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PMG 2 Chapter 96: Spectacular Event

PMG 2 Chapter 96: Spectacular Event

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Lin Feng wasn’t polite to Di Shu.

Fan Sheng Jun immediately got cold sweats when he heard Lin Feng.

As expected, Lin Feng infuriated Di Shu again. But this time, Di Shu didn’t attack. He just clenched his fists. He glared at Lin Feng and nodded. His face was bright red. Then he walked over to his chair and ignored Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was surprised. Something had changed. Di Shu had a really bad temper, and Lin Feng had just infuriated him, how come Di Shu decided to let it go? What had happened?

“Jun, you must focus this time. Otherwise, the clans, sects and Holy Shrines of the other regions will make fun of us,” said someone as Lin Feng was thinking. Lin Feng immediately recognized that voice.

“I understand, father,” said Fan Sheng Jun bowing respectfully before his father.

“Greetings, Sage!” said Xuan Yuan Mu, bowing hand over fist respectfully before Fan Tian Gang. Fan Tian Gang was standing next to Lin Feng.

“Greetings, Sage.” said Di Shu. Even though he didn’t look happy, he had to be respectful in front of Fan Tian Gang, the third Sage. He couldn’t act insolently. He also stood up and bowed hand over fist.

“Everybody stand up,” said Fan Tian Gang waved. He glanced at Lin Feng and then sat down on the main seat. When Di Shu saw Fan Tian Gang sit down on his seat, he was incensed, but it wasn’t possible to tell by looking at his face.

“Bodhidharma greets you, Sage!”

“Greetings, Sage!”

“The four holy cultivators greet you, Sage!”

In a short time, the four holy cultivators arrived and all bowed hand over fist before Fan Tian Gang.

Bodhidharma also arrived, walking over to Lin Feng. Lin Feng sensed Bodhidharma’s Qi and realized he wasn’t injured anymore, he had fully recovered. He was still wearing his mask, though. Since he knew about Bodhidharma’s face, Lin Feng felt even more pressure.

For Lin Feng, there was now no other option, he had to kill Di Shu. First because Bodhidharma had saved him, and Lin Feng had promised him, and second because Di Shu and he were natural born enemies. They couldn’t coexist in the same world.

And third, because Di Shu kept attacking him and if Li wanted to have a happy life, he had to. There would be one less burden if Di Shu died.

“Alright, everybody is here. Let’s not waste time,” said Fan Tian Gang coldly. Everybody instantly stopped talking. They all looked to Fan Tian Gang, including Di Shu.

“Bodhidharma will be in charge of the safety. You must watch the periphery of the Gods Sect. Don’t let anyone cause trouble,” said Fan Tian Gang coldly.

“Sir,” Bodhidharma nodded.

“Di Shu, you will be in charge of everything, as well as punishments.” said Fan Tian Gang to Di Shu. Di Shu nodded, ever so slightly mollified.

Fan Tian Gang nodded and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was a new Supreme Elder and Fan Tian Gang had mixed feelings, but Lin Feng was already imposing and awe-inspiring in the Gods Sect. He had even defeated Sage Shui’s son, yet refused to put his name on the list.

What Lin Feng had done would probably spread quickly in the Holy Shrine. That would be of great help to Lin Feng in becoming Holy Fifth.

“Lin Feng, you will be in charge of receiving people sent out by the various groups and the guests of honor. No conflict can happen with them,” Fan Tian Gang said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything and nodded.

“Sheng Hui, Dong Sheng, Yi Yun, and Mo Da, you will be in charge of everything related to the guests of honor. Same thing, no conflict can happen.”

“Jun, Xuan Yuan Mu and you will be in charge of the competition itself. No need to worry about the rest,” said Fan Tian Gang. He was done assigning tasks to everybody. Nobody could have any objections.

He was a Sage. He was at the top of the Holy Shrine, and it was his sect. Everyone had to listen to him, including Di Shu.

Di Shu and Lin Feng didn’t argue again, but everybody knew that it was only temporary. Conflicts would arise again at some point, and then it would be dangerous.

“Lin Feng, be careful of Mo Da. He has already broken through to the High-Level Holy Emperor layer,”
Bodhidharma said to Lin Feng telepathically. Lin Feng was stupefied and glanced at Holy Fourth Mo Da. As expected, his Qi was thicker. His Dao was level four!

Lin Feng also looked at Holy Third Yi Yun. He had also become a High-Level Holy Emperor. There was no Low-Level Holy Emperor among the holy cultivators anymore. Lin Feng had to make efforts!

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to Holy Fourth, who was looking at him provocatively. He left quickly.


He didn’t do much that night.

The next day, early in the morning, people from all sorts of groups had already started arriving. Lin Feng was in charge of receiving and welcoming them, which he did.

Lin Feng was very polite and respectful to the guests, fulfilling his duty as a Supreme Elder.

The Great Holy Fifth Selection Competition was going to start soon, so many people arrived early.

The Gods Sect was situated in the northern part of the central area of the Supranatural Region. The northern part was filled with people. There were people everywhere, on the ground and in the sky. Ordinary people who were sick all healed instantly on today. They all thought it was a miracle, and the gods had healed them.

Lin Feng was a spiritual being, Di Shu was a spiritual being. Everybody who was at least a Supreme Holy King was a spiritual being, or a god.

The huge gate of the sect was open. It wasn’t a closed world today, and everybody entered. Of course, they needed an invitation letter from the Gods Sect or the Holy Shrine to get in.

The Gods Sect had sent invitation letters to powerful and influential groups of the Supranatural Region. The Holy Shrine had sent invitation letters to the other Holy Shrines.

Lin Feng and the four holy cultivators had similar tasks, taking care of the guests. During those two days, apart from welcoming people from small sects, Lin Feng also welcomed some strong cultivators from Zhongzhuan City.

When Lin Feng thought of Zhongzhuan City, he thought of the Tian Clan. The Tian Clan brought Tian Ao this time. When Tian Ao saw Lin Feng, he wasn’t angry, but he didn’t talk to him, either.

Lin Feng was surprised by Tian Ao’s behavior. Tian Qiong had died because of Lin Feng, Tian Ao definitely knew about that, but he didn’t look angry. It was extremely surprising and strange.

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t care that much. No matter what, the Tian Clan couldn’t pose a threat to him anymore. Lin Feng wasn’t a little Supreme Holy King anymore. He was as strong as Tian Ao, at the very least. But Lin Feng was convinced that he could kill Tian Ao in one strike.

Even though they were at the same level, there were huge differences.

Lin Feng didn’t welcome any cultivator from the Silver Region or the Sword Sect. The four holy cultivators welcomed them.

Lin Feng wasn’t in a rush, either. He would wait until the day after to ask about the members of the Silver Region. The great competition would start on the day after that.

Lin Feng was going to participate. So, in the evening, he received a list of the participants. There were many people Lin Feng didn’t know but some names also surprised him.

The first one was Cheng Shan!

“Cheng Shan… How is that possible?”

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