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PMG2 236

Chapter 236: A Bit Too Weak!

Edited by RED


The elder smiled mockingly. Lin Feng frowned and looked worried. He wasn’t worried about that man, he could defeat him. He was just wondering why the fool was so self-confident, why was the man convinced he was stronger than him? Could it be that he was just really stupid?

The Evil Soul Sect’s patriarch didn’t say anything at all. He just looked amused.

When the man saw that Lin Feng was ignoring him, he was furious. His expression was ferocious and arrogant. He immediately threw a punch at Lin Feng, already imagining Lin Feng dead.



There was a subtle sound, and Lin Feng didn’t move at all. The man was suddenly struck by something. His body exploded into a pile of flesh and blood all over the ground. Only his pointing arm was left intact.

He hadn’t even had time to scream before Lin Feng killed him.

Everybody was astonished, staring at Lin Feng. Some of them stepped back. They could be as confident as they wished, but the elder who had just attacked Lin Feng was a cultivator of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and so was Lin Feng… but Lin Feng had killed him without even moving!

Lin Feng was that terrifying?!

“Patriarch, are your servants all that stupid and arrogant? Hehe, awesome.”

Lin Feng took his hands back and smiled mockingly.

The Evil Soul Sect’s patriarch also smiled icily, his eyes filled with killing intent. He hadn’t attacked at first because he meant his words, he was ready to forgive Lin Feng if he knelt down and begged him. He didn’t want the elder to kill Lin Feng, initially hoped the elder would just injure him. He hadn’t thought his elder would suffer such a crushing defeat, nobody had!

“Lin Feng, I admire you, but I can’t spare your life since you’re killing my elders! Die!” shouted the Evil Soul Sect’s patriarch finally. His energies, which were as powerful as a thunderbolt, moved towards Lin Feng extremely quickly, a dragon’s roar ringing out.

The Evil Soul Sect’s patriarch seems furious, thought Lin Feng.

Did the patriarch think he could kill Lin Feng easily? Hehe, ridiculous!

Lin Feng had brightness strength, and could even fight against cultivators of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer if he wanted to. Brightness strength gave him the strength of a cultivator of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, so a cultivator of the sixth couldn’t kill him easily!

“Evil Soul Sect, no wonder Miss Snow sealed you. If I had been her, I would have destroyed you!” shouted Lin Feng back.

Lin Feng immediately took out his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword. He knew that he had to use his full strength and his best weapons to fight against the patriarch.

“Hehe. The rumors were true! You’re using that weapon! Unfortunately, you’re not the only one who has a medium-level godly imperial weapon,” said the patriarch when he saw Lin Feng’s gigantic sword. He smiled mockingly and raised his hands, summoning something.

“Come out, my baby!”

Boom boom boom!

The expressions of all the disciples and elders of the Evil Soul Sect changed when they saw the patriarch like that. They all moved as far away as they could.

Boiling blood appeared in the air of the big room. Chains of blood appeared, Qi emerged from them and exploding. It was like a million babies were crying painfully.

“What the…?” Lin Feng frowned. His Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword started whistling. It was worried!

“The supreme baby of the Evil Soul Sect… the Soul Chain!” proclaimed the Evil Soul Sect’s patriarch, smiling in an enigmatic and unfathomable way, grabbing the two-meter iron blood chain.

“Lin Feng, I have to admit that you’re a genius. However, I, Hun Yuan Sheng, love destroying geniuses’ souls. Haha! Awesome!” said Hun Yuan Sheng as he burst into laughter. He could already imagine Lin Feng’s body lying on the floor.

“Hmph! You need to be strong enough to kill me first and you are not, Hun Yuan Sheng!” said Lin Feng mockingly.

Hun Yuan Sheng was initially smiling, but now he wasn’t anymore. His expression had turned ferocious.

“You want to die!” he shouted furiously. His voice sounded like the voice of a wailing ghost, his Qi sinister. Lin Feng frowned, but he still took a step forwards and his gigantic sword flew straight towards Hun Yuan Sheng’s chain.

Hun Yuan Sheng smiled mockingly and stepped forwards as well. He threw his chain out, aiming at Lin Feng’s neck. If it reached him, Lin Feng’s soul would disperse!

Lin Feng remained focused and instantly released world strength to protect himself. The chain crashed into it and came out flying, straight back to Hun Yuan Sheng. Lin Feng grunted with pain and was pushed backwards several steps.

Hun Yuan Sheng’s expression slightly changed, excited now. He was convinced Lin Feng couldn’t compete with him.

“Die, little bastard! And when you die, I will take care of your wives, I will please them! Hahahahahahahaha!” exclaimed Hun Yuan Sheng. He ran towards Lin Feng, a mocking look on his face.

Lin Feng ground his teeth. “Die!” he shouted furiously, his eyes bloodshot. He released as much brightness strength as he could explosively. Hun Yuan Sheng instantly retreated, having a bad premonition. It was Lin Feng smiled mockingly this time.

Lin Feng disappeared from there. Hun Yuan Sheng frowned as his blood chain suddenly rose up extremely quickly. Lin Feng was above him, and the blood chain was parrying his gigantic sword.

Lin Feng retreated after using as much brightness strength as he could. Hun Yuan Sheng could see that Lin Feng’s Qi was powerful. Even a cultivator of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer couldn’t really compete with Lin Feng. However, Hun Yuan Sheng wasn’t scared, because he had the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor level!

“Hmph! Even if your strength is pure, so what? I will show you what it feels like to be hopeless!” declared Hun Yuan Sheng mockingly. He disappeared, and Lin Feng released space and time strength, but he couldn’t find his traces, either. He could guess where Hun Yuan Sheng had gone, though.

Lin Feng jumped and the blood chain attacked him again. A huge hole appeared behind Lin Feng. He had a bad premonition.

“Soul Absorption!” shouted an evil voice suddenly. Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He released speed strength and used his gigantic sword.

Shit! He’s surrounding me!, thought Lin Feng, realizing that a sinister Qi was surrounding him. Even if he was extremely fast, he couldn’t do much.

“Space and time cage,” said Lin Feng, releasing space and time strength, moving himself to a different space.

However, the space and time cage exploded in less than a second, and the chains appeared in front of Lin Feng.


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