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PMG 2 Chapter 9: Top-Level Gathering

PMG 2 Chapter 9: Top-Level Gathering

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That young man was provoking the Cheng Clan, he wanted to humiliate them. If he humiliated them before the competition, they’d feel even more dispirited during the event.

“Tian Han, the Cheng Clan doesn’t have time to play with you. See you,” Cheng Shan bowed. Then he took Lin Feng and the others away, but Tian Han stopped them again.

Tian Han continued smiling evilly and arrogantly, showcasing his yellow teeth. He said ironically, “Cheng Clan, I think you’re the only one who’s afraid to ‘play’ with me? If that’s the case, why would you participate in the competition? You should quit now,” said Tian Han mockingly. Everybody heard that and looked at them. The members of the Cheng Clan all pulled long faces. They were angry.

The Tian Clan was humiliating the Cheng Clan!

“Alright, so the Cheng Clan will play with you. I suggest three battles, the Clan with two victories wins,” said Cheng Shan.

Tian Han frowned and then nodded, “No problem. Three battles, two victories. Those who lose kneel down, what do you think?”

“Alright,” said Cheng Clan, grinding his teeth. He hoped he wouldn’t lose and humiliate the Cheng Clan.

For the first battle, Cheng Clan sent up a member of the Cheng Clan. He was a middle-aged man. He looked ordinary, but he was holding a chessboard which contained empty space strength. Lin Feng was surprised and frowned in thought.

That chessboard really looked like the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, but the two couldn’t be compared. At his cultivation level, Lin Feng didn’t really need items anymore.

The Cheng Clan chose a fighter, the Tian Clan also chose one. They sent up an old man. Even though he looked old, it was impossible to know how old he really was. Maybe that he was one, two, or even hundreds of years old, as cultivators who were emperors or stronger could live tens of thousands of years.

When Lin Feng saw the two fighters, he immediately knew that the Cheng Clan would lose the first round.

As expected, the Cheng Clan’s fighter took out his chessboard, empty space strength emerged and surrounded the space.

But the old man of the Tian Clan raised his hand, a golden light streaked across the sky. An octagon appeared. On all eight sides were gigantic golden swords. The chessboard broke apart and disappeared.

The Cheng Clan lost the first round in the blink of an eye, less than thirty seconds. The old man of the Tian Clan had broken the chessboard very easily.

“Haha! Those are the members of the Cheng Clan? What a piece of trash. How are such people supposed to join the competition?” shouted Tian Han, smiling mockingly.

Cheng Shan was furious. He clenched his fists and shouted, “I’ll fight this one!”

“Alright, then I’ll come,” replied Tian Han. He had been waiting for Cheng Shan to come.

Lin Feng looked at them. Cheng Shan was furious, so his Qi was chaotic. He was definitely going to lose.

Cheng Shan attacked. His hands became part of the space around them. Two light beams appeared, containing space and time strength. They surrounded Tian Han.

Tian Han smiled icily. He stretched his hand out, it looked like an axe which he could use to destroy the sky. Explosions rent the air. Cheng Shan’s face paled.

Tian Han’s deployment spell penetrated into Cheng Shan’s deployment spell. It was incredible. Cheng Shan couldn’t stop it.

He was definitely going to lose if he continued. He ground his teeth, clenched his fists and his light beams became even more intense. His space and time strength also increased in strength. Tian Han sensed that something was surrounding him.

“Hmph! Look at me,” said Tian Han icily. Then, he stretched out one hand and cut into Cheng Shan’s mountain-like light beam again. Everybody sensed and could hear a terrifying cutting strength.

That blade contained an incredible deployment spell strength!

When everybody thought that the sharp blade might not be able to pierce through Cheng Shan’s attack, they saw the blade break apart and turn into many small stars, which illuminated Cheng Shan’s two mountains.

“Oh no, he broke Cheng Shan’s attack from inside. Cheng Shan doesn’t stand a chance like that.” Lin Feng was worried when he saw that. He hadn’t thought that Tian Han could make his energies penetrate into people’s energies, it was like he controlled atoms.

It seemed that he used atoms in his deployment spells, and he controlled them quite well. Someone who understood atoms like that was as strong as two deployment spell casters who didn’t understand them.

That was why understanding deployment spells at a microscopic level was terrifying.

As expected, the two mountain-like light beams became paler. The space and time strength became much weaker.

Cheng Shan’s face paled. His mouth was bleeding, he was about to lose. If he lost this one, the Cheng Clan’s side would lose the whole thing.

