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PMG 2 Chapter 8: Three Clans’ Exam

PMG 2 Chapter 8: Three Clans’ Exam

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“Please tell me about the deployment spell competition,” said Lin Feng, pointing at a chair.

The waiter smiled and nodded. He sat down on the chair Lin Feng showed him and smiled, “Prince, should I tell you about the competition first, or about Prince Tian Qiong, who just left because of you?”

“Prince Tian Qiong? What’s wrong with him?” Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change.

The waiter smiled and nodded, “Nothing. He’s just from a Clan of deployment spell casters, the Tian Clan, and Prince Tian Qiong is the one they chose for the competition. Everybody considers him the winner already.”

“Prince Tian Qiong is already a Supreme Holy King, and he’s at the top of the Supreme Holy King’s cultivation layer. He’s about to break through, and soon he’ll become a Half-Holy Emperor. In terms of deployment spells, he’s much stronger than other people. He can make emptiness turn into a deployment spell, he can make a hand turn into a mountain.

“Prince Tian Qiong is that kind of cultivator, so he will represent the Tian Clan at the competition. Apart from them, the Cheng Clan and the Ma Clan, as well as some other talented deployment spell casters will participate in the three Clans’ competition,” explained the waiter.

Lin Feng understood. Prince Tian Qiong was also a deployment spell caster. No wonder. Lin Feng had sensed his Qi a little.

“Which Clan is the strongest one among those three?” asked Lin Feng.

“The Tian Clan is the strongest one, of course, because Prince Tian Qiong is the strongest one. The weakest one is the Cheng Clan. They will probably lose because it’s been three generations since they’ve had a really strong cultivator. Their most talented one is a girl called Cheng Ya Nuo, she’s the most talented in their Clan, but she can’t compete with Prince Tian Qiong,” explained the waiter.

Lin Feng was gradually forming an idea.

“Oh yes, by the way, Sir, this time, the top five deployment spell casters will have the opportunity to be brought to the central part of the Supranatural Region by some Half-Holy Emperors. They will then be able to join the Gods Sect,” said the waiter suddenly.

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat when he heard that. Some Half-Holy Emperors would personally take them to the central part of the Supranatural Region, and they would have the opportunity to become disciples of the Gods Sect? He didn’t have enough time, new problems could crop up unexpectedly, and joining the Gods Sect?

Gods Sect? Lin Feng looked surprised and asked, “What kind of influential group is the Gods Sect?”

“Eh… I… Sir…” The waiter didn’t know how to reply. Was Lin Feng a caveman from the mountains? Everybody in the Supranatural Region knew about the Gods Sect. They were the biggest sect!

“What’s wrong, tell me!” said Lin Feng.

The waiter smiled wryly and said, “Sir, the Gods Sect is the biggest sect of the Supranatural Region. Every cultivator in the region dreams of joining them.”

“I see. So which one is bigger, the Gods Sect or the Holy Shrine?” asked Lin Feng.

The waiter was startled and asked, “You know the Holy Shrine? The Holy Shrine is bigger, of course! The Gods Sect is less powerful, but they have tight relations. The strongest disciples of the Gods Sect regularly have the opportunity to join the Holy Shrine.”

“Alright, I see. You can go,” Lin Feng nodded. He understood everything now.

Lin Feng’s clone went into his own world and told Meng Qing, You You, and his parents everything. They all thought it was better for Lin Feng to join the deployment spell competition, because Lin Feng was a great deployment spell caster and could probably easily finish in the top five.

Lin Feng ate and left the inn. He looked for the Cheng Clan on the map Mister Zhou had given him. Lin Feng wanted to participate in the competition, representing the Cheng Clan.

The waiter had told him about the Cheng Clan. They were the weakest ones and it was in the weakest Clan that Lin Feng would have the best chances.

After half an hour, it gradually became dark outside. Lin Feng arrived at the gate of the Cheng Clan.

Lin Feng was surprised, as there were many people in front of the gate.

