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PMG 2 Chapter 233: Evil Soul Sect’s Territory

PMG 2 Chapter 233: Evil Soul Sect’s Territory

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“Hey, Lin Feng, I’ve never seen you in such a hurry to help someone, it seems like you are good friends with the Sword Sect,” said Yan Di. His speed was impressive. He quickly caught up with Lin Feng, who was flying using his full strength, while looking quite relaxed. He wasn’t using his full strength at all.

The Sword Sect was situated in the east of the Supranatural Region. Apart from the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, the Sword Sect was one of the strongest influential groups in the Supranatural Region. Of course, it couldn’t be compared with the Evil Soul Sect.

“Old buddy, the Sword Sect’s Patriarch is my friend and I owe him. Without him, I wouldn’t be alive now, and you and I would have never seen each other again,” replied Lin Feng. He had no time to waste, so he just replied simply.

Yan Di frowned, but didn’t ask much more. He knew that Lin Feng wasn’t in a good mood and it was understandable, so he didn’t push him too much, just following along.

Lin Feng was relieved to have Yan Di with him. Unless they met someone whose level was higher than the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer, nobody would be able to compete with Yan Di.

Yan Di had easily dealt with a cultivator of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor! Lin Feng would never forget that scene.

Lin Feng was curious about the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, what kind of group were they? What did a first-class group look like in the Continent of the Gods?

“The Sword Sect is there. I can feel it.”

Lin Feng and Yan Di flew for over an hour and finally saw a mountain range in the distance. There were many peaks above a thousand meters high. They looked majestic. but it smelled like blood. The terrifying strength of the fight hadn’t dispersed. A cruel and fierce battle had occurred.

“Lin Feng, don’t go. There’s nobody left there,” said Yan Di, shaking his head and frowning while preventing Lin Feng from moving forwards.

“How do you know? Can you feel it?” asked Lin Feng. He was surprised, was Yan Di so strong that he could even feel such things?

“Yes. I can feel that nobody is there anymore. I’m afraid that the Sword Sect is already…”

“I’ll go and see even if there is nobody left,” stated Lin Feng, after remaining silent for a few seconds. He pushed Yan Di’s hand away and flew towards the mountains of the Sword Sect.

From the sky, Lin Feng could see an ocean of corpses in the Sword Sect. They were all disciples of the sect. The corpses looked horrible. Some of them had been beheaded, some of them had no arms left. Some broken souls had been removed too.

“Bastards! A bunch of bastards!” shouted Lin Feng, throwing a punch at the ground and blasting out a great crater.

Yan Di arrived near Lin Feng. When he saw the state of the Sword Sect, he frowned and said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, the patriarch of the Sword Sect isn’t ordinary, so the Evil Soul Sect won’t let him off.”

“You’re right, Yan Di. I can feel that Uncle Zi Jian is not dead. He gave me a talisman of the sect, so he’s still safe and sound. If he were dead, the talisman wouldn’t contain any Qi anymore,” agreed Lin Feng, taking out the talisman Zi Jian had given to him. He had probably been captured by the Evil Soul Sect.

“It seems that we need to go to the Evil Soul Sect’s den. Yan Di, let’s go!” Lin Feng frowned, turning and flashing away. He headed in the direction of the Demon Region. Even though he didn’t know where the Evil Soul Sect was, he was convinced that the members of the Demon Region would know.

Yan Di sighed. Lin Feng wasn’t worried that Yan Di would leave him, because he knew that if he was in danger, Yan Di wouldn’t let him die.

So Yan Di followed after Lin Feng. It was an opportunity to become stronger, even for Lin Feng. Even if there were extremely strong cultivators in the Evil Soul Sect, they wouldn’t be allowed to kill him!

Lin Feng and Yan Di flew towards the Demon Region extremely quickly.


