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Chapter 237: Destruction of the Evil Soul Sect!

Edited by RED

A silhouette was blown away. It was Lin Feng. He had been struck by the chains on his chest, and it was extremely painful. He coughed blood and his chest burned.

Cultivators of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer are extremely strong, as expected!, thought Lin Feng. He didn’t fall down. He landed on the ground and bounced towards a wall of the palace. He punched it, and a hole appeared.

“Bastard! You dare break my palace? I will crush you!!!”

“Soul Absorption!”

This time, Lin Feng was surrounded by an evil Qi again, but he couldn’t escape.

Damn. Am I going to die like this?, thought Lin Feng. He realized the blood chain was more powerful than the Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword. It was more precise and aggressive.

Lin Feng didn’t have the advantage, and his weapon wasn’t better, either. It was difficult…

“Haha, Lin Feng, who could save you now? You’re going to die today! Haha!” called out Hun Yuan Sheng, rejoicing when he saw Lin Feng’s expression. His Great Elder had been killed, he hated Lin Feng. He wanted to avenge his elder!

“Lin Feng, remember that in your next life, don’t offend me, Hun Yuan Sheng! Hmph!” said Hun Yuan Sheng, attacking again. He threw a punch at Lin Feng’s chest. His fist was surrounded by that wicked Qi. How did Lin Feng intend to dodge that attack?


A terrifying sound reverberated and made the walls of the whole palace shake. That palace had existed for ten thousand years, and now some parts of it were collapsing. Many people were panicking.

A second later, everybody realized that Lin Feng wasn’t injured. Hun Yuan Sheng, their patriarch, was!

In front of Lin Feng was an old man in blue-green clothes holding an astrolabe. He smiled smugly and looked at the patriarch of the Evil Soul Sect. “I want to ask you something… are you really qualified to kill Lin Feng?”

“Who are you?”  coughed Hun Yuan Sheng, angrily. His Soul Absorption attack had failed and he had been blown away by the man in front of him.

This old man was a cultivator of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, but had overpowered him so easily! The patriarch couldn’t believe it.

“Hehe, you don’t need to know who I am. You hurt Lin Feng, I won’t forgive you! You will die!” said Yan Di, smiling and narrowing his eyes. He was truly furious. This Hun Yuan Sheng fart had dared injure Lin Feng? He was going to kill the fool!

“What a joke! You’re just a cultivator of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, you think I’m afraid of you?” Hun Yuan Sheng smiled mockingly. He charged again, throwing his blood chain at Yan Di.

Yan Di smiled icily. He raised his left hand and golden lights appeared. Hun Yuan Sheng was shocked. His Soul Absorption Qi had instantly disappeared!

“What’s that?” Lin Feng was also stupefied. Yan Di had never used that kind of strength before. Had he obtained it in the Continent of the Gods?

“Hmph! I don’t believe that a pitiful cultivator of the fifth layer can resist my terrifying strength,” sneered Hun Yuan Sheng. He didn’t think Yan Di could oppress him. He looked like an evil demon as he threw his fist out again.

But for Yan Di, it was nothing. He didn’t feel any pressure at all.

“I killed your Great Elder, so I can kill you too. Die now!” said Yan Di, smiling icily. He raised his right hand and pointed at Hun Yuan Sheng.

Blue lights emerged from Yan Di’s fingers. Hun Yuan Sheng blinked in fear.

“My Great Elder wasn’t killed by Lin Feng? You killed him?” Hun Yuan Sheng tried to keep calm. Even though Yan Di was also cultivator of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he was obviously the stronger of the two of them, so Hun Yuan Sheng wanted to escape now!

Thinking about that, he didn’t care about the others anymore, he turned around and started running away. He would try to kill Lin Feng some other time!

Yan Di wasn’t going to give him that opportunity, though. He threw his fist out and his strength instantly surrounded Hun Yuan Sheng. However, Yan Di frowned and realized an old man had suddenly appeared in front of Hun Yuan Sheng.

