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Chapter 235: Joining the Evil Soul Sect!

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Supreme Cultivator Soul announced the end of the competition. Those who had lost looked disappointed. They started leaving the Evil Soul Sect’s valley. However, when they arrived at the exit, countless swords appeared in the sky and chopped those people to death.

They don’t want their secrets to leak out, thought Lin Feng angrily. The Evil Soul Sect was truly cruel.

“Little boy, how are you going to save your friend?” asked Yan Di. He wasn’t scared of anyone in the Evil Soul Sect, but Lin Feng wanted to save someone, so they had to be discreet to prevent him from getting killed.

“Old buddy, I need to transform into that man in grey clothes and penetrate into the core of the Evil Soul Sect to save Uncle Zi Jian.”

“So what? You can do that yourself,” said Yan Di, smiling sarcastically.

“Of course, I’m just telling you my plan,” said Lin Feng, sneering as he disappeared.

Yan Di smiled aloofly. “What a little boy.”

Lin Feng didn’t really disappear, he used speed strength, landing next to the man in the grey robe. The disciples of the Evil Soul Sect didn’t notice as Lin Feng punched him and knocked him out. Poor man, he had just joined the Evil Soul Sect, and he was already in a coma.

Lin Feng didn’t feel like killing him. The man had done nothing utterly devoid of conscience yet.

Lin Feng grabbed the man’s robe and put it on, and put his own on the man. Then he used his transformation technique and adopted the face of the man. Lin Feng was convinced that even Supreme Cultivator Soul wouldn’t be able to recognize him. Then Lin Feng threw the man into his own spirit world.

Supreme Cultivator Soul came up to him and smiled, “What’s your name?”

Lin Feng quickly had to think of a name. “Mie Hun.”

{Translator’s Note: Mie Hun can mean Destroyed Soul or destroy the soul}

Supreme Cultivator Soul looked at Lin Feng angrily. He didn’t like that name at all. He was Soul, after all, Supreme Cultivator Soul. Lin Feng’s name was Mie Hun? A soul destroyer? Really?

But he didn’t say anything, just telling Lin Feng to follow him. They headed to the Evil Soul Sect’s inner area.

Lin Feng made a gesture and glanced at Yan Di. The latter understood what it meant. He hid his Qi and followed after Lin Feng.

The Evil Soul Sect’s main palace was simple. Supreme Cultivator Soul brought Lin Feng and Supreme Cultivator Woodcutter to a small hill with a door in the shape of a dragon. He raised his left hand, released some energy, and opened it. The Qi inside was quite baleful.

“Go inside,” Supreme Cultivator Soul ordered Lin Feng and Supreme Cultivator Woodcutter. Both nodded and entered.

Lin Feng was startled inside. There were Godly Stones on both sides of the corridor. They had shiny Godly Stones everywhere.

That’s wealth. The Silver Region’s Holy Shrine is even poor in comparison!, Lin Feng sighed to himself.

Supreme Cultivator Soul smiled icily, but said nothing. He even felt proud that the Silver Region was crap in comparison. How could they compete with his sect?

When they reached the end of the corridor, Lin Feng saw a palace. The Qi emerging from that palace wasn’t weaker than the Qi of the Demon Region’s Demon Mansion. Lin Feng could also sense the Qi of a strong cultivator who had at least the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. The strongest Qi Lin Feng had ever sensed was the Qi of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

It could only be the Evil Soul Sect’s patriarch. Who else?

Lin Feng followed Supreme Cultivator Soul into the main hall, where they walked into the conference chamber. It was filled with people. They were almost all middle-aged men wearing black robes. Of course, there were some old people too, none of whom were low ranked.

A man was standing in the middle of those people. He was wearing a purple robe instead of black,  frowning enough to unsettle everyone.

When he saw Lin Feng, Supreme Cultivator Woodcutter and Supreme Cultivator Soul, he looked even colder, especially when he glanced at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had a bad premonition that the Evil Soul Sect’s patriarch could see through him.

Lin Feng didn’t know why, but the patriarch of the Evil Soul Sect smiled icily. Maybe saving Zi Jian was going to be more complicated than expected.

“Hehe! Little friend Lin Feng, we are honored by your presence. I didn’t get to come to the entrance of the valley to welcome you, please forgive me,” the Evil Soul Sect’s patriarch finally said.

Lin Feng knew he had been uncovered. He took the grey robe off, stopped pretending, and switched back to his real face, too.

Supreme Cultivator Soul frowned. He had carefully inspected Lin Feng and hadn’t noticed anything strange or different, but their patriarch had…

When the others heard the Evil Soul Sect’s patriarch laugh coldly, they stepped backwards. Lin Feng was quite famous in the Continent of the Gods. He had been able to fight against the whole Spiritual Region alone. He had even killed the Godly Leader of the Spiritual Region, and slaughtered all their members. Everybody knew it.

Some people didn’t believe it when they heard about it. Some people who had never seen him didn’t even believe Lin Feng existed, like a legend. Lin Feng had killed Ling Tu Zi with the strength of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer? What a joke!

“Hmph! A little moron like that is scaring you? As I thought, he is not as strong as the rumors say. He has an undeserved reputation!” exclaimed an elder of the Evil Soul Sect. He flashed over and landed in front of Lin Feng, pointing at him with his finger mockingly.

“Indeed. That little boy probably relied on someone else to annihilate the Spiritual Region.”

“Of course! I even heard that Lin Feng was almost killed by Ling Tu Zi, so how could he have killed him?”

“Haha! Right, Lin Feng is a trivial little boy. I’ll behead this little dog, and then I’ll empty his head and use it as a night pot. Hahaha!”

The Evil Soul Sect’s elders all burst into laughter and looked at Lin Feng as if he were meat on the plate. “Lin Feng, you little bastard! If you kneel down and beg you for your life, I may let you live. I would even be willing to recruit you as a disciple of the Evil Soul Sect, what do you think?”

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