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PMG 2 Chapter 76: Di Shu’s Murderous Intentions

PMG 2 Chapter 76: Di Shu’s Murderous Intentions

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Lin Feng reversed the space at that moment, separating the space between him and the radiance. The radiance attack definitely posed a threat to him!

When the radiance pierced through someone’s skin, it was extremely painful, and could easily fester someone’s skin. It was difficult to imagine how terrifying such an attack was.

Lin Feng withstood the first attack easily and safely. Of course, Di Shu’s first attack wasn’t the most terrifying one, and he hadn’t attacked first. He had just relied on his pure and holy radiance attack to block Lin Feng’s attack.

“Second attack, Golden Phoenix Hand,” said Di Shu. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw that Lin Feng controlled dimensional Dao. Di Shu raised both hands and a thunderous golden fire flashed. The whole space shook violently.

Lin Feng took a few steps backwards. Di Shu rose up in the air and moved forwards. He was a dozen meters away from Lin Feng when he raised his hands. His strength looked explosive.

Lin Feng looked glum under the pressure. Di Shu was a High-Level Holy Emperor, after all, and extremely strong. Lin Feng had the impression he was a mouse fighting against a tiger. He felt almost powerless at the moment.

Lin Feng stepped back again and lowered his hands again. Di Shu was startled, he didn’t understand what Lin Feng was doing.

Di Shu continued using his Golden Phoenix Hand. The thunderous fire got closer and closer to Lin Feng’s chest. It was about half a meter away, people’s eyes were wide. Holy Fourth stared at Lin Feng ferociously.

“Crush him!” whispered Mo Da angrily.

Song Zhuang looked worried. Would Lin Feng manage to withstand that attack? Why was he stepping back, what did he intend to do?

“Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell, activate!”

Just as everybody thought Lin Feng was going to lose, he suddenly raised his hands. A hundred-meter wide deployment spell appeared around Di Shu. It contained a pitch-black demon intent.

Lin Feng seized the opportunity to get away from Di Shu. Di Shu looked glum. He hadn’t seen Lin Feng cast the deployment spell.

Even though he had the body of a child, he was very mature, and he felt humiliated at that moment.

“Golden Phoenix Hand, break!” shouted Di Shu. Two golden phoenix hands appeared and bombarded the Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell. The deployment spell hadn’t had time to reach its maximum power, but Di Shu had also wasted an attack to break it.

Lin Feng had withstood the second attack and was safe and sound.

Di Shu was furious. He hadn’t had such a feeling for a long time. Lin Feng was only a Low-Level Holy Emperor, but he had managed to trick him by casting a deployment spell without him noticing and had managed to stop him that way.

Everybody had moods, especially those who had been standing at the top for a very long time. They didn’t like being provoked.

“Third attack, Holy Splendid Chop!”

Di Shu didn’t give Lin Feng time to rest. After breaking the deployment spell, he instantly attacked again. A sharp golden blade appeared. A sonic boom followed it as it moved. It arrived in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye, aiming at Lin Feng’s third eye.

What a dangerous attack! It contained splendid holy strength!

Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed. He released as much strength as he could and raised his hands before attacking the golden blade.

But the golden blade moved too fast. Besides, there was a big strength difference between them. Lin Feng used his full strength, but he probably couldn’t stop the attack.


Lin Feng’s strength broke apart, Lin Feng did his best to dodge. The sharp blade flew past his head and crashed into a drum. The disciples next to the drum were blown away.

“Fourth attack, Blitz Chop!”

Lin Feng didn’t even have time to take a break. Di Shu attacked again, as if he were trying to kill Lin Feng. Two golden blades appeared, they were even faster than the previous attack as they cut towards Lin Feng’s head.

Everybody was breathing quickly, and looked nervous. The two golden blades reached Lin Feng’s head and pierced through.

Could it be that Lin Feng was going to die today?

Mo Da burst into laughter. Haha! Finally, Di Shu had killed Lin Feng! He wouldn’t need to be worried about his position as Holy Fourth, nobody would be able to threaten him for a while!

Time passed slowly. The atmosphere was filled with deadly energies.

Di Shu took his hands back, his evil energy disappeared and he smiled. He looked like a happy, yet sinister kid. He didn’t look like the innocent boy he had when he arrived.

That was Di Shu, a selected one. He wasn’t any purer than demon cultivators, even if he controlled holy strength and a chosen one, but nobody dared say that.

Xuan Yuan Mu sighed. He felt sad for Lin Feng. How sad. He had failed!

Lin Feng had infuriated Di Shu with his silent and invisible deployment spell.

Xuan Yuan Mu didn’t think that his teacher had made a mistake, he was just sad for Lin Feng.

“Oh, Lin Feng failed. I announce that Lin Feng-” Xuan Yuan Mu took a deep breath, about to announce that the grand ceremony was over.

“Wait, wait, who said I was dead?” said Lin Feng, reappearing in everyone’s field of vision. He was standing in the sky above the stage.

Di Shu couldn’t believe it his eyes. Lin Feng wasn’t dead?

How was that possible? He had never failed using his Blitz Chop attack. Even Bodhidharma couldn’t withstand it. Lin Feng, a Low-Level Holy Emperor, had managed to?

Xuan Yuan Mu and everybody else looked at Lin Feng, and couldn’t believe it their eyes. He wasn’t dead?

“Eh…” Mo Da was astonished, how did this happen? Was Lin Feng that strong? Mo Da was disappointed.

How could he be happy if Lin Feng wasn’t dead?

Song Zhuang looked at Lin Fengcalmly, and then looked at Di Shu. Di Shu looked glum. When Song Zhuang noticed Di Shu’s expression, his expression changed drastically.

“You went too far today!”

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