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PMG2 234

Chapter 234: No Need To Continue!

Edited by RED

“Fourth Holy Spirit Emperor?”

Lin Feng noticed that the one who had just shouted was a cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, his Qi quite sinister. He was wearing black clothes and a plaited bamboo hat. The members of the Evil Soul Sect were quite strong, no wonder Miss Snow had sealed them in the past.

“Everybody, you’re from diverse areas of the Continent of the Gods. You are all geniuses and extremely talented. It’s an honor to have you here for the selection exam.

“Therefore, as the elders of the Evil Soul Sect, we are in charge of the exam. If you want to join the Evil Soul Sect, we’d be happy to have you,” said the man with a smile. Lin Feng could hear the irony in that man’s voice. He sounded proud and firm, but because the Evil Soul Sect needed cannon fodder, they had no choice but to recruit new people.

“There are two rules for this exam. The first one is that the disciples of the Evil Soul Sect can challenge anyone, and you can challenge any of us. If you win, you become one of us. If our disciples lose, they get punished.

“Now, I officially announce the beginning of the exam!”


An explosive Qi spread in the air as soon as the man finished talking. A tall man with an axe jumped and threw himself at the man with the plaited bamboo hat. The tall and sturdy man looked ferocious. He landed in front of the man and raised his axe. He looked at the whole crowd and shouted furiously, “Who wants to challenge me? Hurry up and come here!”

Then the man hit the ground with his axe, causing an earthquake.

Third Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

Since when were Holy Spirit Emperors so common in the Hundred Regions? In the Supranatural Region, apart from the four Sages, the Dhammapalas, the Godly Leader, Mister Savage, and Yuan Fei, there were no Holy Spirit Emperors!

Lin Feng didn’t understand why there were so many Holy Spirit Emperors all of a sudden.

Yan Di smiled and said to Lin Feng telepathically, “Little boy, there are many Holy Spirit Emperors in the Continent of the Gods, otherwise, why would it be called the Continent of the Gods?”

“Eh…” Lin Feng understood. Indeed, he had a point…

“Your Excellency, are you Supreme Cultivator Woodcutter?” asked someone at that moment. Everybody stared at the tall and sturdy man in the ring.

As expected, the tall and sturdy man looked proud and burst into laughter, “Haha! Indeed, I am Supreme Cultivator Woodcutter. You know me, not bad, little boy.”

“Hehe, Excuse me for my lack of manners. Back in the days, you were stronger than the Godly Leader, and then you disappeared for a thousand years. Where did you go?” said the man with the plaited bamboo hat, smiling neutrally. He went up next to Woodcutter and took off his hat, and everyone could now see his face.

When the crowd saw him, there were astonished because he had a big scar on the left side of his face, even his muscles were visible.

No wonder he wore a plaited bamboo hat, he didn’t want people to see his face.

Lin Feng realized that many people were shuddering with fear around the ring. The man looked intimidating. Lin Feng frowned.

“Is he here to network or what?” asked Lin Feng, glancing at Yan Di.

Against all expectations, Yan Di replied seriously, “He’s Supreme Cultivator Soul. With Supreme Cultivator Evil, they’re at the core of the group. Ten thousand years ago, he also disappeared. I never thought he’d join the Evil Soul Sect,” Yan Di mocked, not taking the guy seriously. Indeed, Yan Di was so strong that only Mara-Deva and Mister Time could compete with him here.

“It’s you, Supreme Cultivator Soul,” said Supreme Cultivator Woodcutter when he saw the man’s real face. He looked at him respectfully, pride withdrawn.

Supreme Cultivator Soul smiled indifferently and said, “Supreme Cultivator Woodcutter, if you want to join the Evil Soul Sect, no need to take the exam. You can join us.”

“Eh… alright. So no exam for me, I guess,” said Supreme Cultivator Woodcutter, containing his excitement. He didn’t need to take the exam, and was backed up by Supreme Cultivator Soul!

Supreme Cultivator Soul smiled thinly and looked at the crowd. When he saw Lin Feng, he was stupefied for a few seconds.

“Let’s continue,” said Supreme Cultivator Soul, walking back where he was before.

A middle-aged man in blue clothes flashed into the ring. Everybody was surprised because that man was extremely fast. They hadn’t been able to follow him with their eyes.

“Lin Feng, Lin Feng, are you listening?”

