He didn’t give Holy Fourth any face at all. He didn’t need to, especially since Holy Fourth didn’t give him face.

Lin Feng respected people who respected him, and disrespecting him wasn’t a good idea. He had killed many people who had tried!

“I keep humiliating you? I am a holy cultivator, so I can humiliate you. I am like an uncle to you, remember?” Holy Fourth Mo Da rebuked him mockingly.

Lin Feng just smiled mockingly, then he shook his head and did not reply. “Brother Patriarch, please open the ring,” he said to Fan Sheng Jun.

Fan Sheng Jun nodded and got ready to open the ring.

“No, Lin Feng! They can’t open the ring before having told you what your reward will be,” said Song Zhuang, preventing Fan Sheng Jun from opening the ring. He even drew the ring to his hand. He wanted Fan Sheng Jun to talk first.

Fan Sheng Jun was stupefied. Not many people were strong enough to take something from his hands. Even the few holy cultivators weren’t strong enough to do it, but Song Zhuang could do it without making any effort. Fan Sheng Jun started doubting Song Zhuang’s social status again. His teacher, the supreme patriarch, had given the order to let Song Zhuang walk freely in the Gods Sect, making him doubt even more.

“Song Zhuang, stop causing trouble and give the patriarch the ring! Let him assess the situation!” Lin Feng shouted to Song Zhuang.

Song Zhuang looked indifferent and he shook his head helplessly. He then gave the ring back to Fan Sheng Jun. Fan Sheng Jun grabbed it and took out its contents.

Everybody was astonished when they saw its contents. Holy Fourth clenched his fists and shouted furiously, grinding his teeth in humiliation.

Fan Sheng Jun’s eyes were wide. Around two dozen corpses had appeared on the ground. There were four High-Level Holy Emperors’ corpses, a dozen Low-Level Holy Emperors’ corpses, and a few Supreme Holy Kings…

Even though Lin Feng hadn’t come back with as many corpses as Bodhidharma back in the days, the corpses he had brought back were of cultivators who were much stronger than those Bodhidharma had brought back at that time. And back then, there were far fewer demon corpses than when Lin Feng had gone there. A hundred years had passed, after all.

Therefore, Lin Feng’s results were incredible. Lin Feng could definitely obtain a social status which was as high as the supreme elder’s. That way, he’d have a social status equivalent to Holy Fourth Mo Da’s.

Holy Fourth’s face stiffened, turning purple.

He felt extremely humiliated because Lin Feng had all the corpses he had stolen.

When Unicorn saw the corpses, he pointed at Lin Feng and shouted furiously, “Where did you get those!? Speak!”

“I don’t like it when people point their fingers at me. Could it be that you want to become like Wu Lin?” Lin Feng asked.

Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with murder, which scared Unicorn. He glanced at Wu Lin. Even though Wu Lin tried to hide it with his sleeve, one could see his arm had been cut off.

Unicorn took back his finger. Wu Lin was furious too, but he couldn’t do anything against Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, my brother stole those corpses, but the seven demon corpse generals made us retreat. How did you obtain them?” asked Unicorn, pointing at the corpses.

When Mo Da heard his little brother, he raised his head and stared at Lin Feng, also wanting to know how Lin Feng had done that.

Lin Feng glanced at Unicorn and Mo Da. Then, he looked at Fan Sheng Jun and smiled indifferently, “I stole them, that’s all you need to know.”

“Alright, Lin Feng, we’ll wait and see!” said Holy Fourth, nodding angrily. He left the pavilion in a fury. He had nothing left to do there anymore. Unicorn quickly followed him.

Wu Lin wanted to leave too, but Fan Sheng Jun prevented him from leaving.

“Teacher?” Wu Lin asked, shuddering with fear.

Fan Sheng Jun glanced at Wu Lin and stated evenly, “Don’t stay with them again in the future, otherwise I’ll send you to the Life and Death Stage!”

Wu Lin shook with fear, falling down on his knees.

Lin Feng was surprised. The Life and Death Stage was that terrifying? Wu Lin looked scared to death.

“Brother Lin Feng, nobody in the Gods Sect could succeed like you have. I will immediately go and consult all the teachers of the sect regarding your reward. I don’t think the consultation will last long. Thank you for waiting!” said Fan Sheng Jun, cupping his fist and smiling at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t mind. Fan Sheng Jun left with the corpses, flying towards the supreme elder’s palace.

“Hehe, Lin Feng, you’re on fire, this time, you might become a supreme elder, in which case your social status would be as high as your teacher’s!” said Song Zhuang, amused.

Lin Feng smiled wryly, but said nothing. He didn’t care about his social status. All he cared about were Godly Stones, he wanted to become stronger and break through.

At his level, teachings were useless. Those who had the most Godly Stones could become stronger faster!


After all that, Lin Feng left and returned to Bodhidharma’s palace.

When Lin Feng arrived near the palace, he saw Bodhidharma at the top of the palace. His black hair waved in the wind. He still looked scary with his black iron mask.

“Lin Feng, come here, I have to talk to you.”

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