Lin Feng was curious. He walked forwards and looked at the gate, which bore a golden notice on it. It said that all those who weren’t members of the three main Clans and who wanted to participate in the competition had to go to the main building to take the exam. Those who passed the exam would be able to participate in the competition along with the other Clans.

Lin Feng walked forwards. There was a deadline, twelve o’clock, when the exam would stop.

After an hour, Lin Feng arrived in front of the building. He saw a large tower, a hundred meters tall. The area inside was a few thousand meters across. A thousand people could easily stay inside.

Lin Feng walked forwards and into the tower. There were three groups of people inside: members of the Tian Clan, the Ma Clan, and the Cheng Clan. The group of the Tian Clan was the largest. The Cheng Clan was the weakest one. Their group was composed of seven-eight people.

There was a young man in front of the members of the Cheng Clan, wearing blue clothes. He was standing at the front, obviously in charge of the exam on the side of the Cheng Clan.

Lin Feng didn’t think too much, but because he wanted to join the Cheng Clan, it naturally drew people’s attention.

“Brother, why don’t you try to join the Tian Clan? The Cheng Clan will have no opportunity to win,” said a man next to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled and shook his head, ignoring him. That man grunted, then headed towards the Tian Clan. However, the Tian Clan refused him, and that infuriated him.

Lin Feng smiled and just shook his head, seeing this.

“Thank you, brother, for wanting to join the Cheng Clan. Please display your skills.”

It was finally Lin Feng’s turn. The young man of the Cheng Clan looked open-minded. Lin Feng was impressed. He felt even more motivated to help the Cheng Clan.

“Alright, I’ll start right now then,” said Lin Feng with a smile. After that, he stretched out his hand and a blue light streaked across the sky. The crowd couldn’t see it clearly, because space around it was fluctuating. Lin Feng disappeared. The young man in blue clothes looked delighted.

Lin Feng reappeared ten meters behind the young man, surprising him.

“Brother, you’re an Eminent Scholar?” asked the young man in blue clothes. He was amazed; Lin Feng could teleport, he had an incredible level in terms of deployment spells. With such a guy, the Cheng Clan would have a huge advantage at the competition.

“I’m not an Eminent Scholar but it doesn’t matter, what matters is that I can help the Cheng Clan win the competition,” said Lin Feng, smiling confidently.

The young man was surprised. He didn’t really believe it. But if Lin Feng joined the Cheng Clan for the competition, he would at least be able to help them a little. The young man just didn’t think Lin Feng could help them win. He directly gave Lin Feng the bracelet of the Cheng Clan, though. It meant that Lin Feng would participate as a member of the Cheng Clan.

Lin Feng looked at the young man’s expression, he could see the young man didn’t believe he could win. Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He couldn’t be sure, either, but they’d know soon!

After Lin Feng, someone else took the exam, but failed. Among the few people who took the exam to join the Cheng Clan, only four of them passed, including Lin Feng.

The two other Clans also ended the exams. The Ma Clan accepted nine people, the Tian Clan accepted fourteen people.

“What’s your name?” asked the young man in white clothes.

“Mu Feng. What about you, brother?” asked Lin Feng forthrightly.

“Cheng Shan.” The young man cupped his fists before his chest. Lin Feng nodded.

“Alright, Brother Mu Feng, since you passed the exam, you can come back to the Cheng Clan with us. Let’s get ready for the competition, which will be in a few days,” said Cheng Shan. Lin Feng was one of the Eminent Scholars; of the four people who had been recruited for the exam on the Cheng Clan’s side, his position was quite high.

“Alright,” agreed Lin Feng.

“Slowly, why are you in a rush, Cheng Shan? Since the three Clans are done with the exams, why don’t we exchange views on cultivation? That’d be great, and a way of getting ready for the competition.”

As Cheng Shan and the others were about to leave, a young man stopped them. He smiled evilly, displaying his yellow teeth. He looked evil and disgusting.

When Cheng Shan saw him, he looked furious.

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