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PMG 2 Chapter 75: Chosen One, Di Shu!

PMG 2 Chapter 75: Chosen One, Di Shu!

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“Holy First, attack Lin Feng!” shouted Xuan Yuan Mu as Song Zhuang was flattering Lin Feng. Lin Feng focused and stared at Holy First, Sheng Hui.

According to Song Zhuang, Sheng Hui was already almost as strong as Han Xianzi and the others. Lin Feng had just seen how terrifying Dong Sheng’s attack was.

“I give up. Xuan Yuan Mu, move on to the next step. Have your teacher, Di Shu, come out,” replied Sheng Hui as Lin Feng was getting ready to fight. Lin Feng was startled. Sheng Hui landed back on the stage and sat down on his golden throne. His throne was just next to the biggest one, probably Di Shu’s.

Xuan Yuan Mu seemed relieved when Sheng Hui said he didn’t want to participate. The protective halo had already been destroyed during Lin Feng and Dong Sheng’s battle. If Sheng Hui had attacked, many disciples would have been injured.

Lin Feng wasn’t happy, though. Why didn’t he want to challenge him? Was it because he thought Lin Feng was too weak? Was it because he thought challenging Lin Feng was not necessary, because he was Holy First, and he was too strong?

Even though Sheng Hui looked cold and detached, he didn’t say anything superfluous. However, Lin Feng had the impression Sheng Hui looked at him disdainfully.

Lin Feng looked at Sheng Hui, Holy First, the leader of the holy cultivators, a High-Level Holy Emperor, one of the most dazzling cultivators of the Gods Sect. He was as strong as Bodhidharma, Han Xianzi… He wasn’t any weaker than Di Shu.

Of course, someone like that was qualified to ignore other people. Lin Feng wasn’t angry. He just felt even more determined. Holy First looked at him disdainfully this time, but it didn’t mean he always would. Someday, Lin Feng would also look at him disdainfully.

It was almost as if Sheng Hui had read Lin Feng’s thoughts. He turned his head and glanced at Lin Feng. Lin Feng felt even more determined. Sheng Hui just looked cold and detached.

“Alright, the holy cultivators’ test is over. Lin Feng completed the first step successfully. Now, since Bodhidharma and Han Xianzi are not participating in the grand ceremony, Lin Feng will have to pass Supreme Elder Di Shu’s test,” said Xuan Yuan Mu. He didn’t talk loudly, but everybody heard him clearly.

“Supreme Elder Di Shu, please,” said Xuan Yuan Mu, raising his voice. Everybody heard him clearly.

Lin Feng frowned. When he heard Xuan Yuan Mu’s voice, he couldn’t help but feel enthusiastic. Without noticing it, he released forbidden strength.

All the disciples on both sides of the red carpet cupped their fists and lowered their heads.

Supreme Elder Di Shu rarely showed himself in public. Lin Feng was also eager to see who Di Shu was.

“Greetings, dear disciples!” a voice exclaimed. It sounded like a child. Golden lights flashed, and a golden phoenix appeared in the sky. He looked like a one-meter tall child.

The child was wearing fine golden clothes, and wearing a helmet. He was holding a scroll in his left hand and smiling. He flew above the crowd towards the stage.

The phoenix’s golden halo illuminated the whole stage. All the disciple watched the golden lights surround them.

The lights also surrounded Lin Feng. They seemed holy in nature. A Holy strength penetrated into Lin Feng’s veins, but he realized that his forbidden strength rejected it.

“He’s a selected one.” Lin Feng heard a new voice in his mind. He turned around, but didn’t find the one who had just spoken.

“Di Shu is a selected one?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. The selected body was one of the three great body types. Those who were selected had holy strength. Was Di Shu one of them?

Lin Feng had been abandoned by the gods, he had forbidden strength, and a celestial book spirit. Back in the days, he hadn’t been able to break through to the Huang Qi layer, that was his path.

Now, his enemy had appeared, a selected one. Selected ones and abandoned ones were natural enemies. Lin Feng had not yet seen anyone who controlled Divine Dao, though.

The three kinds of body types were mysterious. Of course, nobody had noticed that Lin Feng had a forbidden body so far thanks to Demon King Ox’s numerous methods. So even when Lin Feng used forbidden strength, people couldn’t really see it.

Of course, Hu Mo was an exception. He had seen that Lin Feng had a forbidden body but luckily, he was Demon King Ox’s friend. Besides, he was a god’s servant, so Lin Feng wasn’t afraid of being sold out by him.

But Di Shu controlled holy strength, he was a selected one. If they exchanged a single attack, Di Shu would notice Lin Feng had a forbidden body, and what would he do then? Lin Feng didn’t know.

“Welcome, Teacher!” said Xuan Yuan Mu, falling on his knees and looking at the phoenix child respectfully.

“Welcome, Supreme Elder!” said all the disciples in unison, remaining on their knees.

Di Shu was surprisingly a child. Of course, Lin Feng didn’t believe that he was only a few years old. He had already returned to his true self in terms of cultivation. He wasn’t an ordinary High-Level Holy Emperor.

“Everybody, please rise!” said Di Shu, smiling broadly. He really did look like a child.

Everybody stood up when they heard Di Shu. Xuan Yuan Mu also stood up and cupped his fist. He lowered his head and walked behind Di Shu.

“Lin Feng, attack!” said Di Shu straightforwardly, smiling.

Even though Di Shu was smiling, Lin Feng could see that Di Shu was a mighty cultivator. He looked like the sun. Besides, Di Shu’s Holy Dao already seemed mysterious and unfathomable to Lin Feng.

“Alright!” Lin Feng nodded. He took a few steps forwards and clenched his fists.

“Remember, you’re not allowed to use forbidden strength!” said the voice in Lin Feng’s head. Lin Feng was wondering who was helping him. He couldn’t see anyone…

“Aggressive Punch!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He disappeared and rushed over to Di Shu, raising his fist, which contained a terrifying demon intent. His strength made space look blurry.

“My first attack is called Pure and Holy Radiance!” Di Shu attacked at the same time. A magnificent pure and holy radiance surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically.

“Space Reversal!”

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