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PMG 2 Chapter 73: Grand Ceremony

PMG 2 Chapter 73: Grand Ceremony

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“Alright, Master,” said Lin Feng, landing in front of Bodhidharma obediently. Mo opened his own small world and entered it with Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, you’re not my chief disciple anymore!” declared Bodhidharma, staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was startled.

“Master, what do you…?” Lin Feng wanted to ask what Bodhidharma meant, but Bodhidharma interrupted him.

“No need to doubt. The reason why you’re not my chief disciple any more is very simple. You’re now a supreme elder, and the Gods Sect forbids people from recruiting people who have an equivalent social status. That’s why you’re not my chief disciple anymore,” Bodhidharma explained. Lin Feng didn’t understand Bodhidharma’s reaction, but it didn’t matter.

“Master Bodhidharma, I actually don’t deserve to become a supreme elder. And I don’t care about those things. I just care about cultivation,” replied Lin Feng, smiling wryly.

Bodhidharma nodded casually and smiled, “You have a good temper. Even though I am not omniscient, I know you are speaking the truth. However, those are the Gods Sect’s rules. I can’t go against the rules!” said Bodhidharma, shaking his head.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Bodhidharma also obeyed rules when he had to. He wasn’t as free and unrestrained as Yan Di.

Lin Feng recalled Yan Di pretending to be a Taoist priest; he was arrogant, free, and unrestrained. Lin Feng missed him. Yan Di had always been on his side after he left Xue Yue.

Lin Feng wondered where Yan Di was. When Lin Feng had left for the Continent of the Gods, he had wanted to go and see Yan Di, but the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan was sealed and Yan Di hadn’t contacted him for over a hundred years.

“Master, may I know how many corpses you stole back in the days?” asked Lin Feng. He wanted to know whether him becoming a supreme elder was justified or not.

Bodhidharma didn’t mind telling him.

“A hundred years ago, I was already a High-Level Holy Emperor, so you couldn’t compete with me, of course. I had just stolen four High-Level Holy Emperors’ corpses and a few dozen Supreme Holy Kings’ corpses. Now you’re not as strong as me, but you managed to steal so many corpses, congratulations! I am happy for you. It also proves that I have a good sense of judgement!” Bodhidharma said approvingly.

Lin Feng smiled.

“Alright, you can still live in my palace and once the sect is done making a place for you, you can go there,” said Bodhidharma. Then he opened his small world and said, “You can leave now. I want to meditate in seclusion for a while.”

Lin Feng nodded, cupping his fist and leaving Bodhidharma’s small world. He went back to Bodhidharma’s palace.


“Lin Feng, Lin Feng, come with me, hurry.”

Lin Feng had just arrived in his room, and hadn’t even had time to make himself a cup of tea when Song Zhuang arrived, smiling happily.

Song Zhuang was free and unrestrained, elegant and free from attachments, he wasn’t like Lin Feng. He didn’t take things too seriously, and was usually relaxed. Lin Feng was often too worried.

“What’s the matter this time?” asked Lin Feng, frowning. He made some water boil and poured himself a cup of tea.

“Perfect, I’m done drinking it!”

Lin Feng had just put the cup on the table. He looked at it, it was empty already. Song Zhuang smiled wholeheartedly and wiped some tea off his mouth with his sleeve. Then he chortled.

Lin Feng sighed and poured himself another cup of tea. He finally managed to drink it.

“Lin Feng, hurry up and come with me. The sect is organizing a grand empowering ceremony for you. Someone will come for you!” Song Zhuang smiled.

Lin Feng looked skeptical and asked, “What grand empowering ceremony?”

“A grand empowering ceremony because you’re becoming a supreme elder. From now on, you’re the fourth supreme elder of the Gods Sect. Of course, you’re also the weakest one!” said Song Zhuang, laughing and clapping Lin Feng’s shoulders. Lin Feng was used to his kind of attitude, though.

“Indeed, I am now the fourth supreme elder; Bodhidharma, Han Xianzi, the supreme elder, and I,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

“The supreme elder is Xuan Yuan Mu’s teacher. His name is Di Shu. He’s a cultivator at the top of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer. He’s the strongest cultivator of the Gods Sect. Back in the days, Bodhidharma and Han Xianzi joined hands, but have never managed to defeat him,” said Song Zhuang, smiling mockingly. He seemingly didn’t consider Di Shu an extremely strong cultivator.

But Lin Feng was astonished when he heard Song Zhuang. Han Xianzi and Bodhidharma had joined hands, but had not managed to defeat him? How scary!

“Xuan Yuan Mu’s teacher is so strong,” Lin Feng sighed. No wonder that Xuan Yuan Mu had become the managing elder of the Gods Sect and assisted Fan Sheng Jun.

“Lin Feng, Di Shu is organizing your grand empowering ceremony. Also, you’ll have to resist three of his attacks to become a supreme elder,” added Song Zhuang.

Lin Feng instantly had a headache. He had to pass an exam to become a supreme elder?

He had just become a Low-Level Holy Emperor! Di Shu had likely been a High-Level Holy Emperor for tens of thousands of years, and now he was at the top of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer. Would Lin Feng be able to resist three of his attacks? Lin Feng didn’t know about that yet, but he wasn’t afraid.

Lin Feng didn’t look scared or nervous. Song Zhuang smiled encouragingly and said, “Lin Feng, back in the days, when Han Xianzi became a supreme elder, he passed the exam!”

“What, Han Xianzi also had to resist three of Di Shu’s attacks?” Lin Feng frowned.

“Back then, Han Xianzi was a Low-Level Holy Emperor. It was three thousand years ago already!” Song Zhuang laughed. He knew everything.

Lin Feng knew that Song Zhuang was very mysterious. Probably only Master Ox was qualified to know about Song Zhuang’s background, but didn’t feel like telling him.

But Lin Feng wasn’t surprised that Song Zhuang seemed to know so much. Song Zhuang was a bit like Yan Di too, he liked to be mysterious.

“Lin Feng, Han Xianzi resisted three attacks, that’s not bad. But your teacher Bodhidharma withstood a hundred because he was already a High-Level Holy Emperor. That happened a hundred years ago.”

“Therefore, you have to try and do the same as Han Xianzi. He resist against three attacks. Di Shu’s expectations are not that high,” Song Zhuang told Lin Feng.

Lin Feng frowned. Only three attacks? Wasn’t it a little bit too little?

If Song Zhuang hadn’t told Lin Feng those things, Lin Feng wouldn’t have thought too much about it. But he was proud and liked challenges, therefore, he would probably want to try and resist four, five, or even more attacks!

Lin Feng didn’t waste time, immediately leaving his room and walking towards the kwoon.

Song Zhuang smiled and followed after Lin Feng. He had said those things on purpose. Lin Feng understood perfectly.

Very quickly, both arrived at the kwoon.

The scene was astonishing. There was a hundred-meter red carpet leading to a high stage. On both sides of the red carpet were one-meter drums. At the foot of the drums were disciples in black clothes.

The stage was already filled with people. Lin Feng even knew some of them. There were the holy cultivators and Fan Sheng Jun. There were also some old men Lin Feng didn’t know. Di Shu was probably among them?

Apart from those people, there were also eight golden thrones, the one in the middle was the largest one, and the thrones around that one were sorted from bigger to smallest.


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