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PMG 2 Chapter 74: Attacking Lin Feng?

PMG 2 Chapter 74: Attacking Lin Feng?

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At that moment, everybody stopped talking and silence covered the space. Up on the stage, some people were still talking. Holy Fourth Mo Da and Holy Second Dong Sheng were chatting, while Holy Third Yi Yun and Holy First Sheng Hui were also talking.

Xuan Yuan Mu was the one who had asked the crowd to stop talking. Xuan Yuan Mu was wearing a golden robe and holding a managing elder’s scepter. It indicated his social status.

Xuan Yuan Mu slowly walked towards the center of the stage. He tapped the ground with his scepter, and the ground shook. The scepter stayed in the center of the stage and suddenly, a beautiful golden halo appeared around.

Of course, Xuan Yuan Mu didn’t do that because it was beautiful, he did it so that if someone disturbed the grand ceremony, the stage would be protected by the golden halo.

Lin Feng and Song Zhuang were on the edge of the stage and watched. Lin Feng was the protagonist this time, but he wasn’t too enthusiastic. He only cared about cultivation.

Many disciples from the Gods Sect cupped their fists when they saw Lin Feng and bowed.

Xuan Yuan Mu gazed into the distance and saw Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng is going to become a supreme elder, everybody kneel down and show respect!” shouted Xuan Yuan Mu. All the disciples knelt down. Some knelt down willingly, others like Wu Lin, Unicorn, and Ma Nan much less so.

Especially Ma Nan. Tian Qiong and he had come from Zhongzhuan City together. In Zhongzhuan City, they used to be admired, people called him Prince Nan. Everything had changed in the Gods Sect.

Among the people who had come from Zhongzhuan City, Lin Feng was the most respected. He was also the strongest. Ma Nan was now Xuan Yuan Mu’s disciple, and Lin Feng had already become Xuan Yuan Mu’s uncle. He was almost like an ancestor to Ma Nan in the hierarchy.

He felt humiliated.

But Ma Nan was convinced that someday he’d bounce back to the surface, and then he’d surpass Lin Feng. Then, everybody would remember him!

“Ma Nan, what are you thinking about?” someone asked mockingly, interrupting Ma Nan’s thoughts.

Ma Nan turned around and saw a man in blue clothes, “Luo Chen, you’re a Low-Level Holy Emperor, why don’t you try and become an elder?”

Ma Nan didn’t understand. Since Luo Chen had climbed up the stairs on the day of the exam, he had always been very discreet. A short time ago, he had even broken through to the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer, but he was still very discreet. Nobody would think that a Low-Level Holy Emperor could still be a third-class disciple in the Gods Sect, because they were usually at least elders.

Luo Chen burst into laughter. He shook his head and smiled, “You will know later,” he replied. Then he continued watching what was going on on the stage. Ma Nan lowered his head.

At that moment, Lin Feng and Song Zhuang were walking slowly along the red carpet. They walked past Ma Nan, which made him feel even more humiliated. He didn’t dare raise his head.

Luo Chen looked at Lin Feng and smiled. Lin Feng walked past him to Xuan Yuan Mu. Luo Chen’s eyes were filled with murder.

“Everybody stand up!” said Lin Feng patiently  to all the disciples who were kneeling down.

The third and fourth class disciples stood up, including Ma Nan. Lin Feng had noticed him a short while before, but he didn’t say anything. After Tian Qiong’s death, Ma Nan had stopped provoking him.

“Lin Feng is to become a supreme elder after having successfully completed an important mission for the Gods Sect. However, he must first pass Supreme Elder Di Shu’s exam before receiving his Supreme Elder’s talisman,” proclaimed Xuan Yuan Mu, and the whole stage shook. People whispered on all sides, their hearts racing. It was like Xuan Yuan Mu could control their emotions with his voice. Many disciples looked solemn and respectful.

Because Lin Feng had heard the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song in the past, he understood that voices and sounds could influence people’s emotions. Using such techniques, it was easy to control weak disciple’s emotions.

Lin Feng looked at the disciples, who all smiled and looked at him respectfully. Even Wu Lin and Ma Nan looked respectful.

“Some of our distinguished guests for this grand ceremony are the four holy cultivators,” said Xuan Yuan Mu, looking at the four holy cultivators.

They all floated over to the lofty stage. They looked like divinities. Everybody stared at them.

For ordinary people, Wu Lin was a god, the four holy cultivators were gods, and Lin Feng was a god, too.

“Holy Fourth Mo Da, attack!” shouted Xuan Yuan Mu as Lin Feng was watching. Mo Da clenched his fists and threw his fist at Lin Feng. A terrifying Qi rolled in waves around him.

Lin Feng took half a step backwards. He was momentarily startled, but he then threw a fist out, too. Demon intent and dimensional strength appeared around his fist.

Boom, boom, boom…

The space became distorted around them. Luckily, the stage was surrounded by the golden halo, so the disciples around the stage were protected. Energies couldn’t spill over.

Mo Da and Lin Feng were both pushed backwards. Mo Da’s face paled. Lin Feng grunted.

In terms of strength, there was no difference between Lin Feng and Mo Da anymore!

Mo Da looked glum. He hated Lin Feng. He would do his best to kill him if he had an opportunity!

“Holy Third Yi Yun, attack!”

Lin Feng hadn’t even had time to react when Xuan Yuan Mu shouted again. Yi Yun smiled and raised his hand. Blue lights appeared and shot towards Lin Feng quickly, looking like blue blades.

Lin Feng didn’t really know how strong Holy Third was, but he knew there wasn’t a huge difference between him and Holy Fourth.

Lin Feng raised his God’s Sword in his left hand. White lights flashed. The blade of blue light was cut into two.

“Respect!!” said Holy Third Yi Yun, cupping his fist and smiling.

Lin Feng had the impression the exam was a same-level exam.

“Be careful! Holy Second and Holy First are both High-Level Holy Emperors!” said Song Zhuang, warning Lin Feng.

Those were the damn rules of the Gods Sect…

Lin Feng couldn’t say anything, he had to pass the exam. It wasn’t too bad, though, it allowed him to see how strong they were, especially since he wanted to become Holy Fifth at some point.

“Holy Second Dong Sheng, attack!” shouted Xuan Yuan Mu. Xuan Yuan Mu hadn’t even had time to finish his sentence before Holy Second’s attack was about to reach Lin Feng. The attack was extremely powerful. Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically.

Holy Second’s attack was different from the two previous attacks, it was like the real exam had started. Lin Feng’s hair and robe fluttered in the energies.

“Supreme Demon Punch!” shouted Lin Feng, releasing his explosive forbidden strength and throwing out his fist.

Boom, boom, boom…

Lights flashed in a loud explosion, its shockwave sweeping the air clear. The whole stage shook violently., and all the disciples around the stage jumped away. Xuan Yuan Mu’s protective halo disappeared.

Lin Feng and Holy Second’s attacks were surprisingly that powerful!

Holy Second initially looked expressionless, but when he saw that Lin Feng had been able to withstand fifty percent of his full strength, he frowned.

Mo Da glanced at Dong Sheng, and they both nodded at one another.

Lin Feng wasn’t having fun. He had the impression a gigantic mountain had oppressed him. Even his organs felt sore. Of course, the faster the better. Fifty percent of Holy Second’s strength couldn’t injure Lin Feng!

“As expected, Lin Feng, you’re really awesome. Hehe!” Song Zhuang smiled when he saw that Lin Feng had withstood Holy Second’s attack. Lin Feng was initially a bit nervous, but now he felt a little bit better.

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