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PMG2 242

Chapter 242: Forcing Their Path Through!

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Are those people…?, thought Lin Feng. The others were wearing two different sorts of clothes. Four of them didn’t seem to be in a good position. The others were wearing aquamarine clothes and were wearing swords, they were probably from Sword Mountain, as well.

The Sword Mountain’s disciples didn’t have the advantage and looked furious, but what could they do?

When Zi Jian saw that, he was furious too. He was also from Sword Mountain to a certain extent. Therefore, he couldn’t watch and do nothing.

Therefore, Zi Jian took out his purple sword and flew towards the forest. He wanted to join the fight.

All those fighting were surprised, but then the leader of the group of people from Sword Mountain asked in some surprise, “Who are you, Master?”

“I am Mister Li Jian’s second disciple, Zi Jian,” said Zi Jian, taking out his talisman from Sword Mountain.

The man took the talisman, looking extremely happy. He cupped his fist and said loudly, “Greetings, Elder!”

“Hmph! An elder from Sword Mountain? Haha! A bunch of trash. How are they qualified to participate in the Top-Class Great Competition?” their enemies laughed disdainfully.

Zi Jian and the four disciples of the Sword Mountain looked glum.

“Die!” shouted Zi Jian automatically, without even thinking. He threw himself at the six enemies, swinging his purple sword.

He was a cultivator of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and his opponents were all Holy Spirit Emperors as well. Some of them even had the strength of the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Zi Jian quickly lost the advantage, and his face turned pale.

“Go and help Master Zi Jian!” shouted Song Zhuang suddenly. He jumped forwards and joined the battle. Hu Mo, Demon King Ox, Sage Shui, and Sage Huo all piled in.

Lin Feng was satisfied to see that, but he also realized that the Sages and Dhammapalas of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine were relying on him more and more, which made him smile wryly. Of course, he understood why, because strength was the most important thing.

Yuan Kui didn’t help though. His three eyes were wide open and he was watching carefully. He seemed pensive. He didn’t help, and on the contrary, he stepped back. He didn’t want to get injured because of people he had nothing to do with, especially since he had the impression the enemies were not ordinary.

Lin Feng watched everything around him, and couldn’t help but smile coldly. Zi Jian and all the others had joined hands to fight against these people of questionable morals.

After Song Zhuang and the others joined in, they quickly gained the advantage. The four disciples of Sword Mountain were touched, and made greater efforts to end the battle quickly.

Nobody knew who their enemies were, but it probably had something to do with the Top-Class Great Competition. This group had plotted against them.

Song Zhuang and the others were already Holy Spirit Emperors, so the enemies had no choice but to retreat. They were all furious.

“Stop!” said the leader of the enemy group. His fellows quickly moved behind him and glared at Song Zhuang and the others angrily.

“Which group do you belong to? You dare attack us, the Jewels Celestial Sect, you want to die!” shouted the black-clothed leader furiously. His proud eyes were filled with murder.

Hmph! Wait and see. When I announce our name, what will you do, bunch of idiots?, thought the man smiling icily. Everybody knew about the Jewels Celestial Sect in the Continent of the Gods.

He was already planning how to punish these people!

However, when Song Zhuang and the others heard the man in black clothes, they just shook their heads and smiled. They were from the East, they didn’t care about the Jewels Celestial Sect!

Song Zhuang looked indifferent, but Patriarch Zi Jian didn’t. He looked at the man smiling confidently and arrogantly, then he at the four disciples of Sword Mountain. They looked furious and clenched their fists.

Zi Jian looked glum. He walked over to the disciples and asked, “What’s going on? Can you explain to me what’s going on in simple words?”

“Second elder, the Jewels Celestial Sect bully us. This time, the central part of the Continent of the Gods dispatched people from the six great sects, and each time members of the Unicorn Sect and the Dragon Sect come out, they get killed by assassins. But against all expectations, the members of the Dragon Sect and the Unicorn Sect categorically stated that we killed their disciples.

“So the situation worsened between Sword Mountain and those two sects. We arrived at the mountain and suddenly, these bastards, those scumbags, attacked us. Now, we know who the assassins are, the Jewels Celestial Sect! They want to rank first at the competition, so they plot against everyone.

“The Unicorn Sect and the Dragon Sect are about as strong as us, Sword Mountain. Therefore, the Jewels Celestial Sect bully us. They can’t bully the Sealing Clan and the Gods Clan, because they’re not strong enough!” explained the leader of the people from the Sword Mountain, Meng Ke. He was furious, and wanted to crush these bastards, but he wasn’t strong enough.

Zi Jian’s face stiffened. The Jewels Celestial Sect was truly sinister. They dared plot against so many people!

Zi Jian looked at the six men from the Jewels Celestial Sect and finally said to the leader in black clothes, “Jewels Celestial Sect, those are despicable means, you’re truly shameless. When we go back, I’ll denounce you, you filthy bastards!”

“Eh? Hehe. Go back? None of you is going back. Haha!”

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