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PMG 2 Chapter 94: You Lost!

PMG 2 Chapter 94: You Lost!

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Huo Wu took out five hundred thousand Godly Stones as she said that.

Blue-Green Ox looked impressed. He didn’t dare take them. After all, Lin Feng hadn’t agreed yet.

Lin Feng looked at Huo Wu meaningfully. Huo Wu smiled shyly, and turned her head. Lin Feng thought for a few seconds and nodded, “Alright. Take them, focus on cultivation,” said Lin Feng to Blue-Green Ox after taking the five hundred thousand Godly Stones. He kept most of the Godly Stones for Meng Qing and You You.

“Oh, by the way, why did you come here, Master?” asked Blue-Green Ox, while putting the Godly Stones away. Lin Feng couldn’t possibly have come to the Star World without any ulterior motive.

“Among you, beasts, which of you can live in water?” asked Lin Feng.

“Master, except for me, Red Fox, and Red Tiger, the other six beasts are all aquatic mystical creatures. Grey Dragon, Flying Snake and the others are all aquatic. What’s the matter, Master? Are you in trouble?” asked Blue-Green Ox. Lin Feng probably needed help.

“Send them to me. They will meet many new friends,” said Lin Feng, smiling thinly.

Even though Blue-Green Ox didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant, he obeyed. Blue-Green Ox turned around the sound of a bamboo flute spread through the air. It was a special instrument the beasts used to contact one another.

After that, Huo Wu saw six silhouettes appear in front of Lin Feng. They looked rather alike. It was difficult to tell what kind of beasts they were.

“Blue-Green Ox, why did you call us?” asked a beast skeptically.

Blue-Green Ox looked at him, and then at Lin Feng.

When the six beasts noticed Lin Feng, their expressions suddenly changed and they cupped their fists and shouted, “Greetings, Master!”

“It’s alright. You six come with me. Huo Wu, stay here,” said Lin Feng, not wasting a second. Then he disappeared. The six beasts glanced at one another. Even though they were puzzled, they obeyed their Master’s orders and followed Lin Feng out of the Star World.

Lin Feng reappeared in the All-Embracing Varuṇa. The six beasts appeared shortly after him.

As soon as the six beasts came out, they noticed a bunch of roaring beasts around them. They were all aquatic types like them.

“Master, this… what is this place?” asked a beast nervously. Wasn’t Lin Feng satisfied with them? Had he kidnapped all the members of their clan?

Lin Feng glanced at them, pointed at the aquatic creatures with his finger and said, “They have all been absorbed by the All-Embracing Varuṇa. They gradually turned into weapons. When people get absorbed into the All-Embracing Varuṇa, these beasts crush them. Therefore, I was thinking you could help me take them back. They are all of the same type as you.”

“Alright, I understand, Master,” said Flying Snake when he heard Lin Feng. Flying Snake turned into his bestial form, a gigantic one hundred-meter long, meters-wide blue-green snake. He roared out and many Flying Snakes started hissing.

“Those who belong to the same clan as me, come with me!” said Flying Snake. He disappeared from the All-Embracing Varuṇa. All the flying snakes disappeared with him as well.

In the blink of an eye, around ten thousand beasts disappeared from there.

The dragon also left with all the beasts of his kind.

After that, the four other beasts did the same. In the All-Embracing Varuṇa, only a few thousand beasts were left.

Lin Feng disappeared again and went back to the Star World. He grabbed Huo Wu’s small hand and disappeared from there.

“Huo Wu, I need to use your fire strength,” said Lin Feng as they reappeared in the All-Embracing Varuṇa. Lin Feng glanced around at the water. The beasts didn’t pose a threat to them anymore. If he broke the water energy, then the All-Embracing Varuṇa would be useless.

Huo Wu instantly understood what Lin Feng wanted to do, but she was only a Half-Holy Emperor, she wasn’t strong enough. The All-Embracing Varuṇa had been created by Shui Ning, who was much stronger than her.

“Don’t worry about your strength. Just leave everything to me. Just worry about fire strength,” said Lin Feng, smiling when he saw that Huo Wu looked hesitant.

Huo Wu nodded and focused on releasing fire strength. Suddenly, fire appeared all around her hands. The flames turned into a ten-meter wide fireball. It was far from enough.

Lin Feng shouted furiously. He raised his left hand and released strength, which penetrated into Huo Wu’s body. Huo Wu suddenly sensed an incredible strength flowing through her veins to her hands. Her fire suddenly became much bigger and more powerful.

“Break!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He released more strength himself. The fire invaded the whole space inside the All-Embracing Varuṇa and displaced the water energy.

The two of them heard an explosion, and the All-Embracing Varuṇa collapsed.


At that moment, Shui Ning coughed up blood and was blown away. He crashed down at the foot of the battle stage, his face deathly pale. He had no strength left.

Shui Ning raised his head and suddenly saw Lin Feng and Huo Wu. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“How… How is that possible? How could you possibly come out?” demanded Shui Ning. His expression was hideous. He was astonished and furious.

Lin Feng smiled coldly. He glanced at Shui Ning’s spear, still held in his left hand. His spear flew up and then fell down next to Lin Feng. He had lost his spear and his face.

“You lost!” spat Lin Feng icily. He didn’t say much, just those two words were sufficient to humiliate Shui Ning.

Shui Ning couldn’t believe it. Lin Feng had broken his All-Embracing Varuṇa?! He had escaped and then injured him?!

“Lin Feng, go and write your name on it,” said Huo Wu, pointing at the heroes’ plate with her finger.

Being able to have one’s name on the heroes’ plate was a prestigious and glorious thing. Many people dreamt of it. Huo Wu hoped Lin Feng would enjoy having his name on the list.

Shui Ning’s face was ghastly pale. He didn’t want Lin Feng to write his name on the list. Shui Ning already felt humiliated. He was Sage Shui’s son, how could he lose against an unknown cultivator? How humiliating!

The Four Sages clearly heard Huo Wu. Huo Zhu Rong smiled. He knew what his daughter meant, he was her father. She was starting to fall for him!

Song Zhuang also hoped that Lin Feng would write his name on the list. It would increase his chances of becoming Holy Fifth.

The Four Sages looked at Lin Feng, and impatiently waited for him to reply.

When Lin Feng heard Huo Wu, he understood what she meant, but he really wasn’t interested in challenging Shui Ning. He had defeated Shui Ning now and taught him a good lesson.

“Nah. I won’t put my name there. I wasn’t interested in fighting against Shui Ning. If he hadn’t pushed me to the limit, I wouldn’t have gotten involved. Besides, his rank is so low. I don’t feel like having my name at the bottom of the list. If Shui Ning was in the first row, maybe I would think differently,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

He refused!

Lin Feng’s words made Shui Ning cough even more blood! How humiliating! Lin Feng refused to put his name there because he found that rank too low? Lin Feng was even making fun of him by not putting his name up there

Shui Ning found it great to have his name on the heroes’ plate, even where it was. Lin Feng wasn’t even interested.

Lin Feng’s decision made the sages laugh, but their laughs didn’t mean the same thing. Sage Shui laughed icily, staring at Lin Feng angrily. Song Zhuang and Fan Tian Gang laughed happily. Lin Feng was determined, and destined to become stronger.

Sage Huo laughed and smiled, looking at his daughter, but nobody knew why he was laughing!


As the Four Sages were laughing and smiling, they heard someone shout furiously. Shui Ning struggled to get up. He had reclaimed his spear, and threw it at Lin Feng. He had only one thing in mind at that moment, he wanted to kill Lin Feng!

The atmosphere became oppressive again.

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