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PMG 2 Chapter 84: Fan Tian Gang!

PMG 2 Chapter 84: Fan Tian Gang!


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“Mister Time told me that space and time could make one. Time is like an assistant and space is the master. To make a space and time cage, one must master both space and time. He made the cage at a time when I didn’t pay attention.”

Even though time can be considered as an assistant, the right time can prevent me from leaving the cage or the opposite, thought Lin Feng. Gradually, blue space and time lights appeared around Lin Feng. The lights became brighter and brighter. Of course, compared to the cage, they were extremely weak.

That cage was made of space Qi, it was also a space cage. The man had sealed the space around Lin Feng.

Space and time didn’t consist of space and time only, it also contained fastness and slowness.

Therefore, Lin Feng couldn’t know exactly how many types of Dao the man had used. He was confused.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng suddenly saw the light. It was as if he had discovered a new world. Lin Feng flashed into motion.

What stopped him wasn’t the cage, it was courage. Was he bold enough to try and defy space strength? Leaving the cage was his only way of succeeding.

Lin Feng understood. Level three space and time Dao was about daring to defy space and time.

Lin Feng understood how he created other spaces, but what about other people’s spaces?


Space and time Dao was morphable. One had to understand that. That was the man’s test for Lin Feng!

Therefore, Lin Feng jumped out of the limit he had reached. He was determined to succeed, regardless of the price.

Song Zhuang and the man smiled when they saw Lin Feng was determined to succeed.

“The guy you think highly of isn’t bad,” the man smiled.

Song Zhuang didn’t say anything. He just watched Lin Feng leave the space. His body, head, neck, and skin exploded. He was ripped apart thoroughly.

But Song Zhuang and the man waited. After a few seconds, Lin Feng’s body recondensed.

He had moved forwards, and seen his own body get ripped apart.

He had understood. His body had been destroyed to condense again elsewhere. That was the complexity of space and time.

Lin Feng shouted furiously. The man’s space and time cage broke into pieces like a mirror, and Lin Feng came out strongly. At that moment, Song Zhuang and the man were about ten meters away from him.

Song Zhuang smiled at Lin Feng. The man also smiled indifferently. He said, “Congratulations, little boy. You comprehended level three space and time Dao.”

“Thank you very much for your help, Master,” said Lin Feng, smiling politely and cupping his fist.

“Hey, Lin Feng, why do you call me Master? I am your friend. Why would you call me master?” protested Song Zhuang unhappily. Lin Feng burst into laughter. He knew Song Zhuang had played a big role.

Lin Feng was used to Song Zhuang being mysterious. He was incredible, though, and the man next to him was a cultivator at the top of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer. He understood level three space and time Dao, and maybe that he even understood other types of Dao at the third level.

“Song Zhuang, can you proceed with the introductions?” asked Lin Feng to Song Zhuang after having glanced at the man.

“This is Fan Sheng Jun’s father, Fan Tian Gang, one of the four Holy Shrine’s Sages,” said Song Zhuang.

Lin Feng wasn’t surprised. He had guessed that already. Who else could have attacked Di Shu? He was also convinced that the one who had shouted when he had fainted was Fan Tian Gang.

“Lin Feng, Di Shu is an arrogant prick. I would have never thought he’d act like that. I haven’t come back to the sect for a hundred years. If Song Zhuang hadn’t warned me, I probably would not have come back. I wouldn’t have even known about Di Shu’s behavior,” said Fan Tian Gang. Lin Feng was a bit surprised. Song Zhuang had persuaded Fan Tian Gang to come back?

Lin Feng looked at Song Zhuang. Song Zhuang smiled happily, and looked elsewhere, as if all this had nothing to do with him.

But for Lin Feng, it was incredible. Song Zhuang could make a Sage of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine come back? It meant that his social status was as high as that of a Sage?

Lin Feng now wondered whether Song Zhuang was a member of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine. Of course, that was only a guess. He had asked Demon King Ox, but the Ox hadn’t replied.

“Fan Tian Gang, Di Shu is arrogant, but he’s strong enough to be arrogant with me. You dare criticize him because you’re stronger than him, right?” said Lin Feng. His words were sharp. Fan Tian Gang’s expression suddenly changed.

Song Zhuang glanced at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was bold and daring. He had offended Di Shu, did he want to offend Fan Tian Gang now?

Fan Tian Gang wasn’t Di Shu. Lin Feng was being rude, but at the same time, he had said the truth.

What Lin Feng said was, when you’re stronger than someone else, you can treat them arrogantly and disdainfully. Fan Tian Gang was like that. Lin Feng was like that. Why couldn’t Di Shu be like that, as well?

“Hm… You’re right. I understand what you mean.” said Fan Tian Gang, smiling awkwardly at Lin Feng.

“It’s a fact,” said Lin Feng. He wasn’t afraid.

Of course, Fan Tian Gang was self-confident because he was strong, but he was also humble. Di Shu wasn’t humble. But both were qualified to bully other people, since they were stronger.

“Lin Feng, do you know why Di Shu wants to kill you?” asked Fan Tian Gang seriously.

Lin Feng was startled. He instantly thought of something.

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