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PMG 2 Chapter 88: You’re Humiliating Yourself!

PMG 2  Chapter 88: You’re Humiliating Yourself!

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The man in the blue-green robe frowned and glared at Lin Feng. He looked furious.

Lin Feng looked back at him. This man was of the same cultivation layer as him, a Low-Level Holy Emperor. His fire Qi was thick and dense, a strong fire Dao.

“Brother Huo Ke, you like me, don’t you? Kill him and I’ll allow you to court me!” said Princess Fire, blinking with her teary eyes.

When Huo Ke heard the woman, his eyes twinkled happily. He looked excited.

“Huo Wu, are you serious?” asked Huo Ke. He looked delighted, and eager to please.

Lin Feng frowned and glanced at Princess Fire, or Princess Huo. Her real name was Huo Wu. She wasn’t any more than a hundred years old.

“Of course. If you kill him, I’ll let you ask my father for my hand,” said Huo Wu, nodding and smiling evilly. Huo Ke looked excited, and looked at Lin Feng ferociously. He already considered Lin Feng his stepping stone.

Again… Lin Feng had met many men like this. Weaklings who thought they could use him as a stepping stone to conquer a woman’s heart. At the beginning, if they succeeded, they just turned into small men intoxicated with success. But usually, in the end, such men ended up humiliating themselves.

“Little boy, you better not try to resist. If you don’t, I’ll kill you painlessly. If you don’t, you’ll die a violent and painful death!” said Huo Ke, throwing himself at Lin Feng. In Huo Ke’s eyes, even though Lin Feng was also a Low-Level Holy Emperor, he had no background. But he, Huo Ke, was a member of the Holy Shrine. He had many precious items and weapons. How could a trivial cultivator like Lin Feng compete with him?

Therefore, Huo Ke didn’t take Lin Feng seriously. He wanted to show Huo Wu how strong he was!

Lin Feng sighed. In such a big world, he met more and more people like this. Lin Feng could already imagine how pitiful and ridiculous Huo Ke would look like before dying.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He looked at Huo Ke calmly and serenely. He was still holding Huo Wu’s hand.

When Huo Ke saw that, he looked grim. He shouted explosively and continued running towards Lin Feng.

Huo Ke’s eyes were filled with flames. The temperature around him had increased drastically, easily reaching a thousand degrees. The merchants and pedestrians were already far in the distance, the sidewalk was now empty around them.

Huo Ke’s fire Dao was powerful. Lin Feng could sense his fire Dao would soon be level three… but it wasn’t yet.

“Little boy, you think that you can do what you wish because you’re a Low-Level Holy Emperor, as well? I, Huo Ke, can kill you easily!” said Huo Ke, throwing out his fist.

When Lin Feng heard Huo Ke, he looked amused, and asked, “Have you ever raised donkeys?”

“What do you mean?” Huo Ke asked with a scowl.

“Has a donkey ever stepped on your head?” said Lin Feng mockingly, pointing at Huo Ke’s head with his finger.

Huo Ke’s face stiffened in fury. His fire arrived in front of Lin Feng, about half a meter away. It could reach Lin Feng in an instant.

Huo Ke’s expression looked ferocious. He could already imagine himself carrying Huo Wu in his arms, becoming a Sage’s son-in-law. What a wonderful thought! Huo Ke smiled greedily.

Lin Feng smiled back mockingly. He looked at Huo Wu and said in admiration, “Why would you want such a petty husband? You should become my little wife.”

“You, you’re humiliating me! You want to die~” said Huo Ke when he heard Lin Feng. He looked grim as he threw his fist at Lin Feng.

Huo Wu saw Huo Ke’s fist crash onto Lin Feng’s chest. The fire moved along Lin Feng’s body.

Lin Feng started burning. Quickly, he disappeared in flames.

Huo Wu’s eyes were filled with tears when she saw Lin Feng disappear. Her face paled. She was proud and arrogant, but she had never killed anyone.

And seeing Lin Feng burn to death made her incredibly sad. She didn’t know why.

