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PMG 2 Chapter 99: Lin Feng’s Authority

PMG 2 Chapter 99: Lin Feng’s Authority

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Lin Feng looked at Jian Ya, startled. He had cut off his opponent’s forearm silently. People hadn’t even had time to see anything. Such sword cultivators were rare.

“Hehe, little boy! I forgot to tell you that Jian Ya is my disciple!” Patriarch Zi Jian said to Lin Feng telepathically. He sounded amused. Lin Feng was speechless.

“Jian Ya won the first battle. He will move on to the second round,” said Fan Tian Gang, raising his left hand. Long Tou returned to the members of the Dragon Sect. Things had ended in the first round for them.

Everybody was astonished by Jian Ya’s strength. Even though he was only a Low-Level Holy Emperor, he wasn’t any weaker than ordinary High-Level Holy Emperors.

“Second battle, Lin Feng vs. Fu Chen,” said Fan Tian Gang after glancing at the participants’ list.

When Lin Feng heard his name, he flew to the battle stage and looked at the man in black clothes who was leaving the battle stage.

“Greetings, Uncle Lin Feng,” said Fu Chen, bowing hand over fist respectfully when he arrived in front of Lin Feng. Fu Chen was a disciple of the Gods Sect and Lin Feng was a Supreme Elder. He had to greet him properly.

“I don’t really care about social ranks. Use your full strength to attack!” said Lin Feng, smiling calmly. Fu Chen was a good boy, already a Half-Holy Emperor, but possibly as strong as a Low-Level Holy Emperor.

When Fu Chen saw Lin Feng’s calm smile, he became even more nervous. He clenched his fists and then threw charged to the attack.

Lin Feng raised his left hand and waves of gleaming lights appeared, surrounding Fu Chen. Fu Chen’s expression suddenly changed. He sensed that the space around him was changing. He was in a space and time cage!

“Give up. It’s a space and time cage. You need at least one day to get out of it,” said Lin Feng, smiling at Fu Chen. He didn’t want to injure people of his own sect, so this was the simplest thing he could do to not to harm anyone.

The others saw how powerful Lin Feng’s space and time cage was. Most Low-Level Holy Emperors would have needed a whole day to break free from it, it was easy to imagine how difficult it would be for Fu Chen.

Lin Feng had thought Fu Chen would give up instantly, but he didn’t. He stepped forwards to try. Fu Chen was attacked each time he took a step forwards. His face paled horribly.

“Ancestor, cultivators never give up. Even if I manage to break free tomorrow, I have to try. If I don’t try, how will I know I can’t?” said Fu Chen, raising his head and looking at Lin Feng. It was the first time Lin Feng saw someone who seemed to be so determined. Fu Chen even reminded him of himself; “Never give up” was one of his mottos, even if he had to risk his life!

“Alright, take your time,” said Lin Feng. He was touched when he saw Fu Chen was fearless. Wasting time, so what?

Lin Feng didn’t mind wasting some time for a disciple of the Gods Sect. Back in the days, he also used to do such things to become stronger. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have become who he was. Fu Chen was extremely determined, and Lin Feng didn’t want to drag him down. He wanted to support him. If he didn’t, maybe that Fu Chen would become dispirited and feel like giving up.

Time passed. Everybody was bored and watched Fu Chen stepping forwards slowly. Each time he was attacked, and each time his face became even paler.

Three hours later, Fu Chen was injured. His vital organs were affected. But he still refused to give up. Since he was participating in the competition, how could he give up? How could he miss such a great opportunity?

Fu Chen didn’t give up and continued making incredible efforts. Lin Feng didn’t attack him. He just stood there and calmly watched him.

Five hours, seven hours, twelve hours passed. Fu Chen was badly injured, but he didn’t give up.

“Lin Feng, stop wasting time and end the battle!” shouted Di Shu furiously.

Everybody was extremely bored and had lost patience. Many strong cultivators had already complained to Fan Tian Gang. Lin Feng didn’t mind waiting, and didn’t care about those people complaining.

“Fu Chen is fighting,” said Lin Feng, smiling at Di Shu.

Di Shi’s face was black. He clenched his fists, people around him heard crackling sounds. All Di Shu could do was grunt coldly.

“Lin Feng, stop deliberately causing trouble. End the battle!” shouted Holy Fourth Mo Da angrily, looking at Lin Feng icily.

“If you don’t feel like watching, you can also participate. You and me can fight. If you can’t, then shut up,” said Lin Feng indifferently glancing at Mo Da.

Mo Da was incensed, but he couldn’t act recklessly, so he had to be patient.

Fu Chen was struggling. He couldn’t hold on much longer, but he still refused to give up. He knew that even if he managed to break free from the space and time cage, Lin Feng would attack him instantly, so what?

Time passed. Three more hours passed. Fan Tian Gang didn’t say anything, he just watched indifferently.

Patriarch Zi Jian smiled. He could understand Lin Feng. Many people didn’t. Lin Feng was actually a very thoughtful person!

“Hmph! Lin Feng, if you don’t attack, I will!” shouted Shui Ning furiously. Lin Feng looked over at Shui Ning, who was in the visitor seats.

Lin Feng said, “Try and you’ll see!” He sounded cold and detached. He didn’t fear Shui Ning!

Everybody was stupefied. Lin Feng dared talk to Shui Ning that way? He was Sage Shui’s son! Sage Shui cherished his son. He had a high social rank and he was quite strong, too, but Lin Feng dared go up against him?

Of course, those people didn’t know what had happened in the Holy Shrine. Otherwise, they would have all been astonished.

“Hmph! We’ll see if you dare do anything to me!!” shouted Shui Ning, raising his left hand. A sharp blade streaked across the sky and flew towards the cage. He wanted to break it and injure Fu Chen, to end the battle, of course, not to help Lin Feng.

“You dared, so don’t blame me!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He threw his fist at the sharp blade. The blade instantly bounced off Lin Feng’s fist and flew back to Shui Ning’s hand.

Shui Ning looked glum. Lin Feng was fearless. Neither of them were willing to submit.

“I repeat, if anyone tries to ruin our battle again, I will kill them mercilessly!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Everybody heard him in the territory of the Gods Sect. His eyes were filled with murder.

Shui Ning was stunned! How bold!

“How insolent! Let’s see how you intend to kill everyone!” Shui Ning didn’t attack, but someone else did. Someone came out of the crowd and attacked at Fu Chen. He didn’t believe that Lin Feng would kill him.

He was a Low-Level Holy Emperor, and quite strong. Everybody’s eyes were wide, while many others looked amused.

“You can die now,” said Lin Feng icily. His God’s Sword streaked across the sky. Everybody saw white lights flash, and a sharp sound spread through the air. They saw something they didn’t think could happen.

White lights pierced through the man’s body. After having being pierced through, it came back and pierced through his body again. The man’s eyes were wide, he looked stunned. He hadn’t even had time to scream, his body fell from the sky and crashed to the ground. He was dead!



“How is that possible?”

Everybody was astonished. They couldn’t believe it. Lin Feng had dared kill that guy? And he was so strong? He had managed to kill that Low-Level Holy Emperor in one sword strike!

Everybody was stunned, and shuddered with fear. Nobody dared attack him anymore. They knew what Lin Feng’s limits were now. Shui Ning also put his spear away and sat down again.

“If you’re not happy, you can come onto the stage as well!” Lin Feng spat to the crowd.

Only silence. Nobody dared provoke Lin Feng anymore.

Lin Feng smiled coldly. He was satisfied. He put his God’s Sword away and returned his gaze to Fu Chen.

“Even if I have to kill everyone today, I will not let anyone bother you!” promised Lin Feng. Everybody heard him. In a few minutes only, Lin Feng had made sure that nobody would ever forget him or Fu Chen, an ordinary disciple of the Gods Sect.

Because of Fu Chen, Supreme Elder Lin Feng had offended many people, so that he could try and break free from the cage in peace.

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