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PMG 2 Chapter 85: Astonishing

PMG 2 Chapter 85: Astonishing


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Lin Feng wondered what Fan Tian Gang wanted to say. Di Shu was self-confident and arrogant. He had also pitted himself against Di Shu even though nobody had ever dared. Di Shu had flown into a flaming rage and wanted to kill him. Lin Feng was weaker, so Di Shu knew he could kill him. Was there any other reason other than the fact Lin Feng had gone up against him? Lin Feng didn’t know…

“Di Shu controls Divine strength, he’s a chosen one. Your Qi is disgusting to him. Even though you didn’t show it, he can sense something. He hates you deep inside. So why does he want to kill you?” said Fan Tian Gang, smiling indifferently. When Lin Feng heard Fan Tian Gang, he was astonished.

Lin Feng was startled, not because Di Shu deeply hated him because he hated his Qi, but because Fan Tian Gang knew he had a forbidden body. No wonder he was a one of the four Sages of the Holy Shrine!

“Lin Feng, don’t think he’s amazing. You think he would know you are a forbidden person if I hadn’t told him?” said Song Zhuang, when he saw Lin Feng looked admiring. A weak smile appeared on Song Zhuang’s face.

Lin Feng was astonished. Song Zhuang had also discovered Lin Feng had a forbidden body?

“Bullshit. Even if you hadn’t told me, I would have known,” sniffed Fan Tian Gang unhappily.

“Sigh. How could you know? Lin Feng can conceal his forbidden strength really well. Di Shu is a chosen one, he controls divine strength, of course he wants to kill him. But even though he wants to kill him, he hasn’t noticed that Lin Feng has a forbidden body. How could you?” said Song Zhuang mockingly. Fan Tian Gang’s face stiffened, and he clenched his fists.

“Lin Feng, come here!” shouted Fan Tian Gang extremely loudly. He threw his fist and blue space and time lights appeared. The space around them changed. Qi rotated around Lin Feng, and Lin Feng’s Qi started boiling. His forbidden strength dashed to the skies and fused together with Fan Tian Gang’s golden lights, which also contained black lights.

“Fan Tian Gang, you…” Lin Feng was astonished. There were black waves in Fan Tian Gang’s strength. That blackness was forbidden strength!

Lin Feng was astonished. Since Mister Time, Lin Feng hadn’t seen anyone else who could control forbidden strength.

“Hehe, Lin Feng, now you know why I know you have a forbidden body,” said Fan Tian Gang smiling and glancing at Song Zhuang mockingly. He looked proud of himself. Fan Tian Gang and Song Zhuang were like children when they were together.

“Bullshit. If I hadn’t made fun of you, you would have never told anyone about your secret,” said Song Zhuang unhappily. Then he smiled at Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, in the future, I hope you can defeat Fan Tian Gang. I hope you can crush him and become the strongest forbidden person in the whole world!” Song Zhuang burst into laughter.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. It was as if they were talking about something funny.

Lin Feng looked at Fan Tian Gang. Fan Tian Gang looked at Lin Feng angrily, as if Lin Feng was one of his rivals. Lin Feng was lost.

“What the hell is going on?” asked Lin Feng.

“You don’t need to know for now. All you need to know is that you need to defeat Fan Tian Gang someday,” said Song Zhuang, smiling knowingly.

Fan Tian Gang shouted, “He can’t defeat me!! He can be the second best one, at best!”

“We’ll see, then!” interjected Lin Feng, when he heard how confident Fan Tian Gang seemed.

Fan Tian Gang was startled, frowning and looking at Lin Feng mockingly.

“Alright, we’ll see. I hope someone can defeat me someday.”

“Pfff. Don’t get angry if someone defeats you then!” teased Song Zhuang.

“Alright, let’s not waste time. Lin Feng, in the Continent of the Gods, the forbidden body is a special body type. Don’t show people that you control forbidden strength, don’t show them your spirit, either,” said Fan Tian Gang.

Lin Feng was skeptical and asked, “Why do we need our spirit less and less with time?” He asked that question because he had never understood. Back in the days, in Xue Yue, the spirit was something everybody was extremely proud of. Everybody liked using their spirit to show off. It allowed some people to have a higher rank then others in the society. It proved how strong they were.

But since he had left for the Holy City and so on, spirits had become less and less useful. Most people never used their spirits anymore.

Back then, Lin Feng had thought to let nature take its course. He would understand more someday.

When Fan Tian Gang heard Lin Feng, he looked surprised and remained silent. Song Zhuang chuckled.

“Lin Feng, what’s the most important thing when you walk?” asked Fan Tian Gang.

Lin Feng hesitantly replied, “My feet, of course.”

“Indeed. And when you’re in the sky, your feet are not important?” asked Fan Tian Gang, smiling.

“They’re not. Senses are, especially balance and a good sense of direction.” said Lin Feng. As he replied, he understood why the spirit wasn’t useful anymore by himself.

At some point, the spirit became useless. It was just useful to know how talented someone was and what kind of body type they had, that was all.

Cultivators didn’t need a spirit after some time.

Lin Feng hadn’t really understood in the past. Fan Tian Gang’s example was a great one. People who understood things clearly also explained them the best.

“Alright, Lin Feng, let’s go. He also wants to go back to the Holy Shrine,” said Song Zhuang, smiling at Lin Feng and interrupting them.

Lin Feng nodded and smiled at Fan Tian Gang, “Thank you for saving me when I was in danger. I will always remember that.”

“Don’t worry. Be thankful to Song Zhuang, don’t thank me. Without him, I wouldn’t have helped,” said Fan Tian Gang.

Lin Feng didn’t feel humiliated. It was the truth. Without Song Zhuang, Fan Tian Gang wouldn’t have gotten involved, especially with his strength and social status. He didn’t need to offend Di Shu.

“Alright, anyway, let’s go, Lin Feng!” said Song Zhuang.

Lin Feng cupped his fist and followed after Song Zhuang, both leaving Fan Tian Gang’s small world. They arrived back at the stone at the foot of the Godly Mountain.

But when they came out of the small world, Lin Feng sensed that the space and time Qi had disappeared, which meant that Fan Tian Gang’s small world had disappeared.

“Buddy, thank you very much. I will never forget what you did for me,” said Lin Feng, smiling at Song Zhuang.

“Hehe, how about a hug?” said Song Zhuang laughing jokingly.

“Of course, first you have to manage to take me in your arms, and if you do, watch out, you could get hurt.”

“Forget about it, then…”

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