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PMG 2 Chapter 93: Going Into the All-Embracing Varuṇa!

PMG 2 Chapter 93: Going Into the All-Embracing Varuṇa!

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Lin Feng’s nine-headed dragon roared with all heads and released its absorbing strength. They looked like nine different dragon divinities. In comparison, the terrifying creatures in the water tornado looked rather cute.

Shui Ning’s heart twitched. Blood splashed out of his mouth. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

But face was important, he couldn’t lose. Thinking about that, his expression became even more hideous. He howled furiously and continued releasing strength into his All-Embracing Varuṇa.

The two absorbing strengths collided, but Shui Ning needed to release strength to support the attack. Lin Feng was using his spirit. As long as he didn’t die, his spirit was still there.

“Absorb everything. Absorb all those creatures,” Lin Feng directed his spirit impassively, his long black hair fluttering in the wind. His spirit released even more absorbing strength.

Shui Ning’s absorbing strength had drawn Huo Wu back, she was caught between the two absorbing strengths. The pressure was barely bearable.

“Huo Wu, come here!” shouted Lin Feng, raising his left hand.

“Huo Wu? Since I can’t absorb him, I’ll absorb you! Hahaha!” said Shui Ning. He realized his All-Embracing Varuṇa absorbing strength couldn’t absorb Lin Feng, so he decided to focus on Huo Wu. He thought Lin Feng would be affected, he didn’t know Lin Feng and Huo Wu had only met today.

Huo Wu did all she could to move towards Lin Feng. She was about to reach his left hand, but at that moment, Shui Ning released even more absorbing strength around Huo Wu and drew her back to his All-Embracing Varuṇa.

“AHHHHH!!!! Save me!!” shouted Huo Wu. Her expression changed drastically. She released as much strength as she could to resist, but it wasn’t enough. The absorbing strength of the All-Embracing Varuṇa was too powerful. Huo Wu couldn’t compete with a true Holy Emperor.

Lin Feng’s expression changed. Even though he didn’t know Huo Wu, he didn’t want anything to happen to her, especially since she wanted to help him. He felt guilty, and guilt didn’t have a good impact on cultivation.

Thinking about it, Lin Feng flashed forwards. His nine-headed dragon spirit disappeared, and he let himself get absorbed by the All-Embracing Varuṇa. He arrived in front of the entrance of the vortex, grabbed Huo Wu’s hand and dragged her into his arms. Then he let himself get dragged into the All-Embracing Varuṇa’s hole.

“Hahaha! Lin Feng! Let’s see if you don’t die this time!!!” shouted Shui Ning, laughing madly.

“Hmph! Lin Feng lost! Who else will dare and come challenge me?!” said Shui Ning, clasping his hands behind his back. At that moment, only people who could compete with him were still standing at the foot of the battle stage, but nobody felt like it. Nobody dared.

Shui Ning laughed like a madman. Once again, nobody dared fight against him! Even though Lin Feng had posed a huge threat to him, now he was in the All-Embracing Varuṇa, doomed!

Shui Ning stood there looking imposing and awe-inspiring, holding his spear in his left hand. He raised his right hand and made his All-Embracing Varuṇa disappear.

Shui Ning wanted to stay on the battle stage. It wasn’t over yet. He wanted more people to challenge him, but even if nobody dared challenge him again, he was happy to stand there and wait.

Shui Ning didn’t notice that not far away, four men wearing clothes of different colors were standing at the top of pavilion. They had been watching the whole scene calmly.

“Huo Zhu Rong, don’t worry. Your daughter will be fine,” said a relatively young man, smiling to a man in red clothes who was standing next to him. His face was red, too.

At that moment, the man in red clothes looked furious. He glanced at the man in blue clothes next to him. They were both Sages, Huo Zhu Rong and Shui Gong Gong. One was Sage Huo, the leader of the Four Sages, and the other one was Sage Shui. They had almost the same rank.

The one who had just talked and was smiling was Sage Xie, also known as Song Zhuang.

Song Zhuang and the others had been standing there the whole afternoon. They had seen Lin Feng come to the Holy Shrine. If Lin Feng had been in danger, Song Zhuang would have gotten involved. But Song Zhuang hadn’t gotten involved because he had confidence in Lin Feng.

