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PMG 2 Chapter 91: What Makes You Think You’re Qualified to Talk to Me That Way?

PMG 2 Chapter 91: What Makes You Think You’re Qualified to Talk to Me That Way?

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Lin Feng smiled and looked at Xie Sha.

Xie Sha nodded and looked at Shui Ning icily. He released slaughtering strength, it swept out from him. His slaughtering strength was much more powerful than before, and contained some demon strength. It had become genuinely slaughtering.

Even though Lin Feng wasn’t a High-Level Holy Emperor and didn’t control slaughtering Dao, he understood life and death Dao. His intuition helped him understand it.

Shui Ning looked grim, and glanced at Lin Feng. He didn’t know this guy, where was he from? And why was he with Huo Wu?

Huo Wu looked stupefied. Not only was Lin Feng strong, but he also had high comprehension abilities, which even allowed him to help others. He had just helped someone become a High-Level Holy Emperor!

In a small world, such people were considered great and respected scholars. Even in the Holy Shrine, they just stood out.

“I challenge you again. This time, I won’t be a disgrace for Sage Xie,” said Xie Sha, jumping back onto the stage. He raised his hands and a blood-red slaughtering Qi appeared. It was different from before. Before, he just looked like a slayer. Now, he looked like a genuine death god!

Shui Ning looked glum. He was initially happy he had won, but now Lin Feng had just infuriated him. It was all Lin Feng’s fault!

“Hmph! I hope you won’t lose face again!” said Shui Ning grunted icily. He looked even more unhappy. Firmly holding his spear, he took three steps forwards and raised it.

Xie Sha didn’t have any weapon. He just relied on his own strength, on his fist, and his brutal slaughtering determination.

In his previous battle, Xie Sha had been blown away by Shui Ning’s spear attack. But now, Lin Feng had helped him become stronger.

Of course, even though Shui Ning was a cultivator of the top of the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer, he was much stronger than some ordinary High-Level Holy Emperors. Xie Sha was now a new High-Level Holy Emperor. His cultivation wasn’t stable. Therefore, after battling for some time, Shui Ning noticed a flaw in his cultivation.

He took advantage of that flaw and defeated Xie Sha once again. But this time it wasn’t as easy as the first time. Shui Ning had been forced to use his full strength to push Xie Sha off the stage.

“Awww, I lost again. I’m sorry, sir, I probably disappointed you,” said Xie Sha. His eyes were red, and he felt guilty.

But by saying that, he also made fun of Shui Ning. Lin Feng understood it that way, as well. Actually, Xie Sha was quite satisfied.

Indeed, Xie Sha was just one of Sage Xie’s people, but Shui Ning was Sage Shui’s son. It was a big difference. Xie Sha had been able to have a fierce and long battle against Shui Ning, he could be proud of himself.

“Keep up the good work. Go and learn from Sage Xie. Tell him Lin Feng told you to do so,” said Lin Feng smiling patiently.

Xie Sha nodded and cupped his fist before leaving.

Lin Feng turned to Shui Ning.

“Anyone else wants to challenge me?” said Shui Ning proudly.

“I’ll come,” said an old man flying out of the crowd. Even though he looked old already, nothing proved that Shui Ning wasn’t also just as old. Nobody could be a teenager or a young adult and be a spiritual being already.

The old man jumped onto the stage and attacked Shui Ning. The old man controlled level three speed Dao.

The old man threw his fist at Shui Ning’s chest. Shui Ning released space and time Dao strength. The space under his feet changed. Even though he controlled speed Dao, his enemy and he were still both in the same space.

Shui Ning smiled icily and threw out his fist. It contained ice Qi.

The old man used both forearms to stop Shui Ning’s attack. Shui Ning grunted coldly. He attacked the space with his left hand and destroyed it, then it continued moving towards and crashed against the old man’s arms. The old man slipped backwards and out of the battle stage.

“You lost!” said Shui Ning indifferently. The old man looked neither happy nor sad. He wiped the blood off his mouth, cupped his fist, and left.

