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PMG 2 Chapter 77: Nightly Discussion!

PMG 2 Chapter 77: Nightly Discussion!

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Song Zhuang looked at Di Shu and said to him telepathically, “You are not allowed to go against my orders!” Di Shu’s smile disappeared. He didn’t look at all holy anymore.

“You don’t deserve to control holy strength,” said Song Zhuang.

“Bullshit, especially since you are not qualified to use holy strength!” Di Shu smiled mockingly, before he turned away.

Song Zhuang was angry, but all he could do was clench his fists. He looked at Lin Feng again.

“I account that Lin Feng succeeded. He’s now a Supreme Elder!” proclaimed Xuan Yuan Mu, coming back to his senses and smiling.

All the disciples knelt down and greeted Lin Feng happily.

Lin Feng had the impression he was dreaming. A few seconds before, he had almost died, but now, he had become a first-class member of the Gods Sect. He was now among the strongest cultivators of the sect.

Di Shu was now his fellow disciple. Even if he wanted to kill Lin Feng, he would need to think twice before trying because Lin Feng and he now had the same social status.

Di Shu looked unhappy and aggravated.

Lin Feng didn’t understand why his Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell had infuriated Di Shu.

Di Shu was about to leave when Xuan Yuan Mu smiled at him and asked, “Master, please give Lin Feng his Supreme Elder talisman?”

“Here!” said Di Shu peevishly. He threw the golden talisman at Lin Feng’s feet, humiliating him in front of everybody.

Lin Feng and Di Shu were now both Supreme Elders. Neither of them had a higher social status, so Di Shu could only humiliate Lin Feng like that. Lin Feng was weaker than Di Shu, so they couldn’t fight on equal terms. Di Shu could only humiliate Lin Feng using such methods.

Lin Feng looked at the talisman on the ground. Xuan Yuan Mu and the holy cultivators all had different expressions. Lin Feng’s face turned red with anger, he raised his left foot and tap! He crushed the talisman with his foot.

“From now on, I am a Supreme Elder without a talisman. Does anyone have an objection?” shouted Lin Feng angrily, barely glancing at Di Shu before he left the stage. not giving Di Shu any face.

Why would I give you face if you don’t give me face? You want to kill me? Come on. Do your best.

But then people would think you like to bully the weak when you’re not satisfied? Would that damage your reputation?, thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng left. Song Zhuang followed him.

Everybody looked embarrassed, not knowing what to do.

“Everybody can leave!” shouted Di Shu.

Many people knew how irritable such people could be. The higher someone’s social status was, the more conceited they were, but at the same time they often wanted to look magnanimous.

The holy cultivators left first. They didn’t have anything to say to Di Shu, as they rarely saw him. They didn’t need to give him any face.

Di Shu frowned when he saw the four holy cultivators leave like that, and clenched his fists. If Holy First hadn’t been among them, he would have taught the three others a good lesson.

Di Shu left too, but he didn’t forget about Lin Feng!

Initially, he was in a good mood when he had arrived, but then he had seen how strong Lin Feng was. Someday, Lin Feng might surpass him. That had worried him. Temporarily, he had thought humiliating him was the best, but Lin Feng had humiliated him back, too!

From now on, I am a Supreme Elder without a talisman. Does anyone have an objection?

How aggressive and arrogant! People would probably talk about that everywhere in the Supranatural Region!

Xuan Yuan Mu looked embarrassed after the grand ceremony was over. He was in charge of the event, but he had a lower status than Di Shu.


At night, the stars twinkled in the sky. Lin Feng was alone, drinking Tang You You’s alcohol. He had left the Gods Sect. He was down by a river, seated on a bridge.

“Getting drunk and thinking, chopping the world with a long sword, hundreds of years, many grandchildren, love, friends, wives, where to find one’s wives? Woo, woo, sadness.”

Lin Feng looked at the sky and sang.

“Sadness is a part of life. Having a natural and unrestrained life, being at the top and chopping the world with a sword, a hundred years, a good reputation, cultivation, women, can one’s heart turn into a stone?” asked someone behind Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t need to turn around, he knew it was Song Zhuang. Song Zhuang had almost turned into his shadow, following him everywhere.

“How come you’re here?” asked Lin Feng, throwing an empty bottle into the river. The stream took the bottle away.

Song Zhuang smiled and sat down next to Lin Feng. He was also holding two bottles of booze. He smiled and said, “I wanted to get drunk with you today. I didn’t know you were already drunk, and alone. Are you in a bad mood?”

Song Zhuang smiled broadly. He put one bottle next to Lin Feng, and opened the other one, which he finished in a few sips.

“Want to try the alcohol I brought? It’s fine,” said Song Zhuang. Lin Feng hesitated, but took and downed it. He suddenly looked startled.

“What kind of alcohol is this?” Lin Feng suddenly felt ice-cold and less depressed.

It was different from Tang You You’s alcohol. When he drank You You’s alcohol, Qi and injuries healed quickly, but it also strengthened all sorts of emotions. Song Zhuang’s alcohol left him feel cold and indifferent. It calmed him down.

“I make it myself. I called it Depression Cutter,” said Song Zhuang, looking up at the stars.

“Depression Cutter? It’s a fine liquor,” Lin Feng smiled evenly. “Want to try mine?” he asked, giving a bottle of You You’s alcohol to Song Zhuang.

Song Zhuang drank it and his face turned red, he felt like he was burning.

“How strong! And it can strengthen people’s Qi!” said Song Zhuang. He was stupefied. Lin Feng’s alcohol was medicinal!

“It’s from my homeland, well, my second homeland,” said Lin Feng. As he spoke, he remembered that he originally came from Earth and not from the Continent of the Nine Clouds. On Earth, alcohol couldn’t cure people, but drinking was something people did when they shared a pleasant moment with friends and family members.

You You’s liquor was probably the best in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“You seem depressed. You can talk to me if you want,” said Song Zhuang, taking out more bottles.

Lin Feng glanced at Song Zhuang. Song Zhuang was mysterious, but he seemed honest and considerate.

“I am not from the Continent of the Gods, you know?” Lin Feng took a sip. Song Zhuang nodded absently. He didn’t look surprised at all.

“Are you not surprised?” asked Lin Feng.

“You’re from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, right?”  Song Zhuang smiled. Lin Feng was startled. He was the second person who knew he was from the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The first one was Patriarch Zi Jian!

“You also know about the Continent of the Nine Clouds, it seems.”

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