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PMG2 239

Chapter 239: Imminent Beginning of the Great Competition

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Jian Mang sounded envious, but he was also happy for his friend. He knew that Lin Feng was much more talented than him. If he had decided to be on the side of Lin Feng’s enemies long ago, he would have died with them!

The most important thing among geniuses was to progress all the time. The rest was not important. Foolish people died because of hatred and jealousy, was what Jian Mang thought.

“Lin Feng, in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, you used to be the first Master. I am sure that you can reach the top in the Continent of the Gods as well,” stated Jian Mang. Patriarch Zi Jian was a bit surprised to hear Jian Mang speak like that.

Jian Mang didn’t have such a temper. He was honest and quiet, but he rarely complimented other people.

“Alright, no need to waste time chatting. Let’s go back to the Holy Shrine and get ready to go and participate in the Top-Class Great Competition!” said Yan Di impatiently. It was useless to talk about whether Lin Feng would reach the top of the Continent or not.

Yan Di headed towards the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine. Lin Feng smiled wryly, knowing how his friend was and used to it.

“Don’t take it to heart. He’s like that. He doesn’t say nice things, but he’s a good person,” said Lin Feng, rather embarrassed.

Patriarch Zi Jian didn’t mind. He also didn’t dare say anything against someone who could defeat his teacher, anyway!


Lin Feng and the two others followed Yan Di back to the Holy Shrine. When they entered the Holy Shrine, the Godly Leader and Mister Savage, Duan Xin Ye, Qiu Yue Xin, the members of Tiantai and Yuan Fei, as well as the four Sages and five Dhammapalas were there waiting.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng when he entered the room, their excitement plain.

“Little friend, Lin Feng, haha! You’re really strong! No wonder you got the invitation letter to participate in the Dark Palace’s Top-Class Great Competition,” said Mister Savage, smiling wholeheartedly, letting Lin Feng understand what was going on.

Hadn’t Mister Savage and the Godly Leader been invited, though? It was difficult to imagine that the leader of a region hadn’t been invited…

Mister Savage smiled wryly and said, “Little friend, don’t you know? It’s difficult to obtain this invitation talisman.”

The old man felt embarrassed. Lin Feng understood why Mister Savage looked embarrassed, and why the atmosphere was awkward.

The Dark Palace organized the Top-Class Great Competition once every ten years, and there were three levels: top-class, second class and third class. The top-class invitations had been issued to the strongest geniuses of the East. Some were disciples from other regions, some others were strong cultivators from the Central Continent.

Ten percent of the allocated spots were reserved for the East. Out of fifty contestants in total, that was only five people from the East. The East was quite weak, so they were under great pressure.

Only incredibly talented geniuses could receive the invitation talisman, and Lin Feng was one of them. Lin Feng also knew that Hu Ba, his “son”, was one of them.

Lin Feng had thought other members of the Supranatural Region would participate, but from Mister Savage’s words, Lin Feng guessed it wasn’t the case.

“Master, can you tell me who the four others are?” asked Lin Feng. Mister Savage knew what Lin Feng was going to ask and he replied without the least hesitation.

“Hu Ba, the Beast King from the Beast Region, Ling Tu Zi from the Spiritual Region, Feng Mo from the Demon Region, and the two others are people who came back from the Central Continent, Lu Li and Chen Zhan, both cultivators of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.”

“Lu Li, Chen Zhan? Who are they?” asked Lin Feng, frowning.

“They’re core disciples of the Sword Mountain,” interjected Patriarch Zi Jian quickly. Lin Feng looked at him to go on. “They’re core disciples of the Sword Mountain, pillars there. They’re part of the third generation of disciples. They’re among the strongest cultivators of the sect, but they’re from the East, so they were invited to represent our region.”

“I see. They must be really strong,” said Lin Feng, nodding after listening to Zi Jian’s explanation. Lin Feng asked again, “But I killed Ling Tu Zi, so who’s going to replace him?”

Mister Savage and the Godly Leader smiled wryly and shook their heads. The Godly Leader said, “Lin Feng, you killed Ling Tu Zi, that’s a good thing for the Continent of the Gods, but for the Top-Class Great Competition, it’s a bad thing. The East is already quite weak, now that we only have four contestants, we’re even weaker.”

“What? Why can’t someone else replace him?” Lin Feng was astonished. What was that nonsense?

“We can’t. The Dark Palace has set up a specific process to select participants, and finding someone new at the last minute won’t be easy. Therefore, they probably won’t select anyone else,” sighed the Godly Leader. They also wanted to participate, but they knew that with the strength of the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer, they wouldn’t be able to. They couldn’t even compete with Lin Feng anymore. How could they compete with some of the strongest cultivators of the other territories of the Continent of the Gods?

Back then, when the Godly Leader had chosen Lin Feng to be his heir and had attracted him to the Continent of the Gods, he hadn’t thought Lin Feng would become so strong so quickly. Now, Lin Feng becoming the Godly Leader of the Supranatural Region wasn’t possible anymore.

Lin Feng didn’t belong to his world anymore, he was already too strong. The East was nothing for Lin Feng, a baby’s playground.

“Sigh, this is competition… well.. Lin Feng… you…”

“This time, you’re not going to represent our tiny little Holy Shrine, you’re going to represent the whole East!” sighed Mister Savage. He was also excited to see Lin Feng grow so quickly. He was convinced that Lin Feng would be able to perform well.

Yan Di didn’t say anything. He knew that it was a great event for the East, but he also knew that nobody in the Central Continent paid attention to it. Therefore, the Central Continent had only sent second-class disciples.

To become famous, they had to participate in the Top-Class Great Competition in the Central Continent, not here. That was where things really happened, the place to be. However, the Dark Palace had chosen Lin Feng to participate, and Lin Feng needed that competition. He needed it to go to Central more quickly.

Yan Di looked thoughtful.

“Brother Lin Feng, I’m going to represent my sect at the great competition this time,” said someone at that moment. Everybody turned around.

Lin Feng saw Ruo Xie had spoken. He was astonished.

“Brother Ruo Xie, you mean you will all represent your respective groups?”

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