“The old man just now was an elder of the Holy Shrine,” Huo Wu said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded. The old man was quite strong, so his rank couldn’t be that low in the Holy Shrine, but still elders were just above ordinary members in the Holy Shrine.

“Everybody can give up. Nobody can defeat me,” said Shui Ning proudly. Hearing him infuriated many people. He was exasperating and infuriating, but what could people do? He had defeated Xie Sha and the elder of the Holy Shrine. It proved he was strong.

“A wise man understands and submits to circumstances. You won’t have any opportunity this year. You can come tomorrow, but beware, don’t lose face trying to become prestigious.

“I fought fifteen battles and didn’t lose a single one. You think people like you can do anything against me?” said Shui Ning slowly. He sounded extremely arrogant.

Everybody clenched their fists. People were terribly angry, but they weren’t strong enough to teach him a good lesson. They didn’t dare say anything, because they didn’t want to offend him or Sage Shui.

When Lin Feng saw everybody around him was furious, he shook his head. These people are morons, he thought.

Lin Feng shook his head, he was bored and tired of being surrounded by people like this. He got ready to leave and go back to the Gods Sect to get ready for the holy cultivators’ competition.

“Who said nobody can defeat you? He can!” proclaimed a clear and melodious voice as Lin Feng walked away. Everybody looked at him.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Huo Wu. She was pointing at him with her finger and glancing at Shui Ning angrily.

Shui Ning stared at Lin Feng icily. Lin Feng had tried to ruin his plans, he already didn’t like him. But he was careful, he didn’t know what Lin Feng’s background was, and he might have a social status, so he didn’t offend him.

But Huo Wu willingly provoked him. Besides, she said Lin Feng could defeat him, that made him angry, and he took it as a challenge.

Lin Feng was embarrassed. Huo Wu was too troublesome!

“I won’t fight. I don’t care about the heroes’ plate. Don’t misunderstand me,” Lin Feng said to Shui Ning dismissively, and then continued walking away.

Lin Feng didn’t feel like fighting. He wasn’t interested in the heroes’ plate. Even if he defeated Shui Ning, his name would only be at the bottom of the list. There was nothing dazzling or prestigious about that.

If it had been Di Shu and if Lin Feng had been strong enough, he would have challenged him.

Lin Feng refused to fight. Many people sighed in disappointment because Lin Feng wouldn’t teach Shui Ning a good lesson. Some others were disappointed because they liked trouble, and they looked at Lin Feng mockingly.

“Hehe. I am a strong cultivator. Cowards obviously don’t want to fight against me. You can leave,” said Shui Ning, smiling mockingly. He was delighted when he saw that Huo Wu look furious. He smiled arrogantly and said, “What makes you think that coward of yours could defeat me?

“He has no background and no balls. He’s a powerless piece of trash. And you think he’s qualified to fight against me?”

“It wouldn’t even be an honor to defeat such a weakling,” jeered Shui Ning sharply. Huo Wu ground her teeth and trembled with fury. But what could she do against Shui Ning?

“Shui Ning, I don’t feel like challenging you, but it’s not because I am afraid of you. You don’t need to be provocative!” shouted Lin Feng.

“Why then?” sneered Shui Ning. He was interested in Lin Feng’s reply.

He was willingly infuriating Lin Feng to humiliate both him and Huo Wu. He had the impression Lin Feng couldn’t refuse anymore.

But Lin Feng clearly understood what he was thinking.

“Because you’re not worth challenging,” Lin Feng said simply, smiling icily.

Everybody suddenly stopped talking. Silence invaded the space. Some people even held their breath and looked at them both.

By saying that, Lin Feng had humiliated and provoked Shui Ning.

As expected, when Shui Ning heard Lin Feng, his face turned grim.

“Why do you say that? You think you’re qualified to talk to me like that?!” shouted Shui Ning furiously.

“Why do you ask me that? You think you’re qualified to talk to me like that?!” replied Lin Feng as well, laying it on thick. Everybody was curious to know what was going to happen next.

A great battle?!

“You really want to die!” Finally, Shui Ning couldn’t hold it anymore, and in a burst of rage, he threw his spear at Lin Feng’s chest.

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