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PMG 2 Chapter 86: Bodhidharma’s Face!

PMG 2 Chapter 86: Bodhidharma’s Face!


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“Lin Feng, I forgot to tell you, Fan Tian Gang isn’t the only one who saved you. Someone else got involved to save you, and he nearly lost his right arm,” said Song Zhuang seriously and solemnly. Lin Feng would have died without that other person.

Lin Feng tried to guess who could have gotten involved, but remained silent for a few minutes before he flew away.

Song Zhuang watched Lin Feng disappear and sighed, “I hope you won’t disappoint Bodhidharma. He set high expectations on you.”

Lin Feng flew towards Bodhidharma’s palace. He sensed some demon Qi when he arrived near his small world and shouted, “Master Bodhidharma, I need to talk to you.”

“Come in.”

Lin Feng wasn’t even done talking when he heard the cold voice. An opening appeared in the demon Qi. Lin Feng went in.

Bodhidharma was in the middle of the space, still wearing an iron mask. He looked at Lin Feng calmly and said, “You know I got injured?”

“I guessed as soon as Song Zhuang mentioned someone else had helped me. Can you show me your injury?” said Lin Feng. He felt guilty. He didn’t notice Bodhidharma’s injury right off. Song Zhuang had mentioned Bodhidharma had nearly lost his right arm?

Bodhidharma raised his head and didn’t say anything for a while. In the end, he stretched out his right arm. Lin Feng saw some gleaming white bones.

Lin Feng nearly jumped back in surprise. It looked like the hand of a dead person, a skeleton. Bodhidharma’s right arm had almost no flesh left. His bones were visible and shiny.

Di Shu’s attack had been so powerful that Bodhidharma had gotten seriously injured.

Lin Feng felt incredibly guilty. Bodhidharma had recruited him as a chief disciple, Lin Feng had first refused, then had never called him Teacher, and now Bodhidharma had gotten injured because of him. He had taken big risks to save him. Lin Feng would never forget this.

“Teacher Bodhidharma. You saved my life. I owe you,” said Lin Feng, taking a deep breath and cupping his fist.

Bodhidharma frowned. Lin Feng had just called him Teacher, and his tone of speech was different, too. He initially called him Master, and now had called him Teacher.

Bodhidharma laughed softly and waved, “I’m alright. When you’re strong enough, just chop one of Di Shu’s arms off. It will take time, but I will recover.”

“Don’t lie. You got injured by divine strength. You will not easily recover,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head.

Bodhidharma remained silent. He didn’t want Lin Feng to feel too responsible.

“Lin Feng, can you… promise me something?” asked Bodhidharma after remaining silent for a few seconds. He sounded hesitant. Lin Feng looked puzzled, but no matter what Bodhidharma would ask him, Lin Feng had no reason to refuse. No matter what, he would do his best to help him, because Bodhidharma had risked his life to save him.

“Tell me, Teacher,” Lin Feng nodded.

Bodhidharma took a deep breath and he did something Lin Feng would have never imagined, he took off his mask.

Lin Feng was astonished and stared at Bodhidharma’s face. What kind of face was that? Lin Feng had never seen such a face in his whole life.

He looked heroic. One side of his face was black, one side was golden. His dark side was filled with demon Qi. His golden side was filled with holy Qi, two antagonistic kinds of strength. His face was completely distorted because of the energies.

“Teacher Bodhidharma, you…?” said Lin Feng. He didn’t know how to ask.

“Don’t be surprised. It’s not a big mystery. I just can’t look at people with such a face,” Bodhidharma sighed.

“What happened?” asked Lin Feng grimly, frowning.

“Di Shu. Back then, when I took the exam to become a Supreme Elder, he used a sly attack. I must struggle every day to prevent the divine strength from making my body rot. If my demon strength steps back only a little bit, the golden strength will progress quickly and my body will rot away,” said Bodhidharma. He sounded both sad and furious.

Lin Feng hated Di Shu. Not only had he gone up against him, but against other people who could become Supreme Elders as well, because Supreme Elders could pose a threat to him.

Di Shu was a petty person, such a tiny little person, tinier than an ant. And he was a chosen one?!

“Lin Feng, you must promise me something,” said Bodhidharma putting his mask back on. He stared at Lin Feng, his eyes sad.

“Teacher Bodhidharma, tell me.”

“When you’re strong enough, please kill Di Shu, help me get my revenge.” Bodhidharma clenched his fists. Lin Feng’s stomach twitched. Demon strength rolled in waves around them in the small world. It felt oppressive.

“I promise,” said Lin Feng, nodding after having remained silent for a few seconds. It wasn’t a difficult request for Lin Feng, he already hated Di Shu, and Di Shu hated him. Lin Feng didn’t mind killing his enemies.

Di Shu had a chosen body type. Lin Feng had a forbidden body type. Divine strength and forbidden strength were completely antagonistic, natural sworn enemies. It wasn’t a one-time battle though, it was a long one.

“Alright, I’ll wait for you to be able to fulfill your promise,” said Bodhidharma, nodding after having coming back to his senses. Demon Qi continued rolling in waves around them.

“Alright, Teacher Bodhidharma. I’ll heal your arm first. My forbidden strength can work on your flesh and bones,” Lin Feng nodded. He stepped forwards and looked at Bodhidharma’s white bones.

Bodhidharma hesitated, but finally accepted. He would need a long time to recover on his own.

The divine strength on his face was too powerful. Lin Feng was too weak to expel or even oppress it. He needed to become a High-Level Holy Emperor first.

Bodhidharma sat down cross-legged.

Lin Feng condensed forbidden strength into his left hand, coupled with demon strength. He released it and moved it into Bodhidharma’s hand. Bodhidharma groaned with pain. It didn’t feel good, but he ground his teeth.

Lin Feng’s forbidden strength flowed into his veins and reached his right arm. It then started healing. Gradually, flesh and muscles appeared, and then blood started flowing in his right hand again. Bodhidharma’s right hand felt as if it were boiling.

Bodhidharma looked at his right hand. His hand had partly recovered. His blood was blurry, though.

Lin Feng couldn’t release more forbidden strength at once, he had to release it step by step. Otherwise, it would make Bodhidharma feel very uncomfortable because of the divine strength in his face.


Lin Feng continued releasing forbidden strength for a few hours.

Finally, after five hours, Lin Feng took a deep breath and took back his hand. His forbidden strength disappeared.

Bodhidharma opened his eyes and looked at his right hand again. Even though he could still feel it in his bones a little bit, it was much better. Most places were covered by flesh, muscles and blood flowed inside, especially in the palm of his hand. His palm had completely recovered.

Bodhidharma touched his fist. It felt good!

“Errr, forbidden strength is incredibly powerful! Divine strength is evil! It makes people’s bodies rot!”

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