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PMG 2 Chapter 80: Sect’s Meeting!

PMG 2 Chapter 80: Sect’s Meeting!

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Lin Feng stayed by the river all night. That night, Lin Feng watched the sky, the river flow, the bridge. He listened to the relaxing sound of the river, and looked at the reassuring halo of the stars. He relaxed. He felt in symbiosis with the elements.

Small bridge and lofty pavilions are made of wood.

The sound of water, water is soft.

Stars are the essence of the universe, they are calm, they are calmness itself.

Frogs croak and move swiftly, they are movement itself.

During that night, Lin Feng’s Dao improved a lot. Even though his five elements Dao didn’t reach the second level, they weren’t far away.

Lin Feng’s demon Dao was already level three, it was how he had become a Low-Level Holy Emperor. But to become a Mid-Level Holy Emperor, he needed to make many sorts of Dao reach the second level, and then the third…


The red sun slowly rose up on the horizon and illuminated Lin Feng. He instantly felt warmer.

“Supreme Elder Lin Feng, come to the Patriarch’s Pavilion!” a voice shouted to Lin Feng telepathically. Lin Feng frowned and looked in the direction of Fan Sheng Jun’s pavilion.

It was Fan Sheng Jun’s voice. He probably needed something. Lin Feng flashed away without hesitation and flew towards Fan Sheng Jun’s palace.

Very quickly, he arrived in front of Fan Sheng Jun’s palace. Wu Lin was at the door, waiting for Lin Feng.

Wu Lin didn’t feel too good seeing Lin Feng, but he didn’t dare show it. Lin Feng had already become a kind of ancestor to him, he was a Supreme Elder. What could he do against him?

“Please come in, Ancestor,” said Wu Lin, respectfully opening the door. Lin Feng smiled and slowly walked in.

“Uncle Lin Feng, I would like to tell you one thing. I am sorry for disturbing you,” said Fan Sheng Jun when Lin Feng entered the main hall. He smiled apologetically and cupped his fist.

Lin Feng shook his head. He was used to being called brother by Fan Sheng Jun, not Uncle. But everything depended on ranks, so he had to get used to it.

If Wu Lin became a Supreme Elder someday, Fan Sheng Jun would also call him uncle, that was normal.

“Patriarch, what can I do for you?” asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t call him “my boy” or anything like that. He just called him Patriarch. He respected Patriarch Fan Sheng Jun a lot. After all, Fan Sheng Jun wasn’t an ordinary patriarch, and his father was one of the Holy Shrine’s Sages.

It was also one of the reasons why the Holy Shrine and the Gods Sect were connected the way they were.

Fan Sheng Jun knew that Lin Feng wasn’t someone who cared too much about social ranks, so when he heard Lin Feng call him Patriarch, he smiled wholeheartedly and said, “Uncle Lin Feng, you’re a Supreme Elder now, so you need a palace, it will become a symbol of your power. You also have privileges. Therefore, I must prepare one for you, do you have any requirements?”

“I don’t mind. You can decide,” said Lin Feng with a smile. He wasn’t a materialistic person at all.

“Uncle, I know it’s a small thing to you, but Supreme Elder Di Shu won’t allow the sect to make a palace for you. And Holy Fourth is against it, as well. They say building a palace is a waste of human and material resources, they said you…” Fan Sheng Jun stopped.

Lin Feng already looked grim. “I what?” Lin Feng frowned.

“They said you could find a place if you wanted one, but they won’t allow anyone to build one for you,” said Fan Sheng Jun, smiling wryly. He knew Lin Feng would be furious.

As expected, Lin Feng smiled icily. Fan Sheng Jun suddenly felt ice-cold.

“Hehe, how nice of Supreme Elder Di Shu and Holy Fourth,” said Lin Feng, smiling icily. He was furious on the inside.

Di Shu was now one of his enemies.

Lin Feng didn’t really care about Holy Fourth. Lin Feng hoped to become Holy Fifth, and he’d teach Holy Fourth Mo Da a good lesson.

Regarding Di Shu, Lin Feng couldn’t do much. He had to become stronger first. He couldn’t compete with Di Shu yet. Di Shu had the highest status in the sect.

But Lin Feng didn’t fear him. He initially didn’t care, but since Di Shu wanted to humiliate him all the time, Lin Feng had to do something. Otherwise, all the disciples of the sect would make fun of him.

“What do you think, Patriarch?” Lin Feng asked Fan Sheng Jun.

Fan Sheng Jun smiled and said, “I wanted to build a palace for you, but Supreme Elder Di Shu won’t allow me. He said unless my father comes back and agrees to build a palace for you, we won’t do much.”

“Oh? I see. Hehe! Supreme Elder Di Shu wants a Sage of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine to come back?” Lin Feng smiled icily. Fan Sheng Jun frowned. Di Shu had gone too far. Because Fan Sheng Jun’s father wasn’t there, he took too much liberty.

“Uncle Lin Feng, the sect’s meeting will start shortly. Since you’re a Supreme Elder, you must attend,” said Fan Sheng Jun to Lin Feng.

“Who will attend the meeting?” asked Lin Feng, frowning.

“Di Shu, Bodhidharma, Han Xianzi, and the four holy cultivators, as well as Xuan Yuan Mu and I,” replied Fan Sheng Jun.

Lin Feng nodded, “Alright, I will attend. We’ll talk,” said Lin Feng smiling coolly. He even sounded angry. Fan Sheng Jun knew that Di Shu didn’t agree to build a palace for Lin Feng just to humiliate him.

Fan Sheng Jun didn’t say much. He left the pavilion with Lin Feng and headed towards the Godly Mountain.


The Godly Mountain was a mountain behind the Gods Sect. There was a meeting pavilion at the top. Lin Feng hadn’t known about it.

After a few minutes, Lin Feng and Fan Sheng Jun arrived at the top of the mountain and inside the pavilion.

The pavilion was quite large. It was bigger than ordinary pavilions, and there were beautiful pieces of furniture made of sandalwood. There was a big table, and chairs for Di Shu, Bodhidharma, Han Xianzi, Xuan Yuan Mu, and Fan Sheng Jun.

“We’re early, but it’s normal. Di Shu is always the last one to arrive,” said Fan Sheng Jun, smiling indifferently. Lin Feng nodded and sat down on a chair.

Fan Sheng Jun was stupefied when he saw the chair Lin Feng had sat down on, but he didn’t say anything, he just smiled in amusement. Then he sat down on the chair at the north of the room.

Fan Sheng Jun sat down. Then lights flashed outside. An old man arrived, Xuan Yuan Mu.

“Patriarch, Lin Feng, erm, no, I mean Uncle! Greetings!”

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