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PMG 2 Chapter 89: Holy Heroes’ Stone Plate

PMG 2 Chapter 89: Holy Heroes’ Stone Plate


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Huo Wu watched Lin Feng walk away. She shouted and flashed in front of Lin Feng, preventing him from going further.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at the proud Princess Huo. He felt annoyed and said tightly, “I already let you off. You want more?”

Huo Wu looked disappointed. She clenched her fists and said bravely, “You… become my personal bodyguard!”

“Why?” said Lin Feng. He didn’t understand. That girl was not only proud and arrogant, but also shameless and selfish. She only cared about herself. She was a spoiled brat!

“Because you’re very strong!” replied Huo Wu naturally. Lin Feng was dumbstruck. It was a good reason, after all…

“I don’t have time to play with you. See you,” huffed Lin Feng, barely glancing at her. He pushed her aside and continued walking towards the gate of the Holy Shrine.

“Hey! If you go to the Holy Shrine, what will you do if someone causes trouble for you?” shouted Huo Wu. She didn’t sound happy.

Lin Feng frowned and said indifferently, “What does that have to do with you?”

“Hmph! You’re stubborn. If you bump into one of the four Sages or the five Dhammapalas, they will cause trouble for you. You can’t compete with them. They are already High-Level Holy Emperors.”

“I’ve already fought against High-Level Holy Emperors. No need to worry, Princess Huo!” He continued walking towards the Holy Shrine.

Huo Wu stomped angrily and ground her teeth. Lin Feng quickly disappeared from her field of vision.

“Hmph! You think I won’t find you? Lin Feng, right?” said Huo Wu, clenching her fists and smiling evilly. Then, she jumped onto her black horse and galloped away.


Lin Feng walked down a road in the Holy Shrine. Even though it was called a Holy Shrine, it was actually a city, with many roads. There were vendor’s booths on the sidewalks. They sold all sorts of items, including Holy King’s weapons and godly imperial weapons, all of which could be bought using Godly Stones.

Lin Feng continued walking, eying the many vendor’s booths. He already had many weapons in his Star World. Regarding godly imperial weapons, he didn’t have enough Godly Stones to buy some.

Lin Feng continued walking. He saw some beautiful mansion houses. People who lived in them undoubtedly had a high social status. Lin Feng also realized that the four Sages and the five Dhammapalas’ residences were all in this district.

Lin Feng wanted to continue walking towards the center of the Holy Shrine where the leader lived, but the way was guarded by a dozen High-Level Holy Emperors. Lin Feng gave up on the idea temporarily.

The Holy Shrine’s rules were strict. Not just anyone could access the central part of the Holy Shrine. Maybe if he became a holy cultivator, he would be granted access.

“Hey, the Holy Heroes’ Stone Plate event is going to start soon. It happens only once a year!” said someone at that moment. Lin Feng turned his head and saw a group of people.

“Really? It’s a great opportunity. Those who manage to get their names carved into the Holy Heroes’ Stone Plate usually have the opportunity to become one of the Sages’ disciples.”

“I’ve heard about it, too. This time, it’s going to be great, because the four Sages will join hands with the five Dhammapalas to organize the event. Only three people will have the opportunity to have their names carved into the Holy Heroes’ Stone Plate, though.”

“Three? That’s too few. I’ve heard that almost ten thousand people were going to participate?”

“I’m not sure. Let’s go and see. It’s in the eastern part of the Holy Shrine.”

Holy Heroes’ Stone Plate? I’ll go and check it out, mused Lin Feng, following the people who had been talking. They weren’t that strong. The strongest ones were Saint Emperors. Following them, he quickly reached the eastern part of the Holy Shrine.

Lin Feng saw something as white as snow in the distance. It was a gigantic hundred-meter high stone, twinkling with light. There were less than a hundred names on it.

Suddenly, Lin Feng was dumbstruck with astonishment. He saw a name he knew.

“Song Zhuang?! He’s first on the Stone Plate?!”

The first name at the top of the Holy Heroes’ Stone Plate was Song Zhuang. It was carved in golden letters. At the same level as Song Zhuang’s name, there were seven other names. Lin Feng also saw Fan Tian Gang’s name.

“Fan Tian Gang and Song Zhuang are on the same level? So, Song Zhuang could be one of the four Sages or one of the five Dhammapalas, if I’m not mistaken?”

Lin Feng looked thoughtful.

Lin Feng then looked at the second row and saw a name he would never forget.

Di Shu!

Di Shu’s name was on the second row. His name was dazzling, too!

“No wonder Di Shu is so proud and arrogant.”

People who were on the list were all heroes among heroes.

“People who managed to have their names carved onto the Holy Heroes’ Stone Plate are all extremely strong, it seems,” sighed Lin Feng.

“Pfff, of course! My father is on the list, too. He’s extremely strong!” spoke up a woman mockingly when she heard Lin Feng. Lin Feng instantly knew who it was: Huo Wu!

Lin Feng turned around and saw Huo Wu smiling proudly. She didn’t look very angry anymore.

“What’s your father’s name?” asked Lin Feng, frowning. He looked at the stone plate again.

Huo Wu didn’t mind Lin Feng’s question, she took a few steps forwards and stood right next to him.

“Huo Zhu Rong,” said Huo Wu, solemnly pointing at the first row of the stone plates with her finger.

Lin Feng raised his eyes and saw Huo Zhu Rong’s name. Next to him was Sage Gong Gong.

“Your father is one of the four Sages?” asked Lin Feng.

Huo Wu nodded and smiled proudly, “Indeed. My father is the leader of the four Sages, Sage Huo!”

“Who are the other Sages? Do you know?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious about the Sages.

Huo Wu saw that Lin Feng looked interested, which made her smile. Her eyes twinkled.

“Come on, tell me,” prodded Lin Feng, when he saw Huo Wu remaining silent.

Huo Wu hmphed and said proudly, “Beg me and I’ll tell you!”

“Never mind, then. I’ll ask someone else,” hmphed Lin Feng, and started walking away.

“Oh come on! You’re annoying! I’ll tell you!” When Huo Wu saw Lin Feng ignore her, she sighed and told him everything. “Apart from my father, Sage Huo, there is also Sage Shui, Sage Tian Gang, and Sage Xie. Sage Xie is the youngest one, and hasn’t been a Sage for very long.”

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