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PMG 2 Chapter 81: Unceasing Questions

PMG 2 Chapter 81: Unceasing Questions

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Initially, Xuan Yuan Mu didn’t know what to call Lin Feng, but then he called him Uncle. Lin Feng was already a Supreme Elder, so Xuan Yuan Mu had to call him Uncle.

“Alright, Elder Xuan Yuan Mu, please have a seat,” said Fan Sheng Jun, smiling and waving.

Even though Xuan Yuan Mu was Di Shu’s disciple, he was polite and did things properly. Fan Sheng Jun didn’t have the impression that Xuan Yuan Mu meant Lin Feng harm or anything.

Xuan Yuan Mu nodded and sat down next to Fan Sheng Jun, facing Lin Feng. When he saw that Lin Feng was facing him, he looked nervous.

“This…” Xuan Yuan Mu wanted to warn Lin Feng, but didn’t finish his sentence. Lin Feng was a Supreme Elder, he couldn’t violate the rules. He had to respect rank-related conventions.

Fan Sheng Jun glanced at Xuan Yuan Mu, and smiled without saying anything.

Very quickly, the four holy cultivators arrived in Godly Mountain. When they saw Lin Feng, they nodded at him indifferently. Only Holy Fourth pulled a long face, he looked as glum as if he had just lost a member of his family.

Lin Feng ignored Mo Da. Mo Da used to be his Uncle in terms of hierarchy. Now they had a similar rank.

Besides, in terms of strength, which was the most important, Lin Feng was convinced that he wasn’t necessarily weaker than Mo Da now.

“You’re surprisingly seated on Di Shu’s chair. Hehe!” said Mo Da, smiling coldly. Nobody dared do that. Was Lin Feng trying to provoke Di Shu?

When Lin Feng heard Mo Da, he frowned. He was on Di Shu’s seat? They had such rules regarding seats, as well?

But Lin Feng couldn’t stand up now. If he did, Mo Da would make fun of him. Fan Sheng Jun and Xuan Yuan Mu hadn’t said anything. If he stood up, they’d think he was afraid of Di Shu.

Since he was already seated, he didn’t need to stand up anymore, was Lin Feng’s thought.

“Hey, everybody is here. I am a bit late,” a woman announced smoothly at that moment. Her voice made people’s flesh crawl. A seductively charming woman entered the pavilion.

“Sister Han Xianzi.” Fan Sheng Jun and Xuan Yuan Mu stood up and bowed.

Han Xianzi waved and said gently, “Sit down, sit down. No need to be that polite.”

Xuan Yuan Mu and Fan Sheng Jun smiled awkwardly and sat down. At that moment, the atmosphere in the pavilion was rather oppressive.

Han Xianzi smiled at the four holy cultivators. Holy First Sheng Hui, Holy Second Dong Sheng, and Holy Third Yi Yun looked anxious. They didn’t know what to do. Holy Fourth Mo Da looked indifferent.

When Han Xianzi saw their expressions, she groaned coldly, “Hmph, surprisingly, you’re not indifferent to my beauty. You’re such ordinary folks,” said Han Xianzi, before finally sitting down one seat away from Lin Feng.

Han Xianzi looked at Lin Feng. Her eyes twinkled.

Lin Feng smiled, but felt a little bit awkward on the inside. He had told himself not to look at her, but he had.

“Lin Feng, you dared injure my chief disciple. You’re audacious, but you were right. Yi Qing is really insolent. Thank you for helping me take care of her,” said Han Xianzi smiling and pointing her finger at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled awkwardly and scratched his head. He didn’t know how to talk to Han Xianzi.

“Ha, old ghost! You’re here too.”

As Lin Feng didn’t know what to say, Han Xianzi saw Bodhidharma come in. He was wearing a silver mask and a black robe. He looked demonic.

Lin Feng and Xuan Yuan Mu stood up hastily and cupped their fists and greeted him, “Master Bodhidharma.”

“Don’t call me Master. You’re now my fellow disciple. There’s no rank difference between you and me anymore,” Bodhidharma said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and nodded, sitting back down.

“Old Ghost, how come you just arrived?” Han Xianzi asked angrily.

Lin Feng looked at Bodhidharma’s expression and shivered.

“Why do you care? Give me space!” shouted Bodhidharma, not giving Han Xianzi any face. He sat down between Lin Feng and Han Xianzi.

There were nine chairs in total, and all were taken. Everybody noticed it. Lin Feng had taken Di Shu’s chair.

“What to do?” whispered Xuan Yuan Mu to Fan Sheng Jun, frowning. Fan Sheng Jun frowned, he didn’t know either.


“Lin Feng!!! How audacious and shameless! You dared steal my chair! You want to die?!”

As Fan Sheng Jun wanted to say something, Di Shu arrived, infuriated.

Mo Da smiled coldly, as if he had been watching a play. Lin Feng dared offend Di Shu? He was reckless.

Everybody in the Gods Sect heard Di Shu’s shout. Many of them were at the foot of the Godly Mountain. Even though they couldn’t see silhouettes clearly, they could hear them when they shouted. Even more disciples rushed over to the foot of the mountain when they heard Di Shu shout.

Di Shu glared at Lin Feng furiously. Lin Feng looked back at him indifferently.

“Di Shu, what’s wrong?” asked Holy First Sheng Hui, frowning.

Di Shu looked at Sheng Hui and shouted coldly, “Mind your own business, will you!”

“Watch your words! Everybody is afraid of you, but I’m not.”

Lin Feng initially thought Holy First would listen to Di Shu, but it wasn’t the case.

“Di Shu and Sheng Hui have never had good relations,” Bodhidharma said to Lin Feng telepathically.

Lin Feng nodded. He understood. It probably also meant that Sheng Hui was at least as strong as Di Shu.

When Sheng Hui shouted, Di Shu pulled a long face, but didn’t say anything else.

“Lin Feng, that’s my chair. Will you move?” Di Shu asked glumly.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at Di Shu, “Why didn’t you tell me before? And there are only nine chairs here, where should I sit?”

“What does that have to do with me? I don’t care!” shouted Di Shu furiously. He was extremely angry already.

“It has nothing to do with you? You’re the leader of the Supreme Elders in the Gods Sect. I am a Supreme Elder, my honor and dignity have nothing to do with you?

“You have power here. I am a new Supreme Elder and I am still quite weak. I can’t fight against you. I just want what I deserve. Am I wrong to think that way?

“If I am wrong, then why did the Gods Sect promote me to the rank of Supreme Elder?

“Do you just despise me because I am weaker than you? Is that why you are so arrogant?”

Lin Feng was furious, and started a monologue. Everybody had cold sweats when they heard him, especially Fan Sheng Jun and Xuan Yuan Mu.

Holy First Sheng Hui looked surprised, yet delighted. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng, a new Supreme Elder, would dare confront Di Shu like that. He didn’t care about giving Di Shu face.

Those unceasing questions made Di Shu even more infuriated. He didn’t know what to say in response.

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