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PMG2 238

Chapter 238: Meeting with Jian Mang Again!

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“Lin Feng, this Supreme Cultivator is my uncle, so he saved me. I didn’t think you would come to this extremely dangerous place for me…” Patriarch Zi Jian exclaimed when he saw Lin Feng. He couldn’t believe it, Lin Feng didn’t disappoint him. Lin Feng was like that, he remembered people who were good to him.

“Uncle Zi Jian, you were there for me before. Without you, I might be dead already. I will never forget you. Even in a hundred, or a thousand years, I’ll still be there for you,” said Lin Feng, cupping his fist and walking over to Patriarch Zi Jian.

Patriarch Zi Jian was amazed by Lin Feng’s cultivation level. Everybody in the Continent of the Gods dreamt of becoming as strong as Lin Feng and the few others who were that strong.

“Zi Jian, you should be happy to have such a little friend,” said the old man next to him with a smile.

Zi Jian was indeed happy to know Lin Feng. Lin Feng would definitely reach the clouds in the Continent. He just needed a little bit of time, and he would become so strong that it was beyond imagination.

“Indeed, I am happy, it’s an honor to have a little friend like Lin Feng,” said Patriarch Zi Jian, smiling and nodding.

Lin Feng smiled, just as Yan Di shouted out, “I don’t have time to talk shit!”

He didn’t give Patriarch Zi Jian and the old man any face. He left the Evil Soul Sect and waited for Lin Feng outside.

“Eh… hehe! Lin Feng, your friend is extremely strong and aggressive,” said Patriarch Zi Jian. Lin Feng smiled wryly. Of course, he wasn’t angry at Yan Di. The latter had helped him a lot, after all.

“Lin Feng, your friend is extremely strong. He’s the third person I have ever admired,” said the old man. The two other people he admired were Mara-Deva and Mister Time.

Lin Feng smiled and didn’t say anything, he just looked at the Godly Stones in the ruins.

“Dear friends, let’s share the Godly Stones, what do you think?” asked Lin Feng, smiling and heading towards the Godly Stones.

Patriarch Zi Jian and the old man glanced at each other and smiled in agreement. “You can take them. We have many already. You need Godly Stones to practice cultivation, little friend.”

“Right, Lin Feng, take them. You will participate to the Top-Class Great Competition, so you need Godly Stones. Keep up the good work,” agreed Zi Jian loudly.

Lin Feng needed Godly Stones far more than them. There were billions of Godly Stones, Lin Feng would be able to become much stronger using them!

Lin Feng accepted happily. He raised his left hand and released space and time Dao. In a flash, the mountains of Godly Stones disappeared and reappeared in Lin Feng’s Star World.

“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng, waving at the two of them.


The two men didn’t hesitate and left the Evil Soul Sect with Lin Feng. When they arrived at the top of the valley, Yan Di was there waiting.

Lin Feng was relieved, it was never easy to kill so many people. He had destroyed a whole group after all, but at least they wouldn’t cause trouble in the future. He hadn’t given them time to become as strong as they used to be.

Lin Feng and the three others jumped into a shuttle, and flew back to the Supranatural Region. The shuttle was Yan Di’s, so it was extremely fast. In only two hours, they arrived.

“Little friend, we’re leaving. I hope we’ll see each other again,” said the old man, smiling respectfully. Lin Feng knew that the old man wasn’t from the Supranatural Region, but didn’t press him, it was impolite.

Patriarch Zi Jian also said goodbye to his uncle before the old man disappeared.

“Uncle Zi Jian, where is your uncle from?” asked Lin Feng, too curious now.

Zi Jian smiled broadly when he saw how curious Lin Feng was. “My teacher is an elder in Sword Mountain, and my uncle is an elder there, too.”

“Eh? Sword Mountain? Are you talking about the second-class influential group in the central part of the continent?” asked Yan Di with a frown.

Zi Jian was surprised, he hadn’t thought Lin Feng’s friend would know about it. He nodded and replied, “Indeed, that Sword Mountain.”

“Hehe, are you Mister Li Jian’s disciple?” asked Yan Di jokingly.

Zi Jian’s expression changed to astonished as he replied, “How… how did you know?”

“I know because I had a big battle against him before coming here. If he weren’t so fast when he escapes, things would have been different for him,” said Yan Di, smiling proudly. Zi Jian’s expression changed quickly again.

“Lin Feng, where is your friend from?” said Patriarch Zi Jian. He was curious, too. Who had defeated his teacher?

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “Yan Di, he’s from the same world as me. He has no background.”

“Wrong, little boy! I’m from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty! I have a background!” smiled Yan Di, lifting his nose.

Patriarch Zi Jian was astonished. “You are from the Three Dynasties?! No wonder!” he exclaimed. Lin Feng had such powerful friends!

Lin Feng didn’t know what it meant, but considering Zi Jian’s expression, the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty was probably extraordinary. Lin Feng wanted to go to the Central Continent now. He wanted to see real geniuses.

“Little boy, you’re not that stupid, you know of the Three Dynasties!” said Yan Di teasingly. Zi Jian could only smile wryly.

“Teacher, you’re fine, that’s the main thing,” someone interjected at that moment. Lin Feng was delighted when he heard that familiar voice.

“Jian Mang? You’re back? I told you to go to the Central Continent, to Sword Mountain!” shouted Patriarch Zi Jian angrily.

“Teacher, how could I live without knowing that you were fine?” replied Jian Mang with an easy smile. He was blind, but he could hear perfectly.

“Alright, you’re a good disciple,” said Patriarch Zi Jian, hiding how pleased he was.

“Jian Mang, try and guess who is next to you,” said Zi Jian, smiling mysteriously. Lin Feng walked towards Jian Mang. A hundred meters separated them.

Jian Mang looked astonished, and a sharp sword Qi surged around him.

Lin Feng smiled, raised his left hand, and Black Dragon appeared. Demon energy flashed. Their weapons collided in a clang of metal. Both of them were extremely quick as their swords went back into their hands.

Lin Feng smiled. Jian Mang took half a step back. He sighed and said, “A hundred years have passed and I still haven’t caught up with you, Lin Feng! You also have a medium-level godly imperial weapon, and it’s a sword, as well! If you had used that sword, you could have crushed me.”

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