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PMG 2 Chapter 95: Holy Fifth Selection

PMG 2 Chapter 95: Holy Fifth Selection

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Lin Feng glanced at Shui Ning and smiled coldly. He raised his left foot and kicked out. Shui Ning’s inner strength was already greatly weakened, he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng anymore. Lin Feng kicked Shui Ning’s spear and it instantly flew away hundreds of meters away.

“I’ve reached my limit. Don’t insist. Today, you lost and you can only blame yourself. Don’t try and blame me for your defeat. Otherwise, you will lose face, but most importantly, your father will think you’re a disgrace!” said Lin Feng icily. His God’s Sword turned into a white light, flashing and returning to Lin Feng’s body.

“Huo Wu, we will probably meet again. I’m off for now. See you,.” said Lin Feng to Huo Wu, cupping his fist. Then, he took out his shuttle, which instantly fled across the sky. Huo Wu blinked, and Lin Feng had already disappeared.

Huo Wu stomped and clenched her fists. She was angry.

“Huo Wu, come back.” A man in a fire-red robe appeared next to her. It was her father, Sage Huo!

Huo Wu was so startled she almost fell down. She turned around in a fright and saw her father. She had secretly gone out on today, and her father had caught her.

“Dad, I…” said Huo Wu. She wanted to say something, but Huo Zhu Rong interrupted her.

“No need. You caused trouble today. We will talk about it. But for now, come back home with me,” stated Huo Zhu Rong indifferently, grabbing his daughter’s hand and getting ready to leave.

“Sage Huo, are you leaving already?” asked someone as they got ready to leave. It was Sage Shui. He looked at Sage Huo and Huo Wu glumly, especially Huo Wu. He looked furious.

“If you have a problem, go to the Gods Sect to find Lin Feng. He’s the one who defeated your son. It has nothing to do with my daughter,” spit Huo Zhu Rong angrily. He raised his left hand, and a shuttle appeared. Huo Zhu Rong and Huo Wu jumped into the shuttle and flew away.

Shui Gong Gong was very unhappy as they left. He clenched his fists in anger. He finially looked at his own son, releasing water strength through his left hand to penetrate into Shui Ning’s chest.

Shui Ning sensed something moving through him. His Qi wasn’t so weak anymore, and he quickly recovered. His father was extremely strong.

“Father, I made you lose face today,” said Shui Ning standing up and bowing, hand over fist. He felt guilty.

“It’s alright. Keep up the good work,” said Shui Gong Gong smiling indifferently. He didn’t blame his son.

Shui Ning wasn’t sad anymore when he saw his father wasn’t angry. If his father had been angry, he would have felt extremely bad.


Shui Ning took a deep breath, but his father continued talking. Instantly, Shui Ning’s heart twitched, he raised his head and looked at Sage Shui again.

“But you have to get your revenge. Lin Feng humiliated you today. You must regain your reputation,” Shui Gong Gong said grimly.

Shui Ning looked glum as well and clenched his fists. He nodded and shouted, “Don’t worry, Father! Lin Feng will pay the price! I will kill him personally!”

“Yes, indeed. In a few days, it’ll be Holy Fifth’s Selection Competition. I will send you to the Gods Sect as a guest of honor,” said Sage Shui with a smile.

When Shui Ning saw his father’s strange smile, he understood that Lin Feng was probably a member of the Gods Sect, so he smiled broadly and nodded. He knew why his father was smiling like that.


Huo Wu and Sage Huo went back to their palace. Sage Huo called some people to look after her. He didn’t want her to go out secretly like she had done. Huo Wu looked appropriately sad and apologized.

Sage Huo was satisfied with his daughter’s reaction, and left her room. Huo Wu was perplexed, though. Why had her father told her about Lin Feng?

“Gods Sect? Hmph! Lin Feng, let’s see how you intend to get rid of a princess!” Huo Wu huffed. Then she burst into laughter and wrapped a bundle in a cloth. She would escape that night!


Lin Feng was in his shuttle and flying back to the Gods Sect. Even though he was a Supreme Elder, he had no place to stay. When he went back, luckily the Holy Fifth Selection Competition was going to start soon.

If Lin Feng became Holy Fifth, he’d have two social statuses. He wouldn’t only be a Supreme Elder in the Gods Sect, he would also be Holy Fifth. He would be closely connected to the Holy Shrine, and Di Shu wouldn’t be able to bully him anymore.

Lin Feng had to do his best to become Holy Fifth, since Di Shu wasn’t allowing him to benefit from his privileges.

Competition for the selection of a holy cultivator drew everybody’s attention, as holy cultivators were a reserve of strength for the Holy Shrine. The Sages and Dhammapalas had all started as holy cultivators. With lots of hard work, they managed to become Sages and Dhammapalas.

Some neighboring regions had also sent people to participate in the event. It was probably the first time Lin Feng would participate in such a huge competition. He would be deeply involved.

Among the influential groups of the Supranatural Region, Lin Feng knew the Gods Sect, the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, the Sword Sect, some strong cultivators from Zhongzhuan City, and Demon Corpses Hill. But some Holy Shrines from other regions would also send people, such as the Spiritual Region and the Silver Region.

Lin Feng couldn’t wait. Maybe Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin would be among the members of the Silver Region, or that he would be able to ask about them. Xue Baguio was also from the Silver Region, so if those people came, he would be able to ask about her too!

Regarding Demon Corpses Hill, he could contact the demon corpse generals using demon corpse Qi. Lin Feng would probably dispatch General Kui.


Lin Feng spent the night at the top of the Godly Mountain, and looked at the starry sky. He calmly enjoyed the peacefulness of the night. He also studied the difference between day and night.

During that night, Lin Feng became much stronger. Even though he hadn’t studied new things, he had filled in the gaps in terms of space and time Dao, and life and death Dao.

The next day, early in the morning, some disciples informed him that the Supreme Elders were having a meeting regarding the holy cultivator’s selection competition. The meeting would take place in the same place as usual, in the pavilion at the top of the Godly Mountain.

Lin Feng waited there for the other Supreme Elders and the holy cultivators. Fan Sheng Jun anticipated things this time and brought a few more chairs. That way, there would be no problem regarding seats.

Fan Sheng Jun and Xuan Yuan Mu arrived first. Lin Feng had been there the whole time. The two didn’t know he had spent the night there.

“Greetings, Uncle Lin Feng,” said Fan Sheng Jun and Xuan Yuan Mu, bowing hand over fist.

“Don’t be so formal. I don’t even care about the Supreme Elder title,” replied Lin Feng, smiling at them two.

“Hmph! How insolent and rude! You aren’t interested in the Supreme Elder title!? Then give it up!” shouted someone right after Lin Feng said that. It was Di Shu, obviously. He looked furious.

Lin Feng noticed a bruise on Di Shu’s arm. It wasn’t a bad injury, but still, Fan Tian Gang had injured him.

Lin Feng didn’t believe that Fan Tian Gang had fought against Di Shu to help him. Lin Feng knew that Fan Tian Gang had fought against Di Shu to teach him a good lesson and make him stop considering everyone beneath his notice.

Di Shu grunted icily. Fan Sheng Jun and Xuan Yuan Mu glanced at each other and smiled awkwardly. Why did Di Shu hate Lin Feng so much? They didn’t understand.

“Even if I don’t want to be a Supreme Elder, what does that have to do with you, Di Shu? Why do you care?”

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