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PMG 2 Chapter 97: Familiar People

PMG 2 Chapter 97: Familiar People

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Cheng Shan and I became good friends in Zhongzhuan City. If he participates in the competition, it won’t be easy for him, thought Lin Feng, looking at the list. He was stupefied and happy at the same time. Cheng Shan wanted to participate, which meant he had become stronger.

Lin Feng turned the page and saw another familiar name.

Tian Han!

Tian Han was almost like Tian Qiong’s uncle. They used to be together all the time, but he wasn’t as strong as Tian Qiong. The Tian Clan had chosen Tian Han to participate because they didn’t want to be left aside.

Luo Chen!

Lin Feng also knew that name. Tian Qiong had died because of him. Luo Chen’s background was mysterious. He was quite strong, but discreet. Nobody knew much about him. Lin Feng had a bad premonition about him, as if something had been going to happen between them.

Of course, Lin Feng was even more stupefied when he saw Xuan Yuan Mu in the list. Xuan Yuan Mu was already an elder in the sect. Even though his rank was average, why did he want to participate?

Apart from those people, Lin Feng also looked at the names of the participants who came from other groups. Nobody wanted to miss the opportunity of becoming a holy cultivator.

The Sword Sect sent someone called Jian Ya. He reminded Lin Feng of Jian Mang. Jian Mang was probably still in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and probably didn’t know about the Continent of the Gods.

Only by hearing Jian Ya’s name, one could guess he was extremely strong [Translator’s Note: “Ya” in “Jian Ya” means silent and “Jian” means “sword”]. How strong were the members of the Sword Sect? Lin Feng thought for a while, and then put the list away.

“No matter what, the great competition is going to start soon, and thinking too much is useless. I must focus if I want to become Holy Fifth,” he murmured. He tried to forget about everything that could pollute his thoughts. He went to the pavilion in the middle of the night and sat there.

You You’s alcohol is the best way to forget about one’s problems, thought Lin Feng, taking out some of You You’s bottles. Alcohol had become something absolutely necessary in his life.

“Haha! Lin Feng, little boy, you’re depressed and drinking alone again?” exclaimed someone, laughing wholeheartedly at that moment. Lin Feng stood up and saw a man in purple clothes outside of the pavilion. Lin Feng was surprised.

“Uncle Zi Jian, what are you doing here?” asked Lin Feng. He grabbed a bottle of fine liquor and threw it at Zi Jian, the patriarch of the Sword Sect.

Zi Jian smiled happily and caught the bottle. Then he took a big sip and sighed happily.

“Awesome. I haven’t drunk such a good liquor in a long time. I hope you’ll give me some bottles before I leave,” said Patriarch Zi Jian, coming into the pavilion. He sat down opposite Lin Feng.

“Alright, I’ll give you as many as you want.” said Lin Feng. He was happy to see Patriarch Zi Jian because the latter was a happy person, as well as thoughtful. Lin Feng was in need of friends these days; he even missed joking with Yan Di!

“Lin Feng, I saw the holy cultivator’s selection list. How come you’re inside? Are you not already a Supreme Elder in the Gods Sect?” asked Patriarch Zi Jian. The list had surprised him, but less than the fact that Lin Feng had already become a Supreme Elder in the Gods Sect. Lin Feng was rising quickly, which meant that Patriarch Zi Jian had a good sense of judgement.

“I want to continue going beyond my limits and surpassing myself. I want to focus on cultivation,” smiled Lin Feng.

Patriarch Zi Jian nodded. Becoming a holy cultivator was a good way to become a member of the Holy Shrine. Being backed up by the Holy Shrine was something very beneficial, indeed!

“Hm. You’re a surprising little boy. I should call you Master now,” said Patriarch Zi Jian, sighing and pretending to be annoyed.

Lin Feng had become a Supreme Elder in the Gods Sect, and Zi Jian was the patriarch of the Sword Sect. He had a status similar to Fan Sheng Jun’s, so he had to call Lin Feng Master.

Of course, Lin Feng couldn’t accept that. Lin Feng respected Zi Jian and wanted to be friends with him.

“By the way, Uncle Zi Jian, the Sword Sect sent Jian Ya?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious about this Jian Ya.

Zi Jian knew what Lin Feng was thinking. He smiled and said jokingly, “You think I will tell you what kind of opponent Jian Ya could be? Don’t imagine that’s possible. I will not help you defeat a genius of the Sword Sect.”

Zi Jian’s answer didn’t disappoint Lin Feng. How could Patriarch Zi Jian tell Lin Feng the Sword Sect’s secrets? But in the end Zi Jian still told Lin Feng a few things.

“Jian Ya is a genius of the Sword Sect. He’s now at the top of the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer, and about to become a High-Level Holy Emperor. He’s been practicing cultivation for a few thousand years. He’s truly a genius. The Sword Sect has made great efforts to raise him. Therefore, if you fight against him during the competition, be careful. He’s not talkative, but his sword talks for him,” said Zi Jian. Lin Feng felt something different when Zi Jian said the last sentence.

Jian Ya speaks with his sword.

Lin Feng recalled Jian Mang. He was blind, but his sword had replaced his eyes. That’s why he was extremely strong.

“Uncle Zi Jian, when I was in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there was a sword cultivator called Jian Mang, he was very similar to Jian Ya,” said Lin Feng to Zi Jian.

Zi Jian looked curious but didn’t say much, he just nodded.

“Lin Feng, come to the Sword Sect when you have time. You will meet someone you know,” said Patriarch Zi Jian, downing the rest of his bottle.

Lin Feng was stunned when he heard that, and frowned quickly. Someone he knew? So that person was from the Continent of the Nine Clouds? Could it be one of his fellow disciples? Or Mister Time? Or Feng Mo?

Lin Feng was curious. The old ox’s Master had also told Lin Feng there was someone he knew in the Holy Shrine. Was it someone from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, as well?

If it was the case, it meant that the connections between the Continent of the Nine Clouds and the Continent of the Gods were more complex than he had thought. He had to go back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds to take a look!

“Uncle Zi Jian, please tell me when that person came here,” Lin Feng asked anxiously.

However, Zi Jian just remained silent and smiled. He just said, “You know them. I don’t.”

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