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Chapter 240: Let Lin Feng Decide!

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“Indeed, otherwise, why would we all be here at the same time? It’s fate,” said Ruo Xie, smiling calmly. He admired his fellow disciples from Tiantai.

“I see, so you all came to represent your respective groups at the competition?” said Lin Feng when he heard Ruo Xie. As expected, when Lin Feng saw their mysterious smiles, he understood his fellow disciples had come for precisely that purpose.

The Godly Leader, Mister Savage, the Sages, and the Dhammapalas were all surprised. The East only had five open spots for the competition, and it was because of the organizers of the Dark Palace. Even Lin Feng’s friends had come for it.

However, they all knew that to be respected by all the other regions, they had to fight.

“Lin Feng, all your friends came here for the competition, it’s a good thing. The great competition will start in ten days. We should all get ready to go to the Dark Palace, right?” said Mister Savage, breaking the silence. Many people nodded. The Top-Class Great Competition was important for all of them. They all looked at Lin Feng.

Even Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin were looking at him, so Lin Feng could only sigh. Everybody relied on him now.

Lin Feng suddenly felt some pressure. Even though three other people were going to participate, Lin Feng was really a member of the East, unlike the others. Therefore, he had to answer the call of duty!

“Alright… There’s no time to lose. Let’s get ready to go to the Dark Palace,” said Lin Feng finally. The whole Holy Shrine stirred up with excitement following that sentence. Song Zhuang, the four Sages, the five Dhammapalas… everybody was excited. They couldn’t wait to watch Lin Feng at the competition. They couldn’t participate, but they were excited to see how strong Lin Feng could be.

The Godly Leader and Mister Savage glanced at each other and smiled wryly while shaking their heads. They were happy to go and watch Lin Feng though.

Everybody wanted to go and see Lin Feng, especially older people who had lived for thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

-Little Lin Feng progresses so quickly. He’s become a pillar in this part of the continent-, Ruo Xie said to Hou Qing Lin telepathically.

Hou Qing Lin smiled in agreement and looked at Lin Feng. He understood why Lin Feng had become a pillar in the Continent of the Nine Clouds too. He was talented, and people liked him.

Hou Qing Lin remembered the past in the Xue Yu Region when his teachers had sent him to pick up Lin Feng. It had been such a wise choice.

Those who wished Lin Feng was dead were blind. Such people just became Lin Feng’s stepping stones.

Everybody thought that way, or at least, all his friends!

In the Holy Shrine, many people started arguing because not everybody could go and watch Lin Feng. Even the four Sages and the five Dhammapalas were arguing.

“Alright, everybody!” shouted the Godly Leader furiously. But some people still continued arguing: Hu Mo, Great Ape Emperor, Yuan Kui…

The Godly Leader glanced at them, and Hu Mo stopped talking first. The two others then stopped talking as well. The Godly Leader looked at Lin Feng and said neutrally, “Since Lin Feng is going to participate in the competition, he should decide who can come.”

“Indeed, Lin Feng will choose!” said Mister Savage. Nobody dared contradict the two leaders of the Supranatural Region. They all looked to Lin Feng.

Many people smiled broadly, such as Song Zhuang and Demon King Ox, but some were nervous, like Sage Shui Gong. There had been tensions between them in the past. He was worried that Lin Feng wouldn’t choose him because of that.

Most of them also looked calm and composed. They didn’t want to beg, but they’d be happy if Lin Feng chose them.

Lin Feng looked thoughtful. He looked at Sage Shui, who was startled and could only smile wryly.

“Master Shui, come with me,” said Lin Feng.

“What? Eh…? Me…? You…?” Sage Shui was stunned and overjoyed at the same time. “Lin Feng, don’t worry, I promise I will always support you from now on. Even if you want to kill me, I can understand. You’re already so strong, I feel ashamed of being inferior. I want to apologize now in front of everybody. I made stupid decisions because of my son. I hope you can forgive me,” said Sage Shui, clenching his fists. He was about to kneel down, but how could Lin Feng let him do so? He quickly caught him and prevented him.

“Master Shui, let bygones be bygones. I am not a petty person. Let nature take its course now. Things change,” Lin Feng smiled.

Sage Shui nodded and smiled, admiring the younger man.

“Master Huo, Master Great Ape Emperor, Old ox, Uncle Zi Jian, come with me too,” smiled Lin Feng.

The four of them nodded happily. They all knew Lin Feng would ask them to come.

“Song Zhuang, Yuan Fei, you can also come with me,” said Lin Feng.

Song Zhuang was delighted. “Lin Feng, you will always be like a brother to me.  No matter what you call me, I’ll always call you brother,” said Song Zhuang, putting his hand on his chest as he clapped Lin Feng’s shoulder.

Yuan Fei didn’t need to say anything, Lin Feng knew what Yuan Fei thought about him.

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