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PMG 2 Chapter 98: Jian Ya!

PMG 2 Chapter 98: Jian Ya!

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The night passed, and the Great Holy Fifth Selection Competition was going to start. The location was a ten-thousand-meter-wide kwoon surrounded by water. Many ordinary people were there to watch as well. These people were gods to them, truly almighty.

Lin Feng and the other Supreme Elders were in the middle of the kwoon. There was a hundred-meter-high bluestone tower facing the battle stage. Deployment spells were all around, protecting the kwoon. Fan Tian Gang had cast them himself, so the ordinary people wouldn’t get injured.

All the guests of honor who came from outside the sect were in the eastern part, seated on purple chairs. Some of them were High-Level Holy Emperors from the Silver Region, some others were from the Supranatural Region, such as the Sword Sect, Zhongzhuan City, Demon Corpses Hill, and so forth.

Patriarch Zi Jian was seated there, obviously. He was mainly watching Lin Feng. He admired Lin Feng for his achievements.

Apart from Patriarch Zi Jian, there was someone else who was closely watching Lin Feng. It was Xie Sha. Lin Feng had helped him become a High-Level Holy Emperor, and had told him to tell Sage Xie about it. Because Xie Sha appreciated Lin Feng, Sage Xie had sent him to the event as a guest of honor.

Sage Tian Gang was in charge of the safety for the event. Sage Xie Song Zhuang had sent Xie Sha, but Sage Shui had sent his own son, Shui Ning.

Shui Ning was on the side of the guests of honor. He stared at Lin Feng icily. He only had one thought in mind: after the competition, he would humiliate Lin Feng!

Sage Huo hadn’t sent anyone. He had just left a message. The one who would become Holy Fifth was invited to come and join his group. It was an incredible honor.

Holy cultivators were a reserve of strength for the Holy Shrine. Sages had been holy cultivators before becoming sages. By saying that, Sage Huo meant that Holy Fifth would definitely be part of a new generation of Sages.

Therefore, after hearing Sage Huo’s message, many people clenched their fists and were more determined than ever. They all hoped to join Sage Huo’s group!

“Alright, everybody is here.! The Holy Cultivator’s Selection Great Competition which occurs once every hundred year can…”

“Sage Tian Gang, why are you in a rush?”

Someone interrupted Fan Tian Gang. He was speechless as he turned his head and looked at the guests of honor.

A tall and sturdy man in a golden robe stood up. He smiled at Fan Tian Gang mockingly and continued, “I am from the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine. I am also a Sage. I am very happy to see you today, Sage Tian Gang. I would like to exchange views on cultivation with you. Is that possible?”

The man was provoking Fan Tian Gang and prevented them from starting the event!

“He came to cause trouble,” whispered Di Shu glumly. His eyes were filled with flames of fury.

“They sent Sage Jin to cause trouble,” agreed Fan Tian Gang, glancing at Di Shu.

Di Shu nodded and asked, “Sage, what should we do? Otherwise…”

Di Shu didn’t finish, but what he meant was clear. He meant that Fan Tian Gang and Sage Jin should maybe fight?

Fan Tian Gang frowned and looked at Lin Feng and Bodhidharma, who were on his left.

“Sage Jin, today is the holy cultivator’s selection day. I am sure people from everywhere want to watch the battles. If we fight, many people won’t be happy. Our battle would be too impressive and the following battles would be tasteless to the audience. We can exchange views on cultivation after the event. But now is time for the competition to start,” answered Fan Tian Gang, using all the other groups as excuses. If Sage Jin didn’t care, then it would annoy all the other Holy Shrines.

“Sage Jin, be a good guest of honor. Don’t make the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine lose face,” said a member of the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine impassively. The strong cultivator of the Silver Region humiliated Sage Jin by saying that.

“Hmph! Sage Yin, are you trying to provoke me?” asked Sage Jin icily, pointing at Sage Yin with his finger.

“If you’re not happy, we can fight after the event as well,” said Sage Yin expressionlessly. Sage Jin frowned and broke his chair with his left hand.

That petty display marked the end of that small episode.

Lin Feng looked puzzled. Sage Jin and Sage Yin were both Sages, and they didn’t seem to have good relations. It was strange to see such strong people argue publicly.

“Sage Jin and Sage Yin used to be great friends. But because Sage Jin used Godly Stones to break through to the Huang Qi layer, tensions emerged between them. Sage Jin then went to the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine, and Sage Yin went to the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine,” Bodhidharma explained to Lin Feng telepathically when he saw Lin Feng’s puzzlement. Lin Feng was speechless. Good friends had cut off ties because of Godly Stones?

“I officially announce the beginning of the Holy Cultivator’s Selection day!” shouted Fan Tian Gang loudly.

The sound of explosions spread through the air. There were fireworks in the sky.

The atmosphere became lively. Many people looked excited.

“First battle, Jian Ya from the Sword Sect against Long Tou from the Dragon Sect!” shouted Fan Tian Gang calmly after raising the list of participants.

Two light beams appeared and two silhouettes landed on the battle stage. Five hundred meters separated them.

It was the first time Lin Feng saw Jian Ya.

When Lin Feng looked at him, the man in black clothes looked absolutely ordinary. His black sword looked impressive, however.

As everybody knew, Lin Feng was also a sword cultivator and he was quite famous. Thanks to Wu Tian Jian’s sword determination, he had learned a lot.

Jian Ya also seemed to be a great sword cultivator. His sword was like his voice. However, Lin Feng only needed to glance at him once to know that Jian Mang was more gifted.

As expected, as Lin Feng was thinking, both fighters attacked. Long Tou raised his left hand, and dragon energy rolled out in waves. He roared with power, turning into a hundred-meter long dragon. A terrifying Qi invaded the space. Many people stepped back instinctively as they watched the battle. Some people already thought that Long Tou was going to win.

As everybody looked at Jian Ya, someone black appeared in front of his eyes.


As everybody was thinking, Long Tou screamed. Everybody looked at the sword Jian Ya was holding in his left hand, blood dripping from it. When they looked at Long Tou, a wound of half a centimeter had appeared on his left forearm. Blood was dripping.

One attack. Nobody had had time to see what was going on. Jian Ya had managed to injure Long Tou. He had defeated Long Tou in one sword attack. It didn’t matter how thick Long Tou’s dragon Qi was, Jian Ya had won.

Nobody understood though, why did the injury seem to be so painful? Why was Long Tou’s face so white? He looked as if he was in agony.

“Cut!” shouted Jian Ya. He recalled his black sword and a millisecond later, everybody saw something they never thought would happen. A trail of blood splashed out, and Long Tou’s left forearm rose up in the air and flew past his shoulders before falling down.



Everybody was dumbstruck and looked at Jian Ya as if he were a monster.

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