But someone couldn’t accept losing. Who? Lin Feng.

Lin Feng couldn’t let Tian Han act arrogantly, especially since he had decided to help Cheng Shan so that they wouldn’t have to bow in front of the Tian Clan.

Lin Feng released absorbing strength, which surged out around him.

Cheng Shan spat out blood, and couldn’t hold on anymore. At that moment, some kind of strength penetrated into his body. He suddenly looked fit again.

His two dimming mountain-like light beams were now explosively dazzling, starlight spilling rashly out of them. The star strength penetrated into the absorbing strength.

Tian Han’s blade was broken. Tian Han gave out a horrible shriek and his seven apertures erupted with blood. He was also blown away.

Tian Han felt extremely weak. Some kind of power was absorbing his strength!

The Cheng Clan won!!!

Cheng Shan couldn’t believe it. He had won? He sensed that someone had helped him. Cheng Shan turned around and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng lowered his head.

Had Lin Feng helped? But he was the only Eminent Scholar there. Cheng Shan shook his head. No matter what, he had won, so what next?

As Cheng Shan was thinking, there were rumbles as a new Qi rose up. Cheng Shan raised his head and frowned. A young man in white clothes came out of the Tian Clan. The young man was holding a fan.

“Prince Tian Qiong? He’s here?”

“The Cheng Clan is doomed this time. They lost.”

“Prince Tian Qiong is so strong. Those people are pieces of trash in comparison with him.”

“Only Prince Nan from the Ma Clan can compete with him, I guess.” ……

Cheng Clan’s face turned red, especially when he heard the people around talk. If Prince Tian Qiong attacked, the Cheng Clan was definitely going to lose!

“Prince Nan? It’s Prince Nan. He’s here, too.”

The crowd heard a sound. They saw four women wearing red clothes, holding a white sedan. A young man in blue clothes was seated on the sedan, his skin snowy-white. His lips were orange like peaches. He looked like a powdered woman.

But he was clearly a man. He was also the strongest one of the three last generations of the Ma Clan. Prince Nan was an expert at casting deployment spells.

When Prince Nan appeared, the Cheng Clan and the Tian Clan both understood that it wasn’t as simple as exchanging views on cultivation anymore. All three Clans were involved.

As expected, as everybody was looking for someone, some other people appeared and drew their attention: a man and a woman.

The man seemed to be about twenty years old, and was wearing black clothes. He looked average in appearance, and was holding a gigantic sword. It was the woman who drew people’s attention, though.

The woman was slim and tall, wearing a pink dress. Her dress was so short that one could see her thighs. She was wearing blue shoes, and her hair was attached with a blue hair clasp.

The woman’s skin wasn’t that white, but she looked pure and noble.

“That’s Cheng Ya Nuo. The genius woman of the Cheng Clan.”

“Yes, even their strongest cultivator is here. They all had ulterior motives when they organized the competition.”

“But even if Cheng Ya Nuo is talented, she can’t do much against Prince Nan and Prince Tian Qiong.”

Everybody chattered on. At that moment, the Cheng Clan felt relieved, as Cheng Ya Nuo was there. She had a very high position in the Clan and when she was there, everything seemed easier.

“Ya Nuo, what is…” Cheng Shan looked at Cheng Ya Nuo. He immediately flew towards her.

“Don’t worry. Move away,” said Cheng Ya Nuo, gesturing indifferently.

Cheng Shan moved away and stood by a man in black clothes. He looked at Cheng Shan mockingly and said, “You piece of trash. You almost lost the competition.”

“Hmph, Luo Ze, don’t overestimate yourself because the leader of the Clan has confidence in you. Don’t forget that I am a real member of the Cheng Clan!!!” shouted Cheng Shan icily, staring at Luo Ze.

Luo Ze smiled disdainfully and said, “Let me tell you, Cheng Shan, in the future, I’ll be a son-in-law of the Cheng Clan, because sooner or later, Cheng Ya Nuo will be my wife, you understand?”

“Why?” said Cheng Shan sarcastically.

“Hmph, because I became an Eminent Scholar!!!” shouted Luo Ze. Some space and time strength appeared, and Cheng Shan’s expression changed drastically. He stared at Luo Ze, his heart pounding.

Luo Ze had become an Eminent Scholar? How was that possible?

When Luo Ze saw that Cheng Shan said absolutely nothing, he burst into laughter. Then he let go of Cheng Shan and walked towards Cheng Ya Nuo, whom he looked at with love and admiration.

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