However, at that moment, Lin Feng heard someone in his spirit world. He lowered his head to see Broken Soul Di inside, appearing at the top of his spirit world.

“Broken Soul Di? What’s up?” asked Lin Feng, smiling patiently. Lin Feng still remembered Broken Soul Di’s pieces of advice when he was in the Savage Desert. Broken Soul Di rarely came out, but he had reappeared at this time.

“Lin Feng, I need Supreme Cultivator Soul’s help. Can I go and see him?” As he had expected, Broken Soul Di needed help.

Lin Feng didn’t know what to do and asked, “Why do you need Supreme Cultivator Soul’s help?”

“Because he’s the only one who can help me come back to life and regain my original strength,” said Broken Soul Di. He seemed sad.

“You used to be a Peerless Holy Emperor. Your enemy was one of the five Dhammapalas, Yuan Kui. I know that. But now, you don’t need Supreme Cultivator Soul’s help, you can regain your original strength without him. Trust me. I will find the best physical body you could hope for.”

“Really? You can really help me come back to life?” said Broken Soul Di. He was excited.

“Of course he’s serious. He’s now a cultivator of the third Holy Spirit Emperor. He can kill a cultivator of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer as he wishes. He’ll find a cultivator of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer for you and when you wake up, it’ll be you. Easy, isn’t it?” said Yan Di when he saw Broken Soul Di looking astonished. Broken Soul Di looked at Yan Di, and even though he couldn’t see what level Yan Di was, he guessed he was terrifyingly strong.

“Alright, I trust you, Lin Feng. I’ll leave to you, then,” said Broken Soul Di, cupping his fist before he disappeared back into the depths of Lin Feng’s spirit world.

Lin Feng smiled at Yan Di, who was looking at the ring again. It was already almost the end of the exam.

A cultivator of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer in grey clothes won, defeating a disciple of the Evil Soul Sect. He was going to join the Evil Soul Sect with the other winners.

“The competition is over. We have all the geniuses we need.”

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  1. leftcheek123 May 11, 2019 at 3:17 pm - Reply

    Wtf happend to the body from demon corpse hill.

  2. Tang May 24, 2019 at 5:03 am - Reply

    Why is the writing so bad? Is it even the same writer? Is this a very poorly written fan fiction. Cause it keeps retconning things. The broken soul di was only a high level holy emperor before. And alot of characters had there levels boosted out of nowhere. And this people who were already in the continent of goods for thousands of years are suddenly all improving in the matter of months. Seriously the war was supposedly 30 000 years ago and back then the Yuan kui guy was a high level holy emperor but somehow he was only at peerless level when we see high and now supposedly holy spirit emperor. Seriously things make no sense and even the writing style seems very different. Or the translator is different and really bad. Supposedly at the beginning there was supposedly only high levels holy emperor’s and nothing stronger or at least no one knows them, yet all the godly leaders and leaders are above holy emperor level. Also the sword sect patriarch a as supposedly only broke through to low level emperor when they went to the mirror world place but then he was somehow already a high level emperor the next time you see him which isn’t even a year later. Wtf

    • Gray June 8, 2019 at 11:39 pm - Reply

      It is a new Author, the PMG1 and PMG2 is has different Author.

      And yes this PMG2 Author is totally shit.

      When Lin Feng didn’t come yet in Continent of God, Cultivator in this region has so much time to breakthrough, they needs Hundreds (for genius) and thousands years to breakthrough.
      But when Lin Feng come in to Continent of Gods, suddenly people can breakthrough like it was nothing.

      And still some readers say it was a good story and well written, i mean they have already read PMG1 but cant see the misled in this PMG2.

      I just can’t understand, if they are a fans, how could they not noticed it.

  3. StupidGray September 27, 2019 at 3:42 pm - Reply

    It just only u didn’t understand it, if u already now how big the difference from Pmg 1 and 2 and different author too, why u still read it, that’s funny you already hate, upset but u still read it, that’s proof the author really success bring this story

  4. Hiji June 20, 2020 at 9:19 am - Reply

    Its not that we hate it .Its just confusing cause look at the cultivation levels cause before LF goes to the continent of the gods the cultivators need hundreds or thousands of years to breakthrough nother minor layer or major layer … So what is happening rigth now its only been a year but look all those LF knew continue to break through so why is it like that ? Its confusing right ? Lol what a late comment ahahah

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