“Who are you? Why are you blocking me?” Yan Di took his hand back.

Lin Feng walked up beside Yan Di and looked at the old man, recognizing him.

“Master Mara-Deva, what are you doing here? Do you want to save him?” said Lin Feng, pointing at Hun Yuan Sheng.

However, Mara-Deva didn’t say anything. Hun Yuan Sheng shouted furiously and pointed at Lin Feng, “If I don’t die, Lin Feng must die! I will crush his bones!”

Everybody heard Hun Yuan Sheng and shuddered with fear. His Qi was so terrifying, nobody could block him.

“You hate Lin Feng so much, I can’t let you off,” said Yan Di ferociously. He threw his fist out again.

However, Mara-Deva didn’t say anything and attacked as well, also throwing a punch. The whole room promptly collapsed as the two punches collided.

They both grunted with pain. Mara-Deva and Yan Di were both pushed back a few steps. Yan Di’s face was pale. Mara-Deva coughed blood.

“Eh….” Lin Feng didn’t know what to say. They were both injured!

Lin Feng was sorry for Yan Di. He was now injured because of him!

“Old buddy, leave it to me,” said Lin Feng, stepping in front of Yan Di and facing Mara-Deva, as well as Hun Yuan Sheng who was cowering behind him.

“Alright,” said Yan Di. He knew how stubborn Lin Feng was, so he didn’t say anything. If Mara-Deva attacked Lin Feng, Yan Di would intervene anyway.

“Master Mara-Deva, I want to know why you’re protecting him. He keeps causing trouble. Shouldn’t he be punished?” asked Lin Feng, grimly pointing at Hun Yuan Sheng.

“Hehe, Lin Feng, I know you’re furious. but I can’t let you kill him. He’s the only person I have in my life.”

“Only person you have?” What Feng Mo had told him was true?

“Indeed. He’s my little brother, biological brother,” said Mara-Deva, smiling as if he were saying something normal.

If Mara-Deva wasn’t lying, then he wouldn’t let Hun Yuan Sheng die. Lin Feng knew that.

He wasn’t strong enough, he couldn’t compete with Mara-Deva, and if Yan Di insisted, both Mara-Deva and Yan Di would both end up badly injured.

Besides, Mara-Deva was You You’s teacher. Lin Feng decided it was time to find a compromise.

“Alright. I won’t kill him. But I hope you can talk to him and tell him not to kill me. I wouldn’t dare disrespect you,” offered Lin Feng, clenching his fists. It was all he could do.

“Hehe. Thank you very much, Lin Feng. If he acts recklessly again, you don’t need to kill him, I’ll do it myself. I’ll be strict with him. See you!”

“Brother, you’re quite strong. You can compete with me, a cultivator of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer, not bad,” said Mara-Deva, smiling at Yan Di.

Lin Feng was surprised. Mara-Deva had broken through again! He was getting closer and closer to the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Mara-Deva left with Hun Yuan Sheng… but he didn’t say the Evil Soul Sect couldn’t be destroyed.

Therefore, Lin Feng understood that apart from their leader, he could kill all the others.

“Evil Soul Sect, I won’t spare the lives of those who dared destroy the Snow Region and the Sword Sect.”


A terrifying Qi filled the air of the Evil Soul Sect. Countless disciples shuddered with fear. Lin Feng had become their ultimate nightmare in a short time…


Ten minutes passed. The main palace had completely collapsed and nobody was alive in it anymore. The hundreds of servants and disciples of the Evil Soul Sect were dead, as they deserved.

“Oh yeah, and Uncle Zi Jian.”

Lin Feng didn’t forget Uncle Zi Jian. He was worried now.

“Hehe, Lin Feng, don’t worry. They’re here,” said Yan Di, smiling and squinting. Lin Feng gazed into the distance.


“Supreme Cultivator ? You…?”

Lin Feng looked at the supreme cultivator. He was helping a very weak man walk. The man was Zi Jian!

Lin Feng had no idea why the supreme cultivator had saved Patriarch Zi Jian!

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