But Huo Zhu Rong was furious. A moment before, he wanted to get involved to save his daughter, but Song Zhuang had stopped him. Huo Wu and Lin Feng had been absorbed by the All-Embracing Varuṇa’s vortex. Huo Zhu Rong couldn’t see his daughter anymore, how could he not be furious?

“Song Zhuang, I am older than you. If anything happens to my daughter, I will not let you off,” said Huo Zhu Rong, clenching his fists angrily. Flames appeared all around his body.

Song Zhuang smiled patiently and shook his head. He raised his left hand and took out a fan.

“Don’t worry. Lin Feng can protect your daughter. She’s safe,” stated Song Zhuang, smiling and cooling himself with his fan.

Huo Zhu Rong was surprised and asked, “You mean the boy who jumped into the All-Embracing Varuṇa to save my daughter?”

“Haha! Indeed. That young man. Wait. You’ll see. You’ll be pleasantly surprised,” confirmed Song Zhuang, smiling at Huo Zhu Rong.

Huo Zhu Rong was still angry, but since Sage Xie said so, he was curious to see. He decided to trust Song Zhuang for now.

Fan Tian Gang hadn’t said anything from the beginning, he just watched calmly.

Inside the All-Embracing Varuṇa, the space was boundless, there was water and roaring beasts everywhere.

Huo Wu’s face was ghastly pale. She was terrified and kept clenching her fists. She curled up, not daring to look at the water monsters.

Lin Feng wasn’t surprised to see Huo Wu was scared. She was an inexperienced fighter, after all.

Lin Feng grabbed Huo Wu’s left hand. Huo Wu felt his touch, and it cheered her up a little. She raised her head and looked at him standing there. She felt less scared somehow.

“I’ll take you somewhere,” said Lin Feng. They disappeared from inside the All-Embracing Varuṇa. In the blink of an eye, Huo Wu realized she was in a blue star world, on a path amid stars. In front of her was a splendid palace.

“Lin Feng, where are we?” asked Huo Wu. She didn’t understand.

“Don’t worry. You’re safe here,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t tell her his secret. He didn’t know her that well.

“Blue-Green Ox, come here!” shouted Lin Feng.

Huo Wu saw a blue ox appear, who turned into an old man. She was astonished.

“Greetings, Master,” said Blue-Green Ox, cupping his fist.

Lin Feng nodded. Blue-Green Ox’s cultivation was now quite stable. He was ready to work on to becoming a Half-Holy Emperor now.

“Master, all the other beasts have also broken through to the Supreme Holy King layer. The three main ones are trying to break through to the Half-Holy Emperor layer,” Blue-Green Ox said to Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t need to ask. Blue-Green Ox knew what he wanted to know.

Lin Feng continued waiting for Blue-Green Ox’s reports. He was mostly interested in two people. Blue-Green Ox knew what Lin Feng was thinking.

“Master, your wives are already Supreme Holy Kings. The two of them will soon break through to the Half-Holy Emperor layer. I guess they will manage to do so within three months,” said Blue-Green Ox. Lin Feng was relieved when he heard that.

“Here, a hundred thousand Godly Stones. Keep fifty thousand, and give the other half to Meng Qing and You You,” said Lin Feng, giving a hundred thousand Godly Stones to Blue-Green Ox. Blue-Green Ox was delighted and took them.

Huo Wu was stupefied witnessing such a scene. She had guessed Lin Feng was married already, and what she heard last confirmed her guesses.

Huo Wu hadn’t guessed that Lin Feng had grandchildren already, though!

“Lin Feng, here are five-hundred thousand Godly Stones. It’s a gift to express my gratitude. You saved my life. You can give half to your servants and the other half to your… wives.”

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  1. Gray May 31, 2019 at 11:26 pm - Reply

    well this one is quiet careless for Lin Feng to bring her in this world. i mean this is a sacred place where only the important person who can go there, and also this is his Secret too.

    but hmm… as long as it was a female is acceptable ? Lin Feng become brainless in front of female. soo sad. it is not wrong but, it feels wrong for me -_-. Considering how Lin Feng path of life.

    • Diaz December 17, 2019 at 9:35 am - Reply

      This is just the world outside of Godly Grave. Otherwise, DK Ox would’ve prevented her to enter it.

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