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PMG 2 Chapter 79: Going Back to the Godly Grave!

PMG 2 Chapter 79: Going Back to the Godly Grave!

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“Alright, don’t think too much. I want to go to sleep. You need to be ready for the holy cultivators’ competition in a few days. I’m off,” said Song Zhuang, finishing his drink and throwing the bottle into the river before he disappeared. Lin Feng continued drinking on his own after Song Zhuang left.

I wonder how Meng Qing and You You are doing? I’ll go and see, thought Lin Feng. He then went into the Star World. In the passage, three silhouettes appeared in front of him, resolving into three great bestial saints.

“Greetings, Master.” said the three beasts. Lin Feng was their master and they respected him now. Lin Feng had surpassed them a long time before.

“Stand up. How are my wives doing?” asked Lin Feng, waving to draw the three cultivators back up.

The three beasts stood up, their leader answering, “Master, they have reached a crucial moment in their cultivation, we’ll see whether they can break through to the Supreme Holy King layer. It depends on them.”

“What? Supreme Holy King? That quickly?” Lin Feng was astonished, but he quickly calmed down. It was a good thing if they progressed quickly!

Of course, for Lin Feng, who had become a Godly Emperor already, they were still too weak to help him.

“Master, the spiritual Qi in this world isn’t enough. I fear…” said the leader as Lin Feng was thinking.

Lin Feng turned back to him. In the past, he needed to convince them to do things, now he was strong enough to make them talk.

“What do you fear? What will happen?” asked Lin Feng, frowning.

“I fear that this place will collapse and rot. All the beasts have stopped progressing here because your two wives are more important,” said the beast quickly.

Lin Feng sensed the spiritual Qi, and indeed, there were much less than before. Could it be that Meng Qing and You You progressed so fast that they consumed all the Qi that quickly?

“I have a hundred thousand Godly Stones. Maybe you have never seen Godly Stones, but they are very helpful to breaking through. You and the others can share them, ten thousand each. Absorb their strength, that’s enough. See if you can all become Supreme Holy Kings,” said Lin Feng, giving the Godly Stones to the leader.

The three beasts’ eyes twinkled happily. The spiritual Qi which emerged from the Godly Stones was much purer than the spiritual Qi of the Star World

“Thank you very much for your kindness, Master,” said the three beasts in unison, kneeling down.

“To thank me, go and become stronger. I will need servants in the future. If you don’t become Holy Emperors, you will be useless to me.”

“Yes, Master!” said the three beasts. They were under pressure, but Lin Feng needed to put pressure on them.

The three beasts disappeared from the passage, then shared the Godly Stones and went to meditate in seclusion.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the palace, which wasn’t far away. His two wives were practicing cultivation there. The spiritual Qi in here wasn’t thick enough anymore. It wasn’t good enough for them.

“Go now!” shouted Lin Feng. A hundred thousand Godly Stones appeared, forbidden strength surrounded them and their spiritual Qi exploded and invaded the whole Star World. Suddenly, the spiritual Qi in the Star World was much thicker.

The spiritual Qi wasn’t this thick back in the days when I came to the Star World, he thought.

The beasts roared when the spiritual Qi of the Godly Stones invaded the Star World.

At that moment, in the distance, some golden lights thundered.

“Haha, I broke through, haha!” an old man in a blue-green robe laughed loudly. He opened his arms, surrounded by golden lightning.

“He broke through to the Supreme Holy King layer. He is the first beast to do so. The others will break through soon. He is the first Supreme Holy King!” whispered Lin Feng. Lin Feng was impressed. That beast was the one who had helped him fight against the members of the Fire Shrine back when they were chasing him.

“Blue-green ox, come here.” shouted Lin Feng. The old man’s expression changed instantly. He looked at Lin Feng and quickly went over to him.

“You’re… Lin Feng?” He looked at Lin Feng in a strange way.

Lin Feng smiled and nodded. “Long time no see, Blue-Green Ox.”

“Lin Feng, your strength…?” Blue-Green Ox couldn’t see Lin Feng’s strength anymore. His expression changed drastically.

“I am a god already,” Lin Feng smiled. Then he raised his left hand, lights surrounded Blue-Green Ox and swung him back and forth.

Blue-Green Ox’s expression changed drastically. He couldn’t control his body anymore. Lin Feng controlled him completely!

“You’re already that strong?” Blue-Green Ox was delighted. He looked at Lin Feng in admiration. Lin Feng was his Master, after all.

Lin Feng smiled calmly and put Blue-Green Ox back on the ground. “The three other bestial Saints just left. You also obtained some Godly Stones, right?” asked Lin Feng.

Blue-Green Ox looked delighted and said, “The Godly Stones, you, you…?”

“Indeed, I gave you the Godly Stones to help you all break through,” Lin Feng nodded.

Blue-Green Ox knelt down and said respectfully, “Master, I offended you so many times back in the days, please forgive me.”

“Alright, alright, stand up,” said Lin Feng smiled.

Blue-Green Ox stood up, feeling guilty. He didn’t look as proud as he had a hundred years before.

“Blue-Green Ox, protect the passage. I am sure that soon, the other bestial Saints will break through.”

“I understand, Master!” replied Blue-Green Ox, cupping his fist.

Lin Feng nodded, glancing at the palace. Meng Qing and You You were probably about to break through to the Supreme Holy King layer. Nobody could help them, though.

Lin Feng flashed and disappeared from the passage. Blue-Green Ox’s heart was racing. Back in the days, Lin Feng had begged them for help, and now he was so strong. Blue-Green Ox was impressed because he was good to them.

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