“Huo Wu! What a reckless little boy! He surprisingly dared humiliate my little Huo Wu and me. He really thought he could compete with me?

“You stupid moron. Nobody has ever managed to escape from me. Hmph!” said Huo Ke when he saw Lin Feng burn. He looked proud and delighted that he was the best cultivator in the world, immensely satisfied with himself.

“Oh? Is that so? Nobody ever managed to escape from you, Huo Ke?” said a voice mockingly at that moment. Huo Ke was startled and almost jumped in fright.

Huo Wu turned around and her expression changed drastically. Lin Feng was there, looking amused, a dozen meters away from them, and completely unharmed. There was no fire around him, and he wasn’t injured at all.

Huo Ke’s face froze. He couldn’t believe his eyes and kept shaking his head.

“Impossible! How is that possible? You managed to escape?” Huo Ke was dumbstruck. He couldn’t believe it. He thought nobody could escape from his fire.

Huo Wu glanced at Huo Ke, disappointed.

Lin Feng laughed and looked at Huo Ke mockingly. He raised his left hand and released space strength, slowly disappearing.

Huo Ke was stupefied. He sensed the space around him, looking for Lin Feng.

Huo Wu’s expression changed drastically again, she pointed at something behind Huo Ke with her finger. Huo Ke wanted to turn around, but Lin Feng grabbed him by the neck.

“Huo Ke, are you strong enough to kill me? Were you joking?

“You didn’t even know I was standing behind you. Who do you think you are, making fun of other people, including me?

“You’re a piece of trash. If you knew that I haven’t lived for a very long time yet I have gone through countless difficulties, you wouldn’t dare stand there and talk to me that way.

“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng mockingly. He threw Huo Ke away, to crash onto the ground a hundred meters away in the middle of the road. His face was beet red from anger and humiliation.

“I will kill you! ARRRGHHHHH!” shouted Huo Ke furiously. He struggled to get up and ran towards Lin Feng again. Fire appeared around his fist.

Lin Feng had humiliated him badly. He needed to regain his reputation. Otherwise, what would Huo Wu think of him?

Lin Feng glanced at Huo Ke’s attack, which didn’t pose a threat to him at all.

“You can try and act tough in front of women, but not using me, because you’re not strong enough!” declared Lin Feng. He flashed forwards and released forbidden strength.

Huo Ke raised both fists, but Lin Feng kicked him and sent him flying. He crashed into the wall of a pavilion, and it instantly collapsed. Huo Ke ended up in the middle of debris, coughing and bleeding.

Huo Wu looked at Lin Feng. How mysterious!

Lin Feng didn’t look at Huo Ke again. He glanced at Huo Wu and then got ready to go into the Holy Shrine.

“Stop! Now!”

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  1. Lin Zhe Tian January 23, 2019 at 5:03 pm - Reply

    Good job guys

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    waifu + 1 ?

  3. Alex January 25, 2019 at 1:46 am - Reply

    Didnt Song Zhuang told him not to use forbidden strength in public?

    • soka February 23, 2019 at 9:14 am - Reply

      well he is ignorant
      song zhuang alr give him hint many times to read the situation first before act but he ignored because Feng always feels that he was right

      • Gray May 31, 2019 at 8:48 pm - Reply

        You got it wrong, Song Zhuang indeed tell him to not use it carelessly. But it means only to some people who far stronger than him or has Divine body/Choosen one type.

        Lin Feng forbidden body type and his intel 10 (Latest Generation) processor of Comprehension are the core of his power. So didn’t using this strength is not doable.
        But you guys should now that his concealment to the forbidden strength already in an Expert level, the Old Ox help him to conceal it with various way as Lin Feng say it before.
        And also people who can feel this kind of strength only few people, as an example the Supreme Elder who is a chosen one and the Sage who help Lin Feng understand level 3 space and time dao, because this sage also has forbidden type strength.

        I hope this cant help you. But i might be wrong too. Nevertheless i assume i didn’t feel wrong. Hehe

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    Thanks for the chapter!!!!. There isn’t much thought put into this one.

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