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PMG Chapter 68: Becoming the Leader of Demon Corpses Hill

PMG Chapter 68: Becoming the Leader of Demon Corpses Hill

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Lin Feng finished modifying the demon corpse Qi. It became his own. His demon Qi was made of demon corpse, demon, and bestial demon Qi, and also contained forbidden strength.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. When his Qi recovered, he turned around and looked at Hu Mo. Hu Mo’s face was red, and his skin wasn’t that dry anymore. He looked pretty normal again. Only his eyes didn’t look normal, they were still bloodshot.

“Thank you very much, Master.”

“Thank you, little Master,” said Lin Feng and Hu Mo at the same time cupping their fists. When they saw they had talked at the same time, they both burst into wholehearted laughter.

“You did it!” said Demon King Ox, coming back in. He was relieved. He had heard Lin Feng shout loudly, prompting him to investigate. He had feared a tragedy.

“Master Ox, I broke through to the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer!” said Lin Feng, smiling at the old ox. Master Ox was extremely happy.

Lin Feng was becoming stronger, that was a good thing for him!

“Yes, not bad!” said the old ox, smiling and scratching his beard.

“Master Lin Feng, I have another request, I hope you can help me,” said Hu Mo, cupping his fist again. He looked excited.

Lin Feng smiled and said, “Master, please tell me.”

“From now on, please take care of Demon Corpses Hill. The territory is hundreds of li wide. There are millions of demon corpses. A dozen of them are Low-Level Holy Emperors. They would be really helpful!” said Hu Mo.

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled wryly, “Master, you must be joking. How could I take care of Demon Corpses Hill? It’s your territory. I’m sorry,” replied Lin Feng, refusing.

Hu Mo was surprised, he looked at Demon King Ox in a way indicating he wanted some support.

Demon King Ox coughed and walked over to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, I’m afraid you have to take care of Demon Corpses Hill now.”

“Why?” asked Lin Feng.

“Because you absorbed the demon corpse Qi. You are now the demon corpses’ master,” explained the old ox.

Lin Feng was astonished, and looked at Hu Mo. Hu Mo smiled apologetically, “Master Lin Feng, please forgive me. I didn’t tell you that before. You need demon corpse Qi to control Demon Corpses Hill.”

“Master Hu Mo, are you…” Lin Feng pointed at him. He didn’t know what to say. Lin Feng had the feeling Hu Mo had used him, but at the same time, he knew that having Demon Corpses Hill under his control could be incredibly helpful, so he didn’t know what to say.

“Lin Feng, if you don’t take care of Demon Corpses Hill, a great catastrophe will occur. The demon corpses could run away and harm ordinary people. Is that what you want?” asked the old ox. Lin Feng glanced at the old ox and Hu Mo.

“Eh… alright. I will take care of Demon Corpses Hill. But I can’t stay here all the time, I can only seal the place!” Lin Feng agreed reluctantly.

Hu Mo looked delighted and said hastily, “Alright, Master Lin Feng, I will convoke the seven great Demon Corpse generals. They all have sentience. The seven of them are Low-Level Holy Emperors,” said Hu Mo.

He flashed away, his bloodshot eyes appeared in the sky as the cave broke apart. Hu Mo didn’t intend to live there since he didn’t control the place anymore.

Hu Mo rose up in the air, only his eyes were visible. They looked scary as he scanned the whole area.

Lin Feng closed his eyes.

He used his strength to sense the changes around him. The Qi had changed too. He could sense some mismatched steps all around him, drawing closer and closer.


At that moment, two people were fighting in the central part of Demon Corpses Hill. One of them was Song Zhuang, the other one was someone wearing a armor, his skin all rotten. He had the pitch-black Qi of a Demon Corpse General.

When the demon corpse general saw the bloodshot eyes in the sky, his expression changed drastically.

“I’m not fighting any more, my master is calling me.” He jumped away and disappeared from there.

Song Zhuang also moved quickly. Seven days before, Lin Feng had been captured, he still had to find him!

Song Zhuang was very worried, he followed the demon corpse general’s Qi and flew towards the bloodshot eyes.


Lin Feng and Demon King Ox were already outside since the cave had collapsed. Hu Mo landed on the ground, and a black wind swept across.

The small black tornado disappeared and was replaced by an armored demon corpse. He was holding a sword, which he stuck into the ground.

“Demon Corpse General Kui, greetings Master Hu Mo,” said Kui kneeling down. He didn’t dare raise his head.

“Stand up!” ordered Hu Mo with a nod.

Kui stood up and raised his head. When he saw Hu Mo’s face, his expression changed drastically. He then shouted furiously, raised his sword and ran at Hu Mo.

“You’re not Master Hu Mo, die!” shouted Kui furiously. When he shouted, many demon corpses in the area all ran towards Hu Mo.

“Master Lin Feng, they’re yours, haha!” said Hu Mo. He decided not to face the demon corpse generals and the ordinary demon corpses.

Lin Feng looked at him angrily, but he had promised he’d take care of Demon Corpses Hill, so he had to, those demon corpses were now his servants. They had to listen to him, which meant he had to make them submit.

“Everybody step back!” shouted Lin Feng with a thunderous roar. The soundwave provoked by his voice was clearly audible for thousands of meters.

Demon corpse general Kui took a few steps back before he knelt down.

“Respectful welcome, Master Supreme Demon Corpse.”

Kui knelt down, the other demon corpses wailed and knelt down too, to welcome Lin Feng.

“Congratulations, Master Lin Feng! The first general has submitted,” said Hu Mo chortled.

Lin Feng glanced at him. Hu Mo smiled apologetically and scratched his nose while taking a few steps back.

At that moment, three other black tornados appeared. General Kui looked at them and said hoarsely, “General Ba, General Ta, General Tao.”

“With General Tie, General Han, and General Di, they are the six other generals,” Hu Mo explained to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng understood that the first three were the great generals.

The three great generals were wearing battle armor, the only thing which was different was that they had an axe, a bow and arrows, and a white skeleton.

“Hurry up and greet your Master.”

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