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PMG 2 Chapter 90: Do You Understand?!

PMG 2 Chapter 90: Do You Understand?!


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“Sage Xie is very young and hasn’t been a Sage for a very long time?” asked Lin Feng. .

Huo Wu nodded, “Indeed, he’s the youngest one. Look there, Song Zhuang, first line.”

“What? Song Zhuang is Sage Xie?!” Huo Wu hadn’t even finished her sentence, Lin Feng was too astonished.

“Indeed. Song Zhuang is Sage Xie,” said Huo Wu, looking at Lin Feng in a strange way, as if he were a caveman. Lin Feng didn’t even know about the Four Sages. Where was he from?

Lin Feng ignored her expression. His heart was pounding. Song Zhuang was so strong, no wonder! Otherwise, he couldn’t have acted the way he did in the Gods Sect. He wouldn’t have been able to get Fan Tian Gang to come, either, and he wouldn’t have offended Di Shu.

Lin Feng had never thought Song Zhuang was one of the Four Sages, though. He had thought he’d be one of the five Dhammapalas, at most.

“Hey, what are you thinking about?” asked Huo Wu when she saw that Lin Feng had lowered his head and remained silent, and most importantly, he was ignoring her again.

Lin Feng was still thinking. It made Huo Wu even more angry.

“Hey, are you deaf!?” shouted Huo Wu, tapping Lin Feng’s shoulders. People around looked at her, but when they saw it was Huo Wu, they quickly turned their heads away again and looked elsewhere. They all knew she was bad-tempered.

Lin Feng came back to his senses and looked at her. Why was she looking at him like that? Why did she seem to care so much? They didn’t know each other.

“Are you not going back to your house?” asked Lin Feng when he saw Huo Wu was angry again, his face expressionless. Then he walked away, ignoring her. He stopped a hundred meters away from the Holy Heroes’ Stone Plate.

Lin Feng left the crowd. Huo Wu ran up behind him. She wanted to crush him!

“Hmph! Nobody has ever dared talk to me like that! I’m a princess! Let’s see how far you dare go!” shouted Huo Wu, pushing some people aside without the least hesitation. Some people looked at her angrily, but what could they do?

Lin Feng walked up to a battle stage. There wasn’t any fierce battle going on. A proud man in blue clothes was on it, bearing a spear. He was surrounded by an ice-cold Qi.

Lin Feng looked at him and frowned. That man was at the top of the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer, but his water Dao was already level three, and so was his space Dao. Lin Feng was stronger than him already.

“Shui Ning, you’re here too?” said Huo Wu, arriving behind. Lin Feng was now blandly used to her showing up behind him. It wasn’t easy to get away from her.

“He’s Sage Shui’s servant?” Lin Feng asked Huo Wu.

“No. He’s not Sage Shui’s servant. He’s Sage Shui’s son,” said Huo Wu, a bit unnaturally because Shui Ning was staring at her.

Lin Feng noticed that Shui Ning looked at Huo Wu with mixed feelings, but only for a second.

Huo Wu looked meeker. She finally looked elsewhere and stood behind Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t understand. Was Princess Huo afraid of Shui Ning?

But Lin Feng didn’t ask. He didn’t really care.

“I’m Shui Ning, third on the Heroes’ Fighting Abilities Plate. Nobody could defeat me. You can come onto the battle stage and challenge me. If I lose, your name will be on the Heroes’ Plate as well!” said Shui Ning, glancing around. Even though he looked calm and composed, one could sense he was both arrogant and aggressive.

Many people knew that Shui Ning was Sage Shui’s son, but he wasn’t the only one who had such a social status. Many people were children of the Four Sages and five Dhammapalas.

“The rules changed this year. You can only challenge the first three cultivators on the list. Those who win will have their names carved into the list, the losers will have their names erased!” whispered Huo Wu to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at the Heroes’ Plate. On the last line, he saw Shui Ning’s name. There were two names before his, the second and first place people.

“Nobody is coming? Hehe!” Nobody came. Shui Ning smiled coldly. He made fun of the crowd before glancing at Lin Feng.

“I’ll come and challenge you!” shouted someone furiously. A man in black clothes jumped onto the battle stage and threw himself at Shui Ning, releasing a terrifying Qi.

“That guy controls level three slaughtering Dao,” said Lin Feng to Huo Wu, without even noticing he was talking.

Huo Wu looked nervous. The challenger’s Qi was scary and explosive.

Everybody took a deep breath and watched calmly. The man in black clothes released a terrifying slaughtering Qi. How strong!

Shui Ning regarded him indifferently. He raised his left hand, and an explosive energy emerged from his spear. He thrust his spear, aiming at the man’s chest.

“Piss off!” shouted Shui Ning indifferently. The man looked furious. He sensed something warm on his chest, and blood appeared. Shui Ning had already taken his spear back.

“AHHHHH!” the man in black clothes shrieked, and was blown away. His slaughtering Qi disappeared and he fell onto the ground at Lin Feng’s feet, a crater appearing around him.

“You’re a disgrace for Sage Xie, don’t come here again, you weakling!” said Shui Ning proudly.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at the man in black clothes. He was one of Song Zhuang’s people, so Lin Feng had compassion for him.

“Come here and give me your hand,” said Lin Feng, smiling and stretching his hand out to the man in black clothes.

He looked startled and hesitated, but he did stretch his hand out.

Lin Feng concentrated and released forbidden strength. It penetrated into the man’s left hand, flowed towards his chest, and healed him.

Shui Ning’s weapon was a powerful one. It was a godly weapon, more powerful than a Holy King’s weapon. But it wasn’t as powerful as a godly imperial weapon. Lin Feng compared his God’s Sword to the spear, and thought his God’s Sword was more powerful.

Some time passed, and Lin Feng recalled his forbidden strength. The man’s injury was healed. Blood had stopped dripping.

The man was delighted. He hastily stood up and cupped his fist, “Thank you very much, Your Highness. I, Xie Sha, feel infinitely grateful.”

“You’re called Xie Sha?” asked Lin Feng.

“Indeed. My name is Xie Sha!” replied Xie Sha, smiling and nodding.

Suddenly, Lin Feng released a terrifying strength, Xie Sha’s face paled. He instinctively threw up his hands. He didn’t understand, why would Lin Feng want to kill him if he had just helped him?

Lin Feng and Xie Sha’s fists collided. People around them were blown a hundred meters away. Only the stronger cultivators managed to protect themselves.

Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with murder. He looked like a death god, a real demon.

Xie Sha was blown away once again, and coughed up blood. But then suddenly, he realized something. He looked delighted, overjoyed, because his slaughtering Dao had broken through! It was now level four!

And he had just become a High-Level Holy Emperor!!!

After Lin Feng’s attack, he had broken through.

Shui Ning looked between Lin Feng and Xie Sha with murder in his eyes.

“You understand?” asked Lin Feng, smiling calmly at Xie Sha.

“I understand. That’s a real slaughtering strength!” said Xie Sha, clenching his fists.

“Since you understand, go and challenge him again.”

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    Thanks for the translation.

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    Lin Feng teach this dude the real slaughtering dao and this dude level up to lvl 4.

    When Lin Feng itself didn’t reach lvl 2 slaughtering dao? Or am i wrong? Cause i didn’t recall it.

    What i recall is Lin Feng level up 2 times within a year since he arrived in this Continent of Gods and now low-level Holy Emperors.

    But Lao Chen is also in low-level Holy Emperors (the guy who steal the fourth holy cultivator talisman and Scheme Lin Feng for it) and reach it within years.

    Is it because the Godly stones? Hmm…

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    Yeah right like how tf

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