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Chapter 244: Lu Li’s Arrogance?

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Lu Li and Chen Zhan smiled at Meng Ke and the others, then glanced at Lin Feng. He was just a cultivator of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Lu Li looked at him disdainfully.

Chen Zhan looked expressionless, but was disappointed inside. He smiled and asked, “So you’re Lin Feng?”

“Indeed, I am Lin Feng. I am most honored to meet you after hearing so much about you, Chen Zhan and Lu Li.”

Chen Zhan stretched out his hand and gave Lin Feng’s hand a shake. They had to give him and Patriarch Zi Jian some face.

Lin Feng also had to give them face. If it had been someone else, he would have left. However, Lin Feng realized that Chen Zhan didn’t want to shake his hand to be polite, he wanted to see how strong he was!

Chen Zhan pressed really hard and released Qi, which penetrated into Lin Feng’s hand.

Everybody noticed it. Patriarch Zi Jian frowned unhappily. How could the core disciples of Sword Mountain be so rude?

Lu Li glanced at Lin Feng icily. Maybe the others didn’t know how strong Chen Zhan was, but Lu Li knew. In Sword Mountain, Chen Zhan was in the top five. Therefore, defeating a little boy like Lin Feng was probably as easy as stretching out his hand and bringing it back.

They had only come to give the Dark Palace face, or they wouldn’t have left the central part of the Continent of the Gods, especially to represent the weakest part of the Continent of the Gods at the competition. The two disciples even felt a bit humiliated.

Of course, Lu Li couldn’t release his anger at the Dark Palace, so he released it at Lin Feng. He knew that Lin Feng had become quite famous these days in the East, and was new there. However, to Lu Li, Lin Feng was just a joke, an ignorant frog in a well.

The members of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine were worried about Lin Feng. They were there thanks to Lin Feng, and if Lin Feng lost against Lu Li, they would also be humiliated. If Lin Feng won, on the other hand, it would be an honor.

Everybody watched Lin Feng nervously, hoping he wouldn’t let Chen Zhan bully him too easily. He was stronger than King White, his strength was at the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Chen Zhan hurt Lin Feng’s hand, but Lin Feng just smiled and narrowed his eyes. When Chen Zhan saw Lin Feng’s weird smile, as first he didn’t understand why…

Lin Feng released a terrifying strength, brightness strength. His brightness strength was composed of six different sorts of strength.

Chen Zhan paled. He had the impression his arm was going to explode. He tried to take his hand back, but no matter how much strength he used, he couldn’t. Initially, he wanted to show Lin Feng how strong he was, but he had failed. Lin Feng was famous in the E, his reputation was not undeserved!

Chen Zhan’s face paled, and his hand shook violently. Lin Feng smiled indifferently. Because Lin Feng was standing in front of Chen Zhan, many people couldn’t see Chen Zhan’s expression, or they would have been stupefied.

“It’s alright, Brother Lin Feng,” Chen Zhan finally said when the pain became unbearable, somewhat embarrassed. He didn’t look proud anymore. On the contrary, he looked at Lin Feng with admiration.

“Alright, Brother Chen Zhan,” said Lin Feng. He naturally didn’t want to embarrass him. After all, he was from Uncle Zi Jian’s sect. He didn’t want to offend Uncle Zi Jian.

Lin Feng took his hand back. Chen Zhan took a deep breath. He cupped his fist, looking at Lin Feng respectfully, then walked back to Lu Li.

Lu Li looked at Chen Zhan strangely. Why was Chen Zhan’s face so pale? It could be because of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng walked back to Zi Jian and took a deep breath. Nothing too bad had happened. Everything was fine.

Patriarch Zi Jian didn’t know what had just happened between Lin Feng and Chen Zhan, therefore he just clapped Lin Feng’s shoulder and smiled, “Lin Feng, don’t worry. Chen Zhan is a core disciple of Sword Mountain, you will surpass him sooner or later.”

“Right, Lin Feng, Chen Zhan is a core disciple of Sword Mountain, they almost have unlimited resources and you’re already pretty strong. Keep up the good work. Don’t be disappointed,” said Song Zhuang, trying to cheer up his good friend. He didn’t want Lin Feng to be depressed because of such a thing.

Chen Zhan didn’t say anything, but felt humiliated. Lin Feng had defeated him in their little game.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Those two thought Chen Zhan was stronger than him and tried to cheer him up, it was kind of them. It was also normal to think, because Chen Zhan was almost a cultivator of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and Lin Feng was at the third.

However, Lin Feng knew that if he battled against Chen Zhan, he would crush him!

Of course, he wasn’t going to say that. Sometimes, it was better not to say everything. So when he heard them, he just smiled and nodded along.

Yan Di had seen what had happened, but he didn’t say anything. Since Lin Feng didn’t want to say anything, it was better to remain silent.

“Alright, Lin Feng, it’s not early. Let’s hurry and continue,” said Demon King Ox.

Lin Feng nodded and waved, “Let’s go. We’ll arrive at the Dark Palace this evening.”

“Alright!” replied everybody, getting ready to leave.

However, Lin Feng took one step and Lu Li stopped them. He smiled mockingly and said disdainfully, “You came to participate in the Top-Class Great Competition?”

“Indeed, Lu Li, what’s wrong?” asked Zi Jian. What did Lu Li want now? Zi Jian looked annoyed.

Lu Li glanced at Zi Jian mockingly, and said icily, “Who are you? Don’t you know the name of Lu Li? You dare talk to me that way? You’re not afraid I could kill you?”

When Lin Feng heard Lu Li make fun of Zi Jian, he liked him even less. Lu Li was the same kind of person as King White, just an arrogant little prick.

“Brother Lu Li, he’s the second Elder of Sword Mountain, Mister Li Jian’s disciple,” said Meng Ke taking a step forwards.

Lu Li was startled. He glanced at Zi Jian’s talisman, and indeed, Zi Jian was Mister Li Jian’s disciple, Sword Mountain’s second elder.

But so what?

He was a core disciple of Sword Mountain, he had already surpassed a tiny little elder. Therefore, when he saw Zi Jian’s talisman, he was just surprised, not amazed.

Lu Li threw the talisman back at Zi Jian. Zi Jian was furious, but he just caught the talisman silently. Lu Li said mockingly, “Who do you think I am? You are a failure. You came to the East thinking people would admire you here? Hehe! What a disgrace!” said Lu Li, mocking Zi Jian.

When Chen Zhan saw that, he said, “Brother, watch your words! Elder Zi Jian is an elder, after all.”

“Eh….” Patriarch Zi Jian was stupefied this time. Chen Zhan was Lu Li’s fellow disciple, and he dared talk to Lu Li that way, which meant he wasn’t weaker.

When Lu Li heard Chen Zhan, he glared at Zi Jian and Lin Feng coldly.

“Little boy, piss off now. You don’t need to participate in the competition. You’re not qualified,” said Lu Li insufferably, without even looking at Lin Feng.

Lu Li’s words were like a bomb in the brains of the crowd.

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