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PMG 2 Chapter 82: You Are Not Qualified to Make Me Commit Suicide!

PMG 2 Chapter 82: You Are Not Qualified to Make Me Commit Suicide!


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“Hehe, Lin Feng, you’re the first person who has ever dared to talk to me like that, ever,” sneered Di Shu, smiling evilly. He was shaking with fury, and everybody looked anxious. Di Shu was going to burst into a flaming rage.

Di Shu was a High-Level Holy Emperor, he could easily kill Lin Feng. But if he did, it would be against the rules of the Gods Sect. Could Di Shu violate the rules of the sect? Fan Sheng Jun’s father Fan Tian Gang wasn’t in the Gods Sect, so Di Shu didn’t fear much here.

“Lin Feng, I will not kill you myself. Kill yourself,” said Di Shu indifferently. He sounded disdainful, cold, and detached. Everybody shuddered. He was strong enough to be arrogant.

Everybody began to sweat when they heard him, especially Xuan Yuan Mu. He knew his teacher had a very bad temper, and Lin Feng had infuriated him.

Lin Feng looked back at Di Shu indifferently. He couldn’t stand arrogant people. It was hard to imagine that this guy was a chosen one who controlled divine strength.

Lin Feng had been abandoned by the gods, he controlled forbidden strength.

People who had a forbidden body type didn’t like to submit to other people. He had the impression he was going to burst into a frenzy, as well!

“You are not qualified to make me commit suicide,” said Lin Feng coldly, fearless. They both stood there and Qi rolled in waves around them.

Di Shu clenched his fists. Divine strength gradually appeared around him. Xuan Yuan Mu and Fan Sheng Jun hastily released some strength to block the holy energy from them. Holy Third Yi Yun and Holy Fourth Mo Da also used Qi to protect themselves. The others frowned.

Lin Feng felt uncomfortable. The divine strength infuriated him. His forbidden strength was the true original strength he understood. There was the strength of the gods, and forbidden strength, they belonged to different worlds.

Anger awoke fury in his heart. Lin Feng’s eyes became bloodshot. Demon Qi appeared all around him. Even Di Shu’s divine strength couldn’t pierce through.

When Di Shu saw that, his expression changed. Apart from Bodhidharma’s demon energy, he had never seen such a pure demon energy.

Bodhidharma was stupefied, too. That demon strength was impressive! But Bodhidharma said nothing. It was impossible to see his expression, but he was definitely amazed.

“You dare challenge my authority, you want to die!” spat Di Shu finally. He couldn’t stand it anymore. His energy exploded as he shouted furiously. Lin Feng had the impression his heart was going to explode. He hastily released space and time Dao to isolate himself from Di Shu’s strength as he withdrew. Di Shu threw his fist out at Lin Feng, using seventy percent of his strength. He was convinced that it was enough to kill Lin Feng.

“Aggressive Deva-Mara Kingly Punch!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He looked like a furious demon dragon.

The whole pavilion shook violently. Demon Qi was everywhere. Di Shu’s holy halo illuminated the whole pavilion, as well. The crowd saw golden energies collide with black energies.

“Die!” snarled Di Shu, smiling mockingly. His fist continued moving towards Lin Feng’s chest.

Lin Feng raised both fists to block Di Shu’s fist. The golden and the black energies kept colliding, and the pavilion shook violently. Energies rolled down the Godly Mountain, and the disciples at the foot of the mountain ran away wildly. Some of them were still injured.

It was already obvious who the winner was between Lin Feng and Di Shu. Di Shu was at the top of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer. Lin Feng’s face was ghastly pale, but he wasn’t willing to admit he had lost.

In terms of strength, he had lost. In terms of honor, he had won. Di Shu had an unfair advantage against Lin Feng but nobody dared say anything.

Lin Feng flew a hundred meters away and coughed up blood. He put his hand on his chest, which was extremely painful. He had the impression his heart was going to explode. Di Shu’s holy energy had penetrated into his body like millions of needles. Lin Feng quickly released forbidden strength inside of his body to expel the holy energy.

Lin Feng was badly injured. Di Shu looked at him glumly… Lin Feng hadn’t died! He had already violated the rules of the Gods Sect by attacking Lin Feng, and now he had failed to kill him. He would be under even more pressure in the future!

Lin Feng has to die though!, thought Di Shu. Thinking about that, he looked at Lin Feng as if he were already dead.

“Lin Feng, I don’t believe you can’t die!!” shouted Di Shu suddenly. The Godly Mountain shook violently. The protection of the mountain nearly broke apart. It had been created by Fan Tian Gang back in the days to prevent people from causing trouble there. He hadn’t thought back then that a member of the Godly Mountain, on top of that Di Shu who had a very high rank, would cause trouble.

Xuan Yuan Mu and Fan Sheng Jun weren’t strong enough to do anything. Han Xianzi wanted to help Ling, but thinking of Di Shu’s strength, she gave up the idea.

Holy Fourth Mo Da wanted Lin Feng to die, so he wouldn’t help, obviously. Even if he had wanted to, he wouldn’t have been able to help.

Bodhidharma had recruited Lin Feng as his chief disciple. He appreciated Lin Feng. Even if Lin Feng had become a Supreme Elder, there was still a connection between them. At that moment, Bodhidharma hadn’t gotten involved. Nobody could see his expression since he was wearing an iron mask. But when looking carefully, one could see that his armor was gradually fusing together with his skin.

The only person who was strong enough to do anything was Holy First Sheng Hui. Sheng Hui looked at Di Shu icily, his expression thoughtful. Would he benefit from helping Lin Feng?

At that moment, Di Shu started his attack. He jumped forwards, looking like a fireball. He streaked across the sky and a terrifying amount of divine strength floated around him. His golden energies oppressed everybody.

Di Shu used eighty percent of his strength. He was convinced he could easily kill Lin Feng this way.

Actually, eighty percent of his strength could definitely kill Lin Feng, who was already injured. Lin Feng sensed the terrifying strength, and had the impression he was going to die. He smiled wryly. He only regretted he hadn’t been able to say goodbye to his wives and children.

“Hehe, a chosen cultivator can also be shameless. If I die, the world and the gods must be destroyed!”

Lin Feng stood high up in the sky. His hair and robe were fluttering in the wind. He looked determined, not angry.

Someday, he’d destroy the world!!!

“You must die! I am a chosen person, I am an ultimate god, how could you kill me?” shouted Di Shu furiously, throwing out his fist. His Dao was level three. He was so fast that Lin Feng couldn’t escape.

Getting killed by a High-Level Holy Emperor wasn’t what infuriated Lin Feng the most, getting killed by a chosen one did.

See you, my friends!

Lin Feng smiled and closed his eyes, waiting for Di Shu’s fist to reach him.

“Stop, Di Shu! You’re so insolent!” shouted someone furiously. That voice was so intense, so powerful, that it deeply penetrated into people’s hearts and minds.

Lin Feng opened his eyes again, his neck felt sore, and then he fainted. He didn’t know what happened next.

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