It took them one day before they finally arrived. Lin Feng flew towards the Demon Mansion. He asked Feng Mo where the Evil Soul Sect was, but Feng Mo told Lin Feng something he didn’t like. The Demon Region and the Evil Soul Sect were connected… and Mara-Deva and the Evil Soul Sect’s Patriarch were really close.

Lin Feng had the impression his head was going to explode when he heard that. The Patriarch of the Evil Soul Sect was like a martial uncle to Feng Mo and Tang You You!

But Lin Feng didn’t care. The Evil Soul Sect had destroyed the Snow Region, controlled Ling Tu Zi, they wanted to kill Meng Qing, and they had destroyed the Sword Sect and captured Patriarch Zi Jian! Lin Feng didn’t care whether the Evil Soul Sect’s patriarch was Mister Mara-Deva’s brother, friend, or whatever. He couldn’t forgive him.

Feng Mo and Yan Di didn’t know each other, just the other’s name. They exchanged a few sentences, but Lin Feng was in a hurry. He was worried about Uncle Zi Jian, so he left quickly.

A short time after Lin Feng left, Mara-Deva came out from behind the wall. Feng Mo looked at his teacher, he knew what was going on.

“My little disciple, Lin Feng’s temper is becoming more and more explosive. It’s not a good thing,” said Mara-Deva, pulling a long face. He seemed worried.

“Teacher, Lin Feng is going to destroy the Evil Soul Sect because you…” said Feng Mo, but didn’t finish his sentence before the old man interrupted him.

“I know. No need to tell me this. If he can destroy the Evil Soul Sect, it means he’s strong enough. But he can’t destroy my little brother. I will save him at the most crucial moment.”

“Alright, teacher. I am just worried about my junior fellow disciple…”

“It’s alright. You You and Lin Feng are husband and wife. Therefore, Lin Feng and I are connected to a certain extent. I will not harm Lin Feng.”

“Alright, I am relieved then.”

“Hehe, you guys…” Mara-Deva shook his head and looked at the sky. He had seen Yan Di, and Yan Di was stronger than him. He felt pressured. “It seems that Lin Feng has a good background…”


It took Lin Feng two more hours to reach the valley where the Evil Soul Sect was. There were many people wearing clothes of different colors at the entrance there. Lin Feng and Yan Di glanced at each other and walked up to them.

“Eh, the Evil Soul Sect has come back to life, and destroyed the Snow Region and the Sword Sect of the Supranatural Region.”

“I’ve heard that, too. Their goal is the Dark Palace. They will choose some geniuses from our sect to help them rise again.”

“Not only our sect, but some others as well. Let’s go and see. It’s going to start.”

“Go, let’s go,” said the few people. They flew into the depths of the valley. Lin Feng stood at the entrance of the valley and looked thoughtful.

“Hey, little boy, wait for me,” said Yan Di. But Lin Feng didn’t wait, and flew into the valley. Yan Di was a bit angry, but he just followed along.

The Evil Soul Sect’s territory was in a very deep pit surrounded by sheer precipices and overhanging rocks. It was all natural, it hadn’t been created by humans.

Lin Feng also smelled blood. The blood Qi grew thicker and thicker as they descended into the valley. The few people in front of Lin Feng looked very confident until they saw several people come crawling out of the pit crawling, alarming them.

Pieces of trash, thought Lin Feng, shaking his head. Those High-Level Holy Emperors dared go in and cause trouble, they were really reckless.

Lin Feng continued forwards. Finally, he saw a fighting ring with a great many people in black clothes around it. Lin Feng recognized them. The Great Elder killed by Yan Di wore the same clothes.

“Everybody, the Evil Soul Sect is about to come back to life. We hope everybody can support us and help us rise. We want to become as strong as the Dark Palace and rule over the East!” shouted someone. The crowd shivered.

Lin Feng sighed, “How strong. They have such power and influence?”

“Pfff, they’re garbage. I can shout louder,” sniffed Yan Di mockingly.

Lin Feng smiled and said nothing. Yan Di could